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11/19/2003 Entry: "New Article: Petster, the Robot Cat!"

If you're waiting for the next parade review, don't worry, it's a'comin soon. Had some video/audio synch problems, but we're on the road to recovery. Hopefully will have two more full reviews by Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, there's a new article up, about Petster, the robot cat. One of the forgotten gems from the era of Teddy Ruxpin-inspired electronic interactive toys, Petster was sort of like a giant Furby with wheels. Review includes a commercial download and a special lovey-love happy photo album.

REPLIES: 103 comments

Along with Petster,Axlon is also known for AG Bear.An electronic bear that responds to motion and sound.

Chestnuts roasted by TBear @ 11/19/2003 07:28 PM EST

Second post, woohoo!

I had one of the Petsters, but damned if I can remember which one. I remember carrying it by the little antenae wire that stuck out of it's head (or thereabouts). I think it was the puppy (the first one w/ the black eye) or maybe the hamster, b/c that looks familiar, too. Who knows.

Chestnuts roasted by trajeal @ 11/19/2003 07:44 PM EST

Third! Highest yet!

I think a robot spider would scare the hell out of a small child. I can only imagine some demented parent torturing his young son with it.

"Either you mow the law, or I'll come and get ya!"

Chestnuts roasted by Evan @ 11/19/2003 07:58 PM EST

I vaguely remember Petster, but another interactive pet I remember more was a talking dog named Wrinkles. Unlike Petster, he was more anthropomorphic and wore clothes. He also came with his own milkbone too. I still remember the commercial for it showing some kids playing with it and saying things to it. Of course, it looked rehearsed. In one part, the owner scolds Wrinkles and it whines, "Was I a bad Wrinkles?" For some strange reason, Wrinkles sounded like Professor Stephen Hawking. I wonder what the product was actually like but I doubt it was like on the commercial. Interactive toys of the 80s like Petster and Wrinkles had the IQ of burnt toast.

Chestnuts roasted by Bert Raccoon @ 11/19/2003 07:59 PM EST

does anyone know the name of that camera that would record video on cassete tapes?...and did x-e ever do an article on it?

Chestnuts roasted by blucadet3 @ 11/19/2003 08:05 PM EST

Cripes, Matt!

The Petster photo album is probably the greatest thing I've ever seen! Maybe it was just the timing, I don't know. Great job.

And with the whole robots break easily thing, yeah, I had a Teddy Ruxpin (the best toy ever!) and I put it on the picnic table in the backyard and went inside to wake my mom up from her nap. (I was little.) When I got back outside, it was on the ground and its lower jaw had broken off. I was so upset. The key component of any Teddy Ruxpin- gone! So I had to rubber band it back on. I saved up my money and bought another one a little while later, and I just picked up a third this summer. I'm telling you, they're awesome! (I still wonder how it fell off the table. I swear I put it down correctly, and it wasn't windy or anything- that would have to be a pretty strong wind, though. Oh well.)

Anyway, I'm really excited for the next parade article. The last one was fantastic.

Chestnuts roasted by Rainbowfeet @ 11/19/2003 08:06 PM EST

A robot cat that likes Tetris... interesting , great photo ablum. the cat would make a great transporter of food when your watching TV and don't want to get up."clap" go get food (cat head to kitchen)

Chestnuts roasted by Romo @ 11/19/2003 08:41 PM EST

I Think my older brothers had a petster hamster. But by the time I was old enough to play with it all that was left was half of its hamster-ball thingy. Why the hamster? The spider is much cooler than a damed hamster.

Hey Rainbowfeet, you think you were upset when your Teddy Ruxpin's jaw broke off? My friend's Teddy Ruxpin got nocked out of a second story window! None of his external parts broke off, but when we tried to play his tape he sounded like he was channeling Satan. I actually enjoyed it more that way.

Chestnuts roasted by Stormshadow @ 11/19/2003 08:43 PM EST

I think that camera that recorded on audio cassettes was called pixle vision. I know it was made by fisher price. My fave robo toy I ever owned was a Bopper it was a toy that danced to music and was made by Worlds of Wonder. Matt did you ever do an article on those?

Chestnuts roasted by pikachulover @ 11/19/2003 09:06 PM EST

'nother great article. nuff said

Chestnuts roasted by Scourge @ 11/19/2003 09:14 PM EST

Pika: I haven't done an article on the Boppers, though I've got several commercials for 'em. There was a Teddy Ruxpin Bopper, several Muppets, and also a series of "Monster Boppers" fashioned after Dracula, Frankenstein and whatnot.

Chestnuts roasted by Matt @ 11/19/2003 09:19 PM EST

That was a pretty funny article, especially near the end with the photo gallery. Keep up the obscure toy reviews.

I still have a Teddy Ruxpin somewhere who's missing half of his face.

Chestnuts roasted by Duudmeister @ 11/19/2003 09:31 PM EST

No one I knew ever had Teddy Ruxpin, but my cousin did have a Snoopy who came with the same capabilities. He used to drag that toy and its tapes around everywhere. I think I still have some of the cassettes memorized.

The Petster dog in the pictures is an ugly beast, especially when compared to that big, cute kitty! I loved his interaction with Matt's real cats. Watching their reactions to Petster must have been a hoot! The photo gallery is hilarious, especially Petster with the real brown-white cat. The look on the real cat's face is funny -
"Leave us alone, we're getting to know one another." ; 0 )

Chestnuts roasted by starwenn @ 11/19/2003 09:43 PM EST

I remember Petsters. I first started hearing about them when the boom on robot animal toys was in it's fade-out of the early 90's though.

I did have one thing though. My parents were into the "build-it-yourself" stuff and I remember one year for Christmas I got this robot mouse craft kit thingy. While the thing was a pain to build and wasn't nearly as entertaining as the bigname toy company stock, it was still pretty cool. It was made of plexiglass, so you could see all the wires and engines and such on the inside. The whiskers were sensors as well, so if it was heading towards something it would turn away based on which whisker was touching it. Stupid thing still ran headlong into walls.

Chestnuts roasted by Third Rate Ninja @ 11/19/2003 09:46 PM EST

Oh geez, Matt. That was the cutest article ever. It has filled with me joy. I also have to agree with Rainbowfeet about the photo album.

Furthermore, Teddy Ruxpins are creepy. I remember you once said it were like, $100 back in its day? A surplus store near my house has been selling it for years for a mere $3. Which reminds me, I gotta go out and get it and some tapes (also sold there). Good times.

Chestnuts roasted by Melanie @ 11/19/2003 09:51 PM EST

It knows the batting average of anyone who's ever played for the Kansas City Royals, who won the World Series in 1985, the year Petster came out.

Now if I could only find a way to connect Mark Gubicza to Kevin Bacon...

Chestnuts roasted by Monster Dog @ 11/19/2003 09:57 PM EST


that article was the funnest since the babystitting comic thingie.

Chestnuts roasted by Jared @ 11/19/2003 10:07 PM EST

I didnt relize till i saw the end of the article but i had one of those damn hamsters.....i pretty sure it broke after i let it run around on its own too much and it fell down the stairs....that plastic ball doesnt protect it too well.....

And for blucadet3....i belive the camera that records on audio cassets was called a pixelvision camera...there actually really expensive on ebay...lots of artiists like them...

Chestnuts roasted by NeWaVe @ 11/19/2003 10:13 PM EST

Someone please help, my taskbar keeps disappearing because of some X-E ads!

Chestnuts roasted by Rob @ 11/19/2003 11:24 PM EST

Theres a Tetris board game??? How did I miss that?

Chestnuts roasted by Goggles Pizano @ 11/19/2003 11:26 PM EST

No, it's not safe to eat your own shit. It contains fecal bacteria such as e.coli which is harmless, and in some cases beneficial, in your intestines but can cause you serious problems anywhere else in your body.

Chestnuts roasted by Bill @ 11/19/2003 11:54 PM EST

plz review tetris board gme kthx

Chestnuts roasted by Marc @ 11/20/2003 12:20 AM EST

I want a petster hamster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Maglite flashlight takes 6 d batteries!!

Chestnuts roasted by heeloyd @ 11/20/2003 12:44 AM EST

I honestly want that spider..and thats comin from a twenty one year old man for chrisake. That has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen. I mean so many possibilities!

Chestnuts roasted by hotdog @ 11/20/2003 12:51 AM EST

Matt, I must say...that article was a beaut :) Now I do love my doggy, but I'LL BE DAMNED if I don't find a cutie lil' Pester under my tree on December 25th...even if I have to take matters into my own hands!!! She will be mine...OH YES!!! PESTER WILL BE MINE! :)

Chestnuts roasted by *Applesauce* @ 11/20/2003 01:27 AM EST

Matt, I don't know if you've seen this yet, but I think you'll like this CNN.com article about an entirely undiscovered species of *baleen* whale being discovered off the coast of Japan! It's 30 feet long and about the size of a motorhome...

Chestnuts roasted by Steve Brandon @ 11/20/2003 03:08 AM EST

Hey everybody, the Charlie Brown Special reviewed last week is on this Sunday, the 23rd, at 7pm on ABC.

Chestnuts roasted by Y2JB @ 11/20/2003 09:06 AM EST

My GF has a sextoy that takes 6 D batteries.

I'm so lonley...

Chestnuts roasted by spazzamatic @ 11/20/2003 09:56 AM EST

You mentioned a Tetris board game, Matt. I should like to hear more about it. Who in Creation thought that this would actually work? (Even if it was based on Tengen's version instead of Elorg's (there were some legal issues in the NES days that gave Elorg rights to Tetris, but ask anyone who was around for both games and they'll tell you Tengen's was better), which it doesn't appear to be.)

Chestnuts roasted by mtvcdm @ 11/20/2003 10:09 AM EST

one time i tried eating my poo. It was weird.

Chestnuts roasted by wack0 @ 11/20/2003 10:52 AM EST

Okay, first off....you see this yet dude?


And 2nd....check it out, I had one of these cats when I was a kid!!!


:D :D

Chestnuts roasted by badgerbadger @ 11/20/2003 11:19 AM EST

badger, awesome. I wish I had my kiddy photos on the internet to look through when I thought about toys I used to have...

Chestnuts roasted by chad @ 11/20/2003 12:33 PM EST

Y'know, of all the wonders I remember in the good ol' 80's, Petster never came up! Maybe I was too young. Maybe I just didn't understand. Maybe I was just too involved inserting Menudo and Jimi Hendrix tapes into my Teddy Ruxpin. Yeah, probably the last one. I love the photo album! It's not often I get to go "tee hee" and feel good about. As usual, Matt has opened me up just a little more. Me-owch! Fare thee well!

Chestnuts roasted by Armagideon Time @ 11/20/2003 01:09 PM EST

it's always cool to see something from your childhood that you completely forgot about, but was so important to you then. its like someone found a hidden little jewel that was always there, you just forgot about it. thanks, matt. wow, that just got real serious for a second, haha.

Chestnuts roasted by MoonShadow210 @ 11/20/2003 01:43 PM EST

Petster's cool and all... but I wanna know more about the Tetris boardgame in one of those photos. Has it ever been reviewed here at XE?

Chestnuts roasted by jjgoreha @ 11/20/2003 02:32 PM EST

I don't remember Petster for some reason...maybe I have blocked it. It kind of reminds me of that new remote controlled vacuum/sweeper thing they're shilling now on tv (only more furry). Teddy Ruxpin always disturbed me for some reason, though not as much as the more recent talking doll thing that looks like a cross between a mutant Teddy Ruxpin and that stupid alien thing Nukie...

Chestnuts roasted by Killer Duck @ 11/20/2003 02:34 PM EST

That article was awesome. I want a scary robot cat!

Chestnuts roasted by Jay @ 11/20/2003 02:47 PM EST

Jeez, how many cats do you have? (real, not battery operated) :)

Chestnuts roasted by Craig @ 11/20/2003 02:51 PM EST

Also, look at what I found:


Chestnuts roasted by Craig @ 11/20/2003 02:55 PM EST

i still have my Teddy Ruxpin in the loft. god that was such a cool toy! Also in my loft among all my other cool toys of the 80's and 90's is......

TETRIS THE BOARD GAME!!!!! Made by Tomy bout 1991. this thing was awsome. almost better then the game. no really!

Chestnuts roasted by Nick Soapdish @ 11/20/2003 03:31 PM EST

Hahaha, the infamