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05/20/2004 Entry: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies!"

This is a really short article, but I wanted to get the ball rolling on the quest to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pudding Pies. Made by Hostess in the early 1990s, these vanilla goo-filled green-dyed pastries changed the lives of every grade schooler who knew what a "sai" was. After a year of hunting, I've located three of the original wrappers and some of the cards, and this has excited me enough to pay tribute even if I don't have anything too worthwhile to show you. Oh well. They're great wrappers, though. I love the wrappers. When will the pie search end? Soon, I hope. This is making me feel like such a loser.

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1st for the first time ever!!!!!

Chestnuts roasted by G.I. Heman @ 05/20/2004 04:26 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/20/2004 04:28 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by G.I. Heman @ 05/20/2004 04:29 PM EST

Dog on fire, dog on fire!
Put it out, put it out!

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/20/2004 04:35 PM EST

For some reason I thought they were like normal on the outside with a green icing stripe or mabe green pudding inside.....I definitly remeber eating more than my share though.....

Chestnuts roasted by Newave @ 05/20/2004 04:50 PM EST

Hey maybe hostess will come out with Shrek Pies and they'll be green and for one small moment we can all just imagine that they are really TMNT pies... (by the lemon pies rock!)

Chestnuts roasted by hugsnstuff @ 05/20/2004 04:53 PM EST

This is the thing that brought me here a long time ago. I was doing a random search for TMNT pies, and it brought me to a wonderful site called x-entertainment.com or something like that. These are the best kind of snack cakes ever! I'd buy them everyday at the store down the street and I remember it always ruined my day when they were out of stock that day. There was nothing else worthy.

Chestnuts roasted by G4L @ 05/20/2004 04:59 PM EST

I would wound somebody to get those TMNT pies manufactured again along with the cereal.

Good times.. good teeth rotting times..

Chestnuts roasted by Lynx @ 05/20/2004 05:00 PM EST

Still have my pie card of Movie Splinter.
Only on this site could the preceding sentence make any kind of sense.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/20/2004 05:04 PM EST

I acutally remember the ads for that. Like the TMNT cereal commerical, it was animated but the Turtles weren't voiced by the VAs from the cartoon. In the ad, it showed the Turtles making the pies in their lair, and the jingle for it went "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies, fresh from the sewers to you!" I can't remember the whole song, but I remember them making the pudding filling TMNT releated by saying the pies were "filled with Mutagen goo" but then said "That's vanilla pudding, dudes!" I guess they said it was really pudding so kids wouldn't try buying a pet turtle and pouring the pudding all over expecting it to turn into a Mutant Turtle.

But really, saying the pies were "fresh from the sewers" doesn't make them sound safe for eating, now does it?

Chestnuts roasted by J.E.Smith @ 05/20/2004 05:10 PM EST

Here's a site to bring back hostess turtle pies http://www.petitiononline.com/288/petition.html

Chestnuts roasted by celery @ 05/20/2004 05:11 PM EST

Dog's on fire... now it's not.

Chestnuts roasted by Nachokhaki @ 05/20/2004 05:27 PM EST

I can't stand the TMNT revival. They changed April to a slutty looking teenager, from what I can gather.

Chestnuts roasted by Jimmy Putty @ 05/20/2004 05:33 PM EST

", even with TMNT's successful return."matt
says who?

Chestnuts roasted by alex @ 05/20/2004 05:36 PM EST

I remember eating plenty of these items. They were so delicious, the pudding consistency was perfect. Sort of a cross between a hunts snack pack, but a little more custardy. Mmmmm.... Pie...

Chestnuts roasted by Mmm.. Pie @ 05/20/2004 05:54 PM EST

When come back, bring pie.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/20/2004 06:09 PM EST

Oh yes, how could I forget these? A staple of my youth. Dunno if I ever finished one, but damn...good memories.

Chestnuts roasted by Splinter @ 05/20/2004 07:31 PM EST

hey, thanks for posting a story on these pies. I still have some unopened, the only wrapper i'm missing is Donatello.

Chestnuts roasted by B-Prime @ 05/20/2004 07:32 PM EST

Mr. Prime, shoot me an e-mail. I am prepared to offer you my home for an unopened Turtle Pie.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/20/2004 07:35 PM EST

those pudding pies were SO GOOD. i'm still carrying some fat deposits created by those things when i was about eight years old.

Chestnuts roasted by zann @ 05/20/2004 07:40 PM EST

mmmmmm how I miss these pies

Chestnuts roasted by That80sguy @ 05/20/2004 07:41 PM EST

Now THAT'S the stuff...

How come all the good Hostess crap is gone mere months after their release?

Oh, and Matt, did you get my e-mail? The one with Photog boxing another Photog and how to make your own Pac-Man arcade game?

Chestnuts roasted by Mr. Mr. Mr. @ 05/20/2004 07:46 PM EST

Photog...boxing...another Photog? Resend, I must've deleted it thinking it was spam/virus shit. (I get about 600 crap e-mails like that daily, go me)

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/20/2004 07:49 PM EST

Awesome! B-Prime has ancient pie goodness! I hope you're actually planning to eat one, Matt. Hell, I would...even after all these years. What's the worst that could happen?

By the way, that was a really nice drawing of the pies... I almost took a bite out of my screen.

And if you wanted to replicate the pies, rather than painting them green with food coloring, I'd try making some green frosting that hardens after it cools and painting the pies with that. By the way, did you eat those pies you painted green? And if so, how were they?

Chestnuts roasted by Wes @ 05/20/2004 08:02 PM EST


To be fair, I happen to enjoy the hell out of the new TMNT Series, in fact, the new series is much more in line with the comics, and seeing as the comics were always far superior to the toned down kiddie faire of the 80's and early 90's they showed on TV, as an adult, I prefer the harder shelled turtles.

Chestnuts roasted by Kiersiege @ 05/20/2004 08:02 PM EST

Rich pudding + Green Frosting=youth bliss (although I recall the color of the creme stuff actually being yellow). I still remember going to the Lucky's Supermarket in L.A., buying 4 or 5 of these sweet treats. Mmmmm.....Ninja Pie. Bring it back!

Chestnuts roasted by alisonchains4 @ 05/20/2004 08:28 PM EST

How about now, Matt? Photog Vs. Photog?

Chestnuts roasted by Mr. Mr. Mr. @ 05/20/2004 08:35 PM EST

Thanks Matt,
I've been hoping for a TMNT pie article for a long time! ^_^. I am a little disapointed that there's no commercial download for this one. I miss that jingle. Those pies were delicious too. Vanilla pudding, pie-crust, and green icing, what's there not to like?

Anyway, offer still stands on that kool-aid man comic I found.

Chestnuts roasted by Tetsu Deinonychus @ 05/20/2004 08:43 PM EST

I don't remember the outside, but I'm seem to remember the pudding inside was ooze green. But I could just be insane.

Chestnuts roasted by Jonas @ 05/20/2004 09:18 PM EST

score! i've been hoping for a tnmt pie article, and look, my dreams have come true. i loved these things growing up. i'd do just about anything to have one of these right now...mmmmm...green pudding pie...

Chestnuts roasted by bunky @ 05/20/2004 09:49 PM EST

Mr. Mr. -- it's still not here. Which addy are you sending to? Try xemattmail @ aol.com

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/20/2004 09:56 PM EST

The innerness of the pie was once Green. It was like a sugar orgasm, if I remember right. I remember the white-inside ones sucking because custard is inherent suckiness. I don't remember what the greenness tasted like, though - I was 7?

Chestnuts roasted by James NeuFutur @ 05/20/2004 10:06 PM EST

E-mail sent... take 152664!

Chestnuts roasted by Mr. Mr. Mr. @ 05/20/2004 10:08 PM EST

Gotta love those pudding pies!

Chestnuts roasted by Dancer @ 05/20/2004 10:33 PM EST

Just like in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory I only bought one. It was one of those episodes where I begged and pleaded for one. Finally got one. I do not remember much about it but I gaged on the filling. A little too rich for me. Guess I should have taken smaller bites.

I do remember at school they sold some chocolate piddin pies. I do not think they sold very many.

Chestnuts roasted by FK27 @ 05/20/2004 11:27 PM EST

I remember those pies they were tasty,

Chestnuts roasted by RabidDecay @ 05/21/2004 12:27 AM EST

2nd post on this site. Ever.

TMNT II Was the first movie my dad (or any of my parents) ever took me to see. I had to use the washroom 13 times, aparently, I don't remember. All I remember about the movie was the beginning where Shredder puts the ooze container back togeather or something.

Oh yeah, I never heard of the pudding pies before.

Chestnuts roasted by G. Tubman @ 05/21/2004 12:39 AM EST

I remember eating those,becuase at the time I was a big Turtle fanatic,but didn't get the toys becuase I was in a "toys are for little kids" phase I grew out of. I even remember getting one the night I saw TMNT II,right afterwards at a drugstore that is now part Christian bookstore.

Chestnuts roasted by Overlord @ 05/21/2004 01:03 AM EST

I don't remember what the other prizes were, but I mailed in enough UPCs for a TMNT turtle shell belt buckle/clip... with secret compartment!

Chestnuts roasted by Danthar @ 05/21/2004 02:17 AM EST

spider sac....man that is sick...
fuckin sick.

Chestnuts roasted by zombone @ 05/21/2004 02:52 AM EST

Hey also MATT. I want to give you money to support the site.. you know the box of crap thing. I think you probably deleted my e-mails. I refruse to use paypal (paranoid). Is there a P.O. box or somthing?

Chestnuts roasted by zombone @ 05/21/2004 02:58 AM EST

and I promise that I am not a creepy creepy that wants to spy on you or anything like that...i just got some exxtra cash (xtra x because its xtra) and I wanna spread the wealth.

Chestnuts roasted by zombone @ 05/21/2004 03:10 AM EST


Are we going to see more of that Cobra Chia Plot in this lifetime?

Chestnuts roasted by Monster Dog @ 05/21/2004 03:27 AM EST

Good bonus story, but nothing can top the previous one where a turtle was turned into a cereal bowl. I'm laughing right now just thinking about that. "It's raining fire" comes close, though.

Chestnuts roasted by Mars @ 05/21/2004 03:27 AM EST

What is wrong with April becoming a slutty teenager?

It's called eliminating the middleman. Well at least in the live action ones anyway.

I remember these well. I've got a whole load of those cards around somewhere. All in a bag of useless cards that I'll probably never look at again.

Except for my 70's soccer card of Pele. NOONE TOUCHES MY PELE!

Chestnuts roasted by Troy @ 05/21/2004 04:36 AM EST

Hey Matt...here's a non-TMNT-related question which I can only assume you've been asked before: is there such a thing as mass-produced XE t-shirts? If there was, i would buy one in a second, by golly. I'd buy a hundred, in fact...one for me to wear, and then the villagers would each wear one of the remaining ninety-nine in order to dupe El Guapo into thinking that there are 100 of me running around. So, um....t-shirts? Yes?

Chestnuts roasted by The Yeti @ 05/21/2004 08:10 AM EST

I guess Tunnel Rat took a break from raiding Cobra's headquarters to retrieve the Chia so he could paint pies green...

Chestnuts roasted by Cobra Soldier #18 @ 05/21/2004 08:18 AM EST

=P stfu about being first. Do you win a fucking prize?! anywho, remembering when I was a huge tmnt fan and how I had to consume their entire product line, including that turtle pie brings me back. The first time I had eaten that pie I recall being very sick and induced vomiting. I wish I had another try at one, minus the beef fat used for retarding spoilage.

Chestnuts roasted by nelson @ 05/21/2004 08:23 AM EST

I used to go apeshit for those pies. I'd still eat them now if they existed. Please tell me they exist somewhere?

Chestnuts roasted by BaronVonHotPants @ 05/21/2004 10:08 AM EST

I'd sell my soul for a box of those treats. Satan, are you listening?????

Chestnuts roasted by Turtle Lova @ 05/21/2004 10:14 AM EST

I don't know about in NY Matt, but the last gig my band played was across the street from a Hostess thrift shop here in CT, and they had pudding pies. I know because I bought two, ate them in the span of about 10 minutes, and then felt like my stomach was on the verge of tearing open for the next 6 hours.

Chestnuts roasted by BaronVonHotPants @ 05/21/2004 10:18 AM EST

I so remember those pies. I even ate quite a few myself. They used to sell them in the vending machine at school.

I'm sure someone out there still has an un-used one stashed away somewhere. Hell people still have full un-used bottles for Crystal Pepsi.

Chestnuts roasted by Kevin @ 05/21/2004 10:21 AM EST

Joker's flying wing crashes and explodes.
Harley: PUDDIN'!
Batman: Probably.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/21/2004 11:30 AM EST

I remember these things. I never tried one though. I always liked the hostess pies though. I munched on those things all the time in college, which explains why I'm going to the gym regularly now, hehe.

Oh, Matt, you should find the ad for another TMNT treat I remember from about the same time period. These little round crunchy snacks called "TMNT Pizzerias". The ad was in claymation, and the turtles were doing this funny song where they were saying lines like "A snack attack! A snack attack, jack!" and other little bits of craziness. The snack itself wasn't even that good, but what did I care? I was a kid, and I loved the turtles.

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/21/2004 11:39 AM EST

Damn you Kevin, now I really want a bottle of crystal clear Pepsi. I loved that stuff, but I swear it was formulated to come out you nose.

Chestnuts roasted by Jonas @ 05/21/2004 12:45 PM EST

Sadly I remember eating a vanilla pudding pie for lunch just about every day of my freshman year of high school. I couldn't get enough chocolate coated pie crust with crappy vanilla pudding vomit inards. I think I must of needed a good smacking around or something. Don't like to think of eating those diarrhea pies now. BLLLEEEAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHRREETTCCHHH...RROOOWWWWLLLFFFFF

Chestnuts roasted by Blah...blah @ 05/21/2004 12:48 PM EST

Number5: Those were called "Crunchabungas." I'm looking. smile

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/21/2004 12:50 PM EST

Ahhh yes Crunchabungas.

The one biscuit I hated more than Barbeque flavored.

I'm on a quest as well. To find the last bottle of Pepsi Blue on this damn planet razz

I would KILL for Pepsi Blue

Chestnuts roasted by Troy @ 05/21/2004 01:12 PM EST

I have to admit, and this won't be popular. even though I was at the target age group for tmnt, I hated the show. I hated the toys. I hated the merchandising. I remember the tmnt pies, and I despised them with me little not-yet-punkness. now I'm older, I saw the new tmnt for the first time yesterday while at a friends house, and I still hate them. though, I did like the first 2 movies. I don't know why. oh yea, now I remember why I was posting...is this gonna be the next major search for x-e, ABONDON BITNER AND LOOK FOR TMNT PIES! They still sell chocodiles, and other pies around here, maybe I'll go check out the hostess store on my lunch break, find some expired tmnt pies?

Chestnuts roasted by brandon @ 05/21/2004 01:16 PM EST

Hell yeah, Turtle Pie!

Chestnuts roasted by Don't Touch, Willy. @ 05/21/2004 01:41 PM EST

Who put the dogs out?
Woof! Woof woof! Woof-woof!
Who put the dogs out?
Burn! Crackle singe! Hose, ahhh!

Any luck getting the pies sent yet, Matt? If you're interested, here are the numbers for the local (Eastern Massachusetts) Hostess Bakery Outlets. I'd call them myself, but I don't want to explain the long distance calls to Mr. Trajeal. He just doesn't get it.

Abington: 781-878-6077
Braintree: 781-848-0670
Fitchburg: 978-343-3113
Malden: 781-324-3800
Medford: 781-395-7450
Taunton: 508-822-4876
W. Boylston: 508-835-4464
Worcester: 508-368-3200, 508-754-1959

You probably already have these, but just in case.

OT: Did anyone watch Helter Skelter on the 16th? I am so ticked that I missed it. Does anyone know if they'll be replaying it at all?

Chestnuts roasted by trajeal @ 05/21/2004 01:48 PM EST

Well since "everyone's" coming out...

I HATED the TMNT as realized in the popular children's cartoon too. By far one of the crappiest cartoon shows of my childhood, ranks right up there with Super Mario Bros.

I guess I was spoiled on MOTU and Transformers, but I'll never understand how the TMNT and Super Mario cartoons got so popular in spite of themselves. I mean, I get the whole merchandising thing, in particular in connections to video games, but those shows sucked the big one and still do in retrospect.

Chestnuts roasted by Rattus @ 05/21/2004 01:59 PM EST

Troy- My boyfriend is on the same quest. He was succesful around christmas in finding some, but no luck recently. I think you can buy some on ebay, if you don't mind drinking expired pop.
But one thing we found that sort of tastes like it is mixing safeway brand blue raspberry soda with pepsi. I mix it about half and half, it turns green.

Chestnuts roasted by Zeekay @ 05/21/2004 02:30 PM EST

Why do we, as kids, like anything? I still can't properly explain to my 14-year old nephew what we saw in Krofft shows in the 70's. If you were to show him a old-school Sleestack, he might find it amusing, where somebody 'round my age probably got nightmares from the unblinking, jewel-eyed crab lizard. SSSSSSsssss! An old magazine article I read once summed up just about all saturday-morning programming this way: "Sure, a lot of the shows were cheesy, and we knew it. But we loved them in spite, and in some cases BECAUSE of thier cheesiness." Rave on, my Holy Fool. The Super Show was silliness, pure and simple.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/21/2004 02:36 PM EST

I have nothing to add to the turtle pies cause my mom wouldn't let me buy any stuff like that when I was a kid. I was wondering though if any of you, or Matt, have seen or played the new Atari Plug and Play things that came out recently. It has the origional(?) ms. Pac Man and Pitfall and a bunch of others I think. I saw a commercial for them but I was half asleep. They sound cool though.

Chestnuts roasted by Stacey @ 05/21/2004 02:39 PM EST

I've got one. To be honest, the novelty wore off pretty quick. Every game is available via emulation (in fact, most are available in 10,000 places in simply loading flash pieces), so the appeal is more in having that swank controller-shaped slice of home decor. I'd still say to grab one since they're so cheap, but don't expect a life-changing gaming experience.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/21/2004 02:42 PM EST

I've played the atari games, they're pretty good, except for the actual input themselves, I swear I used to be able to beat dig dug for at least 6 levels, on this thing you're lucky to get level 3.

Chestnuts roasted by brandon @ 05/21/2004 02:46 PM EST

Oh yeah. Those WERE called crunchabungas. Damn my feeble memory. razz

Anyway, I looked it up, and the guy who did the crunchabungas commercial I mentioned was Will Vinton, the guy who did all those ads and TV shows with the california raisins.

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/21/2004 02:51 PM EST

The thing that annoyed me about the original TMNT was when they started using fourth-wall humor,i.e knowing they're in a cartoon show and making comments to that fact. There was also the time the Technodrome was going to destroy the faces on Mount Rushmore,but didn't make any mention they lived in New York City and thus had a long ways to go there and back.

But what do I know? I enjoy an occansial episode of Superfriends,a show just full of seventies cartoon cheesiness.

Chestnuts roasted by Overlord @ 05/21/2004 03:16 PM EST

With He-Man, you kinda had to be there. I wouldn't tell people to start watching the old series now if they hadn't grown up with it. The nostalgia thing just plays too big of a part.

Transformers a bit different; I think new fans can be created, but the motif of the original series has seen so many revamps since.

But I think the first few seasons of TMNT are strongly underrated. The writers had specific and very basic goals of course, but they were pretty creative in just about everything else. I'm a huge fan of continuity in these kinds of shows, and TMNT had it all over the place.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/21/2004 03:28 PM EST

The marshmellows in Sponge Bob cereal taste exactly like the marshies in TMNT cereal. It is amazing to eat and right now I am digging through teh box and just easting marshmellows. Mmmmm, TMNT...

Chestnuts roasted by Mindsuckr @ 05/21/2004 03:35 PM EST

This may not be to do with TMNT Pies, but I have found some British Shrek Crap which I want to tell of.

I was in the supermarket today looking around until I saw some Ribena (the brand). Now this ribena was a special Shrek ribena. No it does not turn green or anything, it is a special prize. It seemed like a joke when I first saw it, but the prize was..........a Donkey.

Yes, folks. They were giving away an real life donkey for adoption. All you had to do was open the lid to see if you have won.

I did not buy it, but when I found it, you guys were the first people I would tell.

Chestnuts roasted by eJm @ 05/21/2004 03:35 PM EST

I gots the Atari, Activision, and Namco TV Games. Next up from Jakks is Atari Paddle (yay, Night Driver!), a second Namco with Ms. Pac-Man, Capcom, Pinball, and Spider-Man. Unlike those NES clones you can buy at flea markets, all text is in English, and the controller design matches the games. But there's nothing like firing up my 7800, plugging up a 2600 stick, and playing Yar's Revenge until my eyes melt. Take that, Qotile!

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/21/2004 03:39 PM EST

King... did the 2600 sticks work on the 7800 system? I've read how the 7800 controllers were pieces of crap... Anyways, I've got two 2600 systems and about 60 games... the best is definitely Ms PacMan... it makes you wonder... if they could get a very good port of Ms PacMan for the Atari, how the hell did they screw up regular ol' PacMan so much?

You want grrl power? Look no further than Ms PacMan... even "Ms" screams LIB!... she was my first love...

Chestnuts roasted by Nachokhaki @ 05/21/2004 04:03 PM EST

Yeah, 2600 sticks work, for 2600 games. Also, if one has lost or brokened their 2600 sticks, a genesis controller works right spiffy. Pac-Man was a story in and of itself in the history of Atari. Basically, they had one of their top programmers on the case, but he was suffering from a case of big-head syndrome and refused to do it without conditions. By the time the biz suits agreed, time was short, and he just threw something together, and it became a big seller and bigger failure in one fell swoop. I own a copy of 2600 Pac-Man and ET, because they are both so horrible. They must never get into the wrong hands!

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/21/2004 04:24 PM EST

Really, Nacho? I had always heard that the controllers for the the Atari 5200 were the worst of the Atari systems.

As for the 2600 Pac-Man sucking so much, it had a lot to do with the pressure Atari had to release it, in order to capitalize on the Pac-Man craze. When all the complaints came in, they obviously decided to work a little harder on the port of Ms Pac Man.

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/21/2004 04:27 PM EST

Number5, .. you're right... it was the 5200... 7600 was the console that was "too little too late" and couldn't compete with Nintendo... the 5200 controllers were hall effect (is that the correct term?) and the calibration would get f'ed up in no time on those babies...

king... true enough on the ET game... one of the many omens of the video game bust of 83/84... how many millions of the ET cartridges did they pile up, bulldoze over, and bury? (un)fortunately, I have two copies each of both ET and PacMan... though as a kid, I had no idea how terrible they were. And I had no idea about the genesis controllers! too cool... do the genesis controllers work for the 2600 system as well? (Of course, I could always try it when I get home...)

Word... Atari talks are always my favorite...

Ok, to keep it to topic... how about that Frogger? You could hop on the backs of turtles... maybe they were of the mutant ninja variety?


Chestnuts roasted by Nachokhaki @ 05/21/2004 04:35 PM EST

Yikes! While searching around for turtle pies I came across this in regards to the flavor in pudding pies---The "vanilla" flavor in the pies probably came from a 42-year-old south Seattle plant that made over three million pounds of vanillin a year. According to the Times, the chemical flavoring was extracted from sulfite-waste liquor from wood pulp, processed with sodium hydroxide. One pound of vanillin was taken from 140 pounds of pulp, used for important drugs as well as flavoring; the remaining pulp was sent on to paper mills. Now, the plant's closing, replaced by a Sunbelt plant that will make a synthetic substitute -- an imitation imitation. Hmmm, that explains alot.

Chestnuts roasted by Blah...blah @ 05/21/2004 04:59 PM EST

Genesis pads work only for 2600 consoles or 2600 games on the 7800. Mapping is off for 7800 games. I recently bought a buch of carts for my 7800, all 2600 games. Not too many duplicates. Bonus! I now have M*A*S*H and MegaForce! All most people remember from MegaForce is the flying motorcycle. Someday I'll list my tie-in games. Meanwhile, I'm still hunting down paddle controllers.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/21/2004 05:02 PM EST

That sh*t is so awasome it almost makes me cry. Ok, not really. But awesome it is.

Chestnuts roasted by Thijs S. @ 05/21/2004 05:14 PM EST

Thanks king, Now I'm going to have nightmares of hissing, slowly trodding sleestacks. I'll never know why they were so scary, they are so slow, they could never catch anyone and the arrows they shot only traveled about 3 feet. Did they ever show what the monster that was in the pit that the sleestacks always put the kids into ( yet they always got out ) ?

Chestnuts roasted by Gozer @ 05/21/2004 07:08 PM EST

Pudding pies must be the one TMNT thing I don't remember from the 90's. I was never a Barbie girl, I was always into the Turtles. I must have had nearly every action figure manufactured. And I also remember having a TMNT hamper and even a snazzy red jacket. Anyway, I just can't remember ever having a pudding pie. Damn. Keep up the search though, Matt! smile

Chestnuts roasted by Mandie J. @ 05/21/2004 07:26 PM EST

I ate SO many of these things! I'm so glad someone else ate them...

Chestnuts roasted by Lady Yate-xel @ 05/21/2004 09:07 PM EST

I dont know if any of my british chums have raised this before, but for now, lets forget vanilla pies, and think pizza pies. At the height of turtle mania, here in the UK (it may have been available to my american cousins too, but not that i've heard of), some bright spark thought fit to produce official TMNT GREEN Custard and APPLE pizzas. Needless to say they tasted as disgusting as my mothers previous attempt at macaroni custard (british mothers arent cut out for italian pasta as it stands, without introducing non-savoury ingredients). If you could find someone with a surviving example of said pizza i would relish in your description of such a monstrosity. take that as the gauntlet being thrown down. Matt you have the power! find that 15 year old pizza!!!!

Chestnuts roasted by shortround_wsm @ 05/21/2004 09:37 PM EST

Hey, speaking of TMNT merchandise, did anybody ever play the old TMNT arcade game put out by Konami in the late 80's? God that was just the best in pure arcade bliss as far as i was concerned. There were very few other arcade experiences like it for me. It's still one of my all time favorite's on good old MAME. smile

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/21/2004 09:37 PM EST

Ugh. I remember being thoroughly repulsed by these things so much that I never begged my grandmother to buy me another one again. The thing is, she bought like 3 or 4 of them, then after the first one sucked so bad, the others kind of sat around for a while until she yelled at me to eat them. I became suspicious of any food-related TMNT product from that day forward...as if the cereal wasn't bad enough...

Chestnuts roasted by wang_dangler @ 05/21/2004 09:51 PM EST

I REMEMBER THOSE THINGS!!! Those things tasted great. Awww...I miss them.

Chestnuts roasted by Joshua @ 05/21/2004 10:16 PM EST

They are putting out a new Tutles game on the consoles in the next 6 months, it will have both original arcade games on it! Matt bless you for acknowledging the pies, I would kill to get may hands on some. Seriously I ate like 3 or 4 one afternoon in like a 3 hour period. I was addicted to them. The real question was how long was there run? It couldn't have been all that long. I think like half a year at most.

Chestnuts roasted by jerry @ 05/21/2004 10:36 PM EST

jerry...are you serious!? BOTH of the original Arcade games, TMNT and Turtles in time??? You've got this avid retro-gamer drooling over his keyboard now. That would be so awesome!

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/21/2004 10:41 PM EST

dude, I totally macked these things. I don't believe that hostess still makes the pudding pies, not sure why...I mean all the supermarkets have thier crappy versions.

Chestnuts roasted by jason @ 05/21/2004 11:08 PM EST

My GOD I loved those things, I wish they still made them, suprised they don't, they could've just attached the color to a new cultural icon, like for the Hulk movie or something. Damn Hostess bastards, I want "Gamma-Radiated!" pudding pies!

Chestnuts roasted by Black Zarak @ 05/21/2004 11:27 PM EST

Yeah, you've got a point. I'm surprised they haven't brought back these green pies as yet another promotion for Shrek 2. They've plastered that movie on every other frickin item at the grocery store.

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/21/2004 11:34 PM EST

I will say, however: I saw Shrek 2 tonight, and IMO, it lives up to the hype. Great movie, full of great laughs.

Chestnuts roasted by Cameron @ 05/22/2004 12:13 AM EST

Ditto Cameron on the coolness of Shrek 2, and to those who are questing for Pepsi Blue: May I join you on your quest? We're probably the only four people in the world who liked that stuff, but oh well.

Chestnuts roasted by Freezair @ 05/22/2004 01:53 AM EST

Check out the ORIGINAL TMNT on dvd now. The original 5 part mini plus 4 other eps now on dvd! Pretty sweet! Hope they make more!

Chestnuts roasted by faroniousd @ 05/22/2004 02:24 AM EST

So is that guy going to sell you a pie Matt? I hope so, and if you do get one, I hope you write us up a fresh article with tons of pics. Where is Nathan Bitner?

Chestnuts roasted by wack0 @ 05/22/2004 03:02 AM EST

Matt, please consider adding the Photog blog and Wack0's info/petition site to the main page's explorer bar (or what ever the proper name is for that thing that links your site sections to the main page).

Chestnuts roasted by microfiche @ 05/22/2004 04:05 AM EST

With this new Teenage Mutant "Ninja" Turtles fad comming out it's hard to find any TMHT memorabilia. You have to wade through 90% of the crap on e-bay to actually find any stuff from the original series.

Chestnuts roasted by ThomYorke @ 05/22/2004 07:15 AM EST

I used to eat those things all the time, and i can still remember the taste (pretty good). Also i think i may still have a few of those trading cards....i used to have literally hundreds of them.

Chestnuts roasted by icp_maniak @ 05/22/2004 08:17 AM EST

jeez, dude. thos pies were so disgusting, yet somehow so wonderfull. man...

Chestnuts roasted by kyle @ 05/22/2004 09:58 AM EST

Chia Pies?

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/22/2004 11:20 AM EST

What is Blue Raspberry soda?

We Australians know nothing of blue raspberry brand soda

Chestnuts roasted by Troy @ 05/22/2004 01:19 PM EST

Can't say that I ever endulged in a turtle pie...I was wondering if you ever found out who hacked your shit. That has to suck hardcore. When you find out send 'em my way and I'll break their kneecaps.

Chestnuts roasted by phunqsauce @ 05/22/2004 01:32 PM EST

Choco Taco, Turtle pie,
Chocodiles up to the sky.
Pac-Man pops, Hulk on a stick,
A ton of Glyburide so I won't get sick.
Krueger Kandy, GameBoy Gum,
If you're not X-E, you can't get some.
Photog, Photog, where are you?
Yabba-dabba fruitylicious stew!
All-new wrappers for the same old crap,
My head hurts, time for my nap.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/22/2004 02:47 PM EST

i love those. the had them in the vending machine when i was in 7th grade. i wish i had one now.

Chestnuts roasted by djmfnk @ 05/22/2004 03:40 PM EST

I remember these things in every detail. The ones I always ate (and I ALWAYS got one of these every oppurtunity possible) had a normal sugar/icing-hybrid coated crust but the inside was green-colored vanilla pudding. Made yer teeth and tongue green. That of course was part of fun. Especially if you were a kid. Finding one of these days must be impossible. I highly doubt any one of those could've survived a shelf life at all none the less be edible. IF you could find one in a wrapper now, it'd probably be of the same consistency as one of those "Gladiator Energy Cubes" of nastiness that we've seen showcased here. I'd go crazy with excitement if they re-released these things based on the new cartoon. Which if you havent seen isnt that bad really. Its about the same only darker. Of course it IS based on the actual Dark Horse comic and not a goofy 90's re-hash. Enjoy!

Chestnuts roasted by Jason @ 05/22/2004 04:15 PM EST

I was one of those sad pitiful children that for the year or two that Turtle Pies existed lived off the gooey goodness pushing away all other foods and going into a rampage if my lunchbox at school lacked the Turtle Pie. Sure, Mom may have packed a Cherry Pie, but damn it that was a CHERRY PIE! And who wants to eat a cherry pie when you can eat a Green Pie oozing a white liquid that easily could have come from Mars or the Sewer.

Luckily for me, an hour away in Middletown, New York was my savior, something so unholy, so wrong, and so lower middle class it is still etched in my memory for the Turtle Pies. There in that run down post industrial town next to the old dilapidated Playtogs building where anything from the 70s was still sold at 25% off was a HOSTESS OUTLET!!!! Not any outlet either, but one stocked with only the best hostess things that could not or would not be sold ANYWHERE else on the planet, usually all dated to expire last week as well... and in that Mecca of about to expire sweets, cakes, and cookies was an entire section devoteds to my beloved Turtle Pies... often at insane prices such as 10 for $5 or even less if they were already expired... to my young eyes 10 of anything for an amount I could count on one hand was unbelievable!!! even more so when that ment 10 Turtles pies... that was 10 pies to eat on the car ride home, which I often did necessitating my mom buy 20 pies!!!! 10 for the trip home and 10 for the school week till we went back to Hostess the week after to restock.... yes those were the good old days, the Hostess store is still there, the pies are not I am sad to say, but they were my blissful food calming all my young worries away knowing I ate the same power foods as my beloved Turtles!

Cheers All!

Chestnuts roasted by Greg @ 05/22/2004 06:04 PM EST

I think I vaguely remember the Crunchabunga commercial... I would love to see it.

Chestnuts roasted by Piscez @ 05/22/2004 06:09 PM EST

Those pies certainly would have changed the ebb and flow of the "American Pie" movies. I just wanted to say ebb and flow.

Chestnuts roasted by Bait Masterson @ 05/22/2004 06:18 PM EST

I defintiely remember pouring my hard earned quarters into the TMNT arcade game. It was released at a time in Konami's coin-op history that they were making tons of 4-player side scrollers. Other than TMNT I was hooked on X-Men(especially the 6 player version that had 2 monitors connected to each other because it was so huge) and the Simpsons 4 player game. Its great that I can play them all now for free on M.A.M.E.
I was always wondering about this, and maybe you could answer this Matt being the TMNT enthusist that you are. Why are they called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in the U.K. ? Are ninjas just a no-no in england? Do they think the word ninja didn't describe their line of duty since ninjas are really assassins and maybe they didn't want kids to think of assassins as heroes? ANSWER PLEASE!!!

Chestnuts roasted by phunqsauce @ 05/22/2004 06:32 PM EST

I loved thoes things. Ate them all the time as a kid. If I remember correctly, they were just standard bavarian pudding pies with a green stripe of frosting. I don't believe ANYONE makes pudding pies anymore...I live in the mid-west and can not find any. Any time I go to another city I ALWAYS look at any gas station we stop at. Never found anything. Hell, I'd just settle for a standard pudding Pie.

And Matt, Get a Life now has two volumes available on DVD, I'd love to see another Get a Life article sometime...

Chestnuts roasted by Garner @ 05/22/2004 06:32 PM EST

Heh heh, turtle "pie"

Chestnuts roasted by SuperStar @ 05/22/2004 10:22 PM EST

I definatly remember these pies as having green pudding inside. I guess they changed the color to boost sales. I also guess that doing so didn't work at all or else we'd be swimming in the things.

Chestnuts roasted by billionsknivez @ 05/23/2004 01:37 AM EST

The turtle in the bonus story looks like Leonardo on my screen. :-P

But nice article. smile

Chestnuts roasted by Starflyer @ 05/23/2004 01:42 AM EST

I used to get Beano comics when I was a kid and they used to advertise all kinds of crap(remember Max The Lion?), INCLUDING those Turtle pizzas mentioned a little while ago. The slogan was something like: "You've read their comics, you've seen their movies - now eat their lunch!" Mmmm. Although weirdly enough, I'm sure the ones in the ad were of the ordinary tomato-and-cheese variety - no wacky green slime toppings that I can recall.

Yes, the reason the series was renamed over here was that someone decided ninjas were not a suitable role model for young children, so they became "Hero" instead. I'm sure that made all the difference. Haven't checked the current reruns to see if they've changed it back again...

Chestnuts roasted by Phil A @ 05/23/2004 01:33 PM EST

Thanks for the scoop Phil. Mad props to my jiggy fly homie mack daddy g-funkalcious friend. I always wanted to go to England mostly because British people are weird and the music. Being weird myself i think i would fit in well and besides most of my heritage is based in Wales. Long live Britain...

Chestnuts roasted by phunqsauce @ 05/23/2004 01:51 PM EST

I know about a bottle of pepsi blue

Chestnuts roasted by ha0000 @ 05/23/2004 02:10 PM EST

Don't worry, he can still teach your kid.

Chestnuts roasted by tommyisbackonpowerrangers @ 05/23/2004 03:37 PM EST

I must say that Matt shouldn't be so quick to say that TMNT pudding pies will never come back. They brough back the ice cream pops. And I say that if that can happen, then so can the return of TMNT pudding pies.

Chestnuts roasted by Nate @ 05/23/2004 05:05 PM EST

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Chestnuts roasted by Garner @ 05/23/2004 05:28 PM EST

Wait, somebody lives in the Midwest and can't find pudding pies at any gas station? Something is wrong with those stations then. They've been taken over by aliens or something, call the police.

Turtle Pies and Choco-Tacos. XE is on a roll. Choco-Tacos are one of the only good things about summer. After you fill up on enough of them you just sit back and wait for fall/winter to roll around so we can get back to the good shit like horror movies, thanksgiving feasts and lots of presents under multicolored lights hanging from trees that can barely stand because of all the junk weighing them down. And snow, lots of snow.

That was a mouthful.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt (#2?) @ 05/23/2004 07:09 PM EST

Hostess still makes a bavarian(sp?) creme pie, which is about as close to pudding as they get. I will make a run to the Hostess outlet store in Madison to see if they have any other types of pudding pies.

Chestnuts roasted by SuperCalo666 @ 05/23/2004 07:13 PM EST

I can't remember much about these pies...but they were damn good! I bet they could bring me to orgasm these days...

Oh, and I beleive that Matt DID use Leonardo in the pics, not Donatello.

Chestnuts roasted by Invader Norbert @ 05/23/2004 08:15 PM EST

This article rings true in my heart.

In other words, my dresser is covered in stickers from these wretched pies.

Chestnuts roasted by boneyjellyfish @ 05/23/2004 09:04 PM EST

OH YEAH, I REMEMBER THOSE! Actually they wasn't so bad.

Chestnuts roasted by Startrekman @ 05/23/2004 09:10 PM EST

yeah i remember those things, they were pure sugar and they had a slick green coating

Chestnuts roasted by not second @ 05/23/2004 09:33 PM EST

I've just watched a three hour marathon on Discovery Health about obesity, gastrointestinal surgery and flaccid skin-fold removal. Then I came here and read about TMNT pudding pies. All I can say is that I really, really wish I hadn't done those two things on the night before my gym closes for a national holiday. Eep. 8^O

Chestnuts roasted by Molten @ 05/23/2004 11:16 PM EST

Optical illusion -- I assure you, it's Don.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/23/2004 11:18 PM EST

I never frequented gas stations as a child, so I never got in on this thing.

But pudding PIES aside, the Pudding POP is back!!!

Chestnuts roasted by Ashayne @ 05/23/2004 11:36 PM EST

Dang, I had forgotten all about these, and now here they come back to haunt me! I remember these pies being delicious--I think my favorite turtle-related candy was something called 'Turtle Eggs,' though. In retrospect, that's kinda bizarre, since all the turtles were male and non-egg-laying, unless the mutation process somehow induced the production of tiny, speckled, jelly-bean-like eggs.

Chestnuts roasted by Shiamir @ 05/23/2004 11:57 PM EST

"What is Blue Raspberry soda?
We Australians know nothing of blue raspberry brand soda"

Ooh, that may be a problem.. I'm not sure if they have it in australia or not.
If there are safeways there, go to one and see if they have it there, it's a very inexpensive blue soda.

Chestnuts roasted by Zeekay @ 05/24/2004 01:27 AM EST

Mmm... Turtle Pies. If memory serves, the ones I had always had the white custard filling and the crust covered in the green frosting. Got weird looks at school when I ate them. In any case, now you guys got me wanting the pudding filled pies. I read about the new TMNT game coming out on the consoles, the main game is just like the current console games, same look and everything, but different levels and you can have 4 player games with a multitap. The arcade games are hidden. Now off to find the emu of Turtles In Time.

P.S. I'm so freakin' glad that the pudding pops are back! I saw them in the grocery store, and couldn't resist buying them!

Chestnuts roasted by SKiTZo from stupid5pin.com @ 05/24/2004 02:36 AM EST

you have no idea how appetiing this article is to me!!! I'm drooling like a river, and im wanting those pies! So great but all the carbs! why carbs why! must have puddin' pie!! *passes out*

Chestnuts roasted by heeloyd @ 05/24/2004 04:18 AM EST

finish the freakin chia plot!

Chestnuts roasted by ANdrew @ 05/24/2004 09:58 AM EST

I definitely remember the TMNT Pudding Pies. All of the ones that I ever had came with a green frosting on the outside, like a frosted donut, and then had regular yellow vanilla pudding inside. I hated the crust, so I would always rip them in two and suck out all the puddingy goodness. I remember collecting all of the cards, and probably have them in a box somewhere at my parents, but I definitely don't care enough to search through all that crap to find them.

I haven't had a chance to see much of the new TMNT cartoon, cause I'm usually in an alcoholic coma until 3:00 or so on Saturdays. I have seen a couple though, and it seems like they have the same villain as in the last 4 unaired episodes of the old series that just came out on DVD. Am I right?

Chestnuts roasted by Beerstalker @ 05/24/2004 12:41 PM EST

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Chestnuts roasted by internet gambling casinos @ 05/24/2004 04:25 PM EST

Wow, a legitimate comment!

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/24/2004 04:26 PM EST

I thought the new TMNT is on Cartoon Network weekdays now? Watched a couple of episodes a few weeks back. It was on in the evening.

Chestnuts roasted by Richard @ 05/24/2004 04:36 PM EST

The historical aspects of internet gambling should make for some good entertainment. I anxiously await for its debut on The History Channel

Chestnuts roasted by Nachokhaki @ 05/24/2004 05:25 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/24/2004 05:28 PM EST

Ewwwww, something about pies with green stuff in them just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Good thing I never had them even though I love TMNT as a kid. I doubt that my mom would have let me have anything like that anyway. Hell I couldn't even get fruit wrinkles when I was a good. Something about sugar making me crazy or something....I dunno.

Off Topic: I have the entire series (all 13 episodes that is) of Visionaries on my computer. I don't know if you would be interested in them or now Matt but I thought I would throw the idea out there. The would fit on a DVD without a problem.

Chestnuts roasted by Ronald McTurdburgler @ 05/24/2004 06:46 PM EST

to SuperCalo666, wow!! someone else from Rapids/Point!! holy shit dude, i live in Plover!! Lincoln or SPASH??

Chestnuts roasted by kidneyboy @ 05/24/2004 07:15 PM EST

Ugh, turtle pies. I can't believe I used to actually EAT those. It's amazing what we'll do for loyalty. I think i'm still digesting them.

Chestnuts roasted by The Dragonrider @ 05/24/2004 07:29 PM EST

Visionaries is out on Region 2 DVD in the UK!!!!!!!

Asda (now owened by Wal Mart) in the UK made cheese and marshmellow Turtles Pizzas!

Those apple Pizzas were strange, but my little brother loved em!

where can i find out about the new games? where can i get good mame files?

Chestnuts roasted by Soapdish @ 05/24/2004 09:01 PM EST

wanna talk crazy... for some reason the word JOSTA just popped up in my head.

Chestnuts roasted by hipnotyk @ 05/24/2004 09:42 PM EST

Originally Posted by Beerstalker :
I haven't had a chance to see much of the new TMNT cartoon, cause I'm usually in an alcoholic coma until 3:00 or so on Saturdays. I have seen a couple though, and it seems like they have the same villain as in the last 4 unaired episodes of the old series that just came out on DVD. Am I right?

Dregg, the villian from the final two (crappy) seasons of the old cartoon does not exist in the new cartoon. They only use original villains or villians from the underground comic-book that TMNT originally came from. Sorry

Chestnuts roasted by Tetsu Deinonychus @ 05/24/2004 09:42 PM EST

It's now playing at 6 pm on cartoon network. BTW the final seasons weren't that crappy.

Chestnuts roasted by Dan @ 05/24/2004 09:55 PM EST

I'm sorry that this isn't TMNT related and most of you have probably seen this but it greatly disturbs me if its true. http://www.thedigitalbits.com/rumormill.html

scroll down and see the horror....THE HORROR!!!!!! If this is genuine George Lucas is out of his frickin mind...

Chestnuts roasted by phunqsauce @ 05/24/2004 10:38 PM EST

Ahh, Turtle Puddin' Pies. A Fat-kid's dream (and a fat-kid mom's nightmare). Loved 'em. I bet you can find a recipe out there somewhere to make 'em - but without the free Turtle cards/stickers that came with 'em, who needs the hassle!

Oop, Eep, Ork, Ahh-ahh!

Chestnuts roasted by Mugzy. . . @ 05/24/2004 11:19 PM EST

my mouth watered when i read about the pies, GODDAMNIT!! I WANT THEM NOW!!!

Chestnuts roasted by KOMP @ 05/25/2004 12:31 AM EST

hey phunqsauce, I'm glad you brought that to my attention. Now I need to update my rant that I had over at my site about the DVDs having the 1997 versions instead of the originals. The original version of the column in which I rant about the Star Wars DVDs (among other things), if anybody wants to read it, is at http://stupid5pin.com/column.php?id=10.

Chestnuts roasted by SKiTZo from stupid5pin.com @ 05/25/2004 01:55 AM EST

Soooo, Photog art?

Chestnuts roasted by Bansheex @ 05/25/2004 03:50 AM EST

Ye gods, MORE altered Star Wars footage? Just tell us already whether or not if Lucas is going to remove at least some suckyness from I and II. To think, I really used to like Star Wars.

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/25/2004 11:40 AM EST

I just got the original Turtles movie on DVD, Pizza Hut has an offer in Canada where you get 2 pizzas and a free DVD..

"On the half-shell, they're the heros 4, in this day and age who can ask for more. The crime wave is high with muggings mysterious.. all police and detectives are furious cuz they can't find the source, of this lethaly evil force.." - Da Foot Clan! *dum de dum dum*

Chestnuts roasted by Cyanyde @ 05/25/2004 12:29 PM EST

I can't believe Lucas is changing his movies AGAIN! Hasn't he done enough already? He was a great filmmaker in his time, but he's seriously out of touch with the people who made him so rich in the first place. First he just HAD to film the prequels, even though he should have known they wouldn't work, since everybody knows what happens in the story already. Now he has to do this.

South Park put it best when they said that they need to get these great films away from their original directors, because they're lunatics.

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/25/2004 12:54 PM EST

I don't know if the Lucas thing is true just yet (honestly, haven't read up on it extensively enough), but I can't see him skipping out on the cash available by releasing a souped-up version and a classic version on DVD. Zillions will complain, but millions will still buy both.

The unfortunate thing is going to be the extras. I've got old "Making of Star Wars" tapes, and lemme tell you, it's much more interesting to see how all of this stuff was done before everything could be rendered in CG. Example: there were like, 5 or 6 people inside Jabba the Hutt. I hope that the extras aren't limited to the latest technological advances -- I'd really like them to use the footage I know they have and show the world what went into the original releases...not all the extra shit they're tacking on now.

All that said, sticking Hayden in the ROTJ Jedi Ghost scene sounds pretty awful.

In retrospect, I think he may have been better served doing Eps 7-9.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/25/2004 01:10 PM EST

Anyone besides me remember when 'A New Hope' was first out, how Lucas said that the film was influenced by Flash Gordon, Buck Rodgers, and other old movie serials? Seems he forgot what fun used to be in the early films. Midichlorians my eye!

Chestnuts roasted by kingklash @ 05/25/2004 01:23 PM EST

no, just you dude.

Chestnuts roasted by Lobstie @ 05/25/2004 01:55 PM EST

Kidneyboy, I'm a SPASH grad all the way. I'm actually coming back to UWSP this fall.

As for my search for Pies at the Madison Hostess Outlit, it has been a complete failure.

Chestnuts roasted by SuperCalo666 @ 05/25/2004 02:24 PM EST

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Chestnuts roasted by Gozer @ 05/25/2004 05:37 PM EST

Careful what you wish for Matt..
When Shrek 3 comes out I bet there will be 1000 times more Shrek crap..

Chestnuts roasted by Cyanyde @ 05/25/2004 05:43 PM EST

Matt: I LOVED those old "making of" Star Wars shows. I have an old one on tape called "From Star Wars To Jedi" which has that footage of the Jabba crew that you're talking about.

British Crew member: "The smoke from this cigar is for Jabba, when he smokes his pipe. I blow it in and it trickles out of the corner of his mouth...if I was drinking Port it'd be a perfect job." lol

I also have a making of special of the original Star Wars from the late 70's. It's funny to hear the goofy synthesizer music during the footage of the technical goof-ups, which include R2 falling over and losing its head while trying to move.

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/25/2004 06:13 PM EST

Speaking of tingling batteries, remember how Lion-O came with a little red wand thing you jammed in the small of his back to make his eyes light up? Those produce the same effect when licked.

Chestnuts roasted by hamburger man @ 05/25/2004 06:22 PM EST

SuperCalo666: spashman, eh? LHS '98, yo.
I wonder if the Rich's Bakery shop in Madison might have something similar, just not Hostess. I'm always down there at the hospital, maybe I'll check in.
By the bye, if you're ever in Culver's in Rapids, stop in and say hi. Can't hook ya up with any free shit cause my boss is a bitchy bitch. anywhoo...

Chestnuts roasted by kidneyboy @ 05/25/2004 11:05 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by phunqsauce @ 05/26/2004 06:37 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by ss @ 05/26/2004 08:22 PM EST

OMG!!!! I remember those turtle pudding pies. Those were awesome!!! I used to eat 10 of those everyday.

Chestnuts roasted by Ben @ 05/26/2004 11:04 PM EST

Ah yes, the Holy Grail, Ninja Turtle Pies! God, these things were great. I had a huge stack of Ninja Turtle 2 cards from all the pies I ate. I still remember when I was 15, eating one of these at the mall. I was too young to drive so I had my parents drop me and my friend off on a Friday night. This was where everyone that was too young to drive would hang out. My friend and I went into the supermarket that was connected to the mall and I bought a Ninja Turtle Pie. However, since I was 15 I was too embarrassed to walk around the mall eating a pie from a cartoon that I should have been too old to be watching. If some girl I liked happened to see me it would be all over. So I kept the pie in my pocket and tried to break off a little piece here and there so that no one would be the wiser. However, as Iím sure you all could guess, the pie was way too messy and started to get in my pocket and all over my hands. I then snuck into the mall bathroom and hid and ate the pie like a crack fiend. I had pie all over my face and hands but it was worth it. God, I miss those pies.

By the way, I just bought a box of Jello Pudding Pops but these are not the same as the old ones. These are by the Popsicle brand. Maybe Matt will do an article on the old ones vs. new ones.

Chestnuts roasted by King Chachi @ 05/27/2004 09:30 AM EST

As I found out with the resurgent Bonkers candy, using the same name will only take 'em so far. Though I have to admit, with the amount of e-mails I've gotten from people excited about their comeback, maybe it's working.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/27/2004 10:37 PM EST

Matt, any word from B-Prime on acquiring some fossilized pies? That would blow my mind to see.

Chestnuts roasted by HarryLerman @ 05/28/2004 01:32 AM EST

I've tried the new Bonkers candy, and the problem isn't just using the name, it has to do with the fact that it leaves a very strange aftertaste when you eat it. That and the fact that it often sticks to the wrapping paper, so you end up with a globby mess. I'll stick with the good-old Starbursts, thank you very much.

Chestnuts roasted by Number5 @ 05/28/2004 06:26 AM EST

Anyone remember the old WWF ice cream bars(with the cookies sandwiching vanilla ice cream, with a stick, and wrestlers printed on the cookie parts)? They're back, but not as wrestling bars.

They're Rugrats icecream bars now, but they taste exactly the same as the WWF bars. Odd connection to make, but its true!

Chestnuts roasted by Casey Jones @ 05/28/2004 10:10 AM EST

I'm praying that ROTJ pic is fake, but it's already been confirmed that Lucas never plans to release the unaltered versions on DVD. But maybe he'll change his tune when/if fans start boycotting.

Chestnuts roasted by squee4242 @ 05/29/2004 04:31 AM EST

Ohhhh man. I can remember those nasty things... Their foul taste is still burning in the back of my taste-buds.

Try to imagine, if you will, eating a sweaty sock after some big, fat, greasy balding man decided to do lat-walks, during the time period in which he did such, he managed to marinate himself in his own moisture.

The aftertaste of this sock, of course, is nothing better--as the pudding AND green dye left this weird, bitter tasting pudge (YES, pudge) in the back of your throat, which water OR milk, or ANY liquid for that matter, could wash down.

You were left with this aftertaste every time you burped, or breathed; until the day your bowels passed anyways. Then you were free!

In anycase, though your cause is noble, I have to say that it's really not worth it.

Unless you're on a suicide mission, or something.


Chestnuts roasted by Seris @ 05/29/2004 12:04 PM EST

Why not just call Hostess cookiemaking support dealie (if they have any, and if they still exist) and ask if they have a pie left over somewhere?
They have created MILLIONS, there got to be one left in their productmuseum or whatever.

Chestnuts roasted by [HwC]ChaosCow @ 05/30/2004 04:30 PM EST

"Anyone remember the old WWF ice cream bars(with the cookies sandwiching vanilla ice cream, with a stick, and wrestlers printed on the cookie parts)? They're back, but not as wrestling bars."

No actually, they still make "WWE" wrestling ice cream bars...an Ice Cream man sold me one with the Big Show on it last summer, and I am pretty sure you can find them in certain areas

Chestnuts roasted by Jeremy @ 05/31/2004 10:22 PM EST

Jeremy's right, they still make 'em. Actually, there's a pic or two of the Bars in Question here on the blog somewhere in the December 2003 archives. They're just the same, just with a more updated batch of wrestlers. (and yet, most of the featured grapplers are long gone)

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 05/31/2004 10:24 PM EST

Speaking of TMNT...I just found another Turtles reference, from what may be an unlikely source. I was watching a tape of "Anne Murray in Disney World," and in one segment she is at the Disney/MGM Studios with Andrea Martin, whom I don't know but she either is or is playing someone really ditzy. Eventually, they are at the "New York" area of the studios, and sure enough, Andrea notices the Turtles scampering behind her, and fears that the aliens are invading. Anne, on the other hand, correctly identifies them as "Ninja Turtles." Then we see them...or actually, people in TMNT costumes...performing martial arts moves to a weird version of the TMNT theme song.

Oh, and in the same segment, Andrea is frightened by Chewbacca while at Star Tours, yet claims to have dated him.

I'd love to see your take on this if you ever get a copy...

Chestnuts roasted by James Fabiano @ 06/01/2004 01:02 AM EST

Damn, they still make WWE wrestler bars and I'm eating the deformed baby bars? That sucks.

I have a couple funny stories about those icecream bars at Wrestlemania 7.

One, they had vendor guys hawking them like peanut guys at baseball games. So they'd throw them to you. A guy hit a kid in the head with one of those frozen solid wonders and made him start crying, then he said to the kids dad "Hey mister, you wanna buy another one?"

Also, I ate about 46 of them during the 3 hour show, but one time, I stood up cheering during a match and spit some of the ice cream in the guy in front of me's hair, and he didn't notice. So we didn't say anything either. It was there all night, and he had a date with him.

Chestnuts roasted by CaseyJones @ 06/01/2004 01:49 PM EST

Damn, they still make WWE wrestler bars and I'm eating the deformed baby bars? That sucks.

I have a couple funny stories about those icecream bars at Wrestlemania 7.

One, they had vendor guys hawking them like peanut guys at baseball games. So they'd throw them to you. A guy hit a kid in the head with one of those frozen solid wonders and made him start crying, then he said to the kids dad "Hey mister, you wanna buy another one?"

Also, I ate about 46 of them during the 3 hour show, but one time, I stood up cheering during a match and spit some of the ice cream in the guy in front of me's hair, and he didn't notice. So we didn't say anything either. It was there all night, and he had a date with him.

Chestnuts roasted by CaseyJones @ 06/01/2004 01:49 PM EST

hey wait a minite i thouht the turtles loved pizza how come they likevinilla as well im gunna try
the stuff(takes a bit)nice food any more i love it teenage mutant ninja turtle pies rule man there god yum yum

Chestnuts roasted by kyle broome @ 06/02/2004 04:53 PM EST

I loved these things , I am fairly sure that I had the DT's when they took them off the market, pudding pies were good but nuthin beat the chewy green goodness of a TMNT pie!

Chestnuts roasted by Bobby @ 06/02/2004 05:06 PM EST

I loved those pies! ^_^
I remember biting into them too... They were quite messy and gooey.
I must have eatem them by the truckload. I wish they'd bring em back.

Chestnuts roasted by Adrastia @ 06/02/2004 09:29 PM EST

Oh my gawd, TMNT pudding pies were DELICIOUS! Aside from the nasty pastry, the pudding was the shizzy. I'm sure there are wrappers somewhere at the bottom of my G.I. Joe box...

Chestnuts roasted by Briette @ 06/03/2004 02:37 PM EST

Lol, I love the little comic you have. Good luck on your futile search for 10+ year old perishables. big grin

Chestnuts roasted by mushie @ 06/06/2004 10:26 PM EST

I have a wrapper at my apartment. Seriously. I believe it has all 4 turtles. Do you want it?

Chestnuts roasted by Matt Kirby @ 06/10/2004 03:48 PM EST

Sorry.....if you give me your email address, I will sent you a jpeg.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt Kirby @ 06/10/2004 03:49 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 06/10/2004 05:45 PM EST

Hey, someone organize a DDOS attack against the hostess site until they manufacture some turtle pies. It'll work.

Chestnuts roasted by BJ @ 06/10/2004 06:09 PM EST

I do have it. All four characters. Taking a picture now.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt Kirby @ 06/11/2004 02:04 PM EST

My email with the picture keeps getting kicked back. Max Size issue?

Chestnuts roasted by Matt Kirby @ 06/11/2004 02:28 PM EST


Chestnuts roasted by Matt Kirby @ 06/11/2004 02:34 PM EST

Didn't get here, Kirby. Try xemattmail@aol.com? Thanks!

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 06/11/2004 03:51 PM EST

It got kicked back again. I will try the AOL.

Chestnuts roasted by Kirby @ 06/11/2004 09:12 PM EST

If this doesn't work, I just post a mailing address. No Anthrax, I promise. I will even eat the cost of postage. Thank you for this site!

Chestnuts roasted by Kirby @ 06/11/2004 09:14 PM EST

This article brought a tear to my eye. I've been dead inside since the turtle pies disappeared. I fondly remember going to the grocery store and barely being able to ride my bike home afteward, what with all the pies i had bought. which reminds me, does anyone else remember buying marvel universe cards at the store, and some bastard had already opened all the packages with a razor so they could see if there was a hologram card inside?

Chestnuts roasted by Adam Ant @ 06/12/2004 12:46 AM EST

I would give ANYTHING for just one Turtle Pie. I was able to get them at my local "Wonder Bread" thrift store years after they stopped selling them at the grocery store. (sanitary?) The sweet, sweet nectar of the ooze...If I had one right now, my brain would short circuit from a nostalgia overload.

Chestnuts roasted by K0NPHL1C7 @ 06/18/2004 09:55 AM EST

check it

Chestnuts roasted by Dan @ 06/19/2004 12:38 AM EST

ya'll seem to remember the pies alot but i remember also they had Shredder too but his pies were chocolate instead of vanilla GREEN. ya'll GOTTA remember that too!

Chestnuts roasted by deadphishiy @ 06/27/2004 05:50 PM EST

OMG, such a sweet memory of my childhood...and I had COMPLETELY forgotten it, what a trip to come to a site randomly linked from FARK.com and get such wonderfull memories flooding back. I remember them having green slime inside and I bet I still have some of the trading cards in storage somewhere.

Chestnuts roasted by Lockheed @ 06/28/2004 05:35 PM EST

So Matt, did B-Prime ever get a real turtle pie to you? I just singed a petition on a website to bring them back. Who knows, maybe they will :-)

Chestnuts roasted by Dave B. @ 08/27/2004 10:48 AM EST


Chestnuts roasted by Brian @ 10/28/2004 10:31 AM EST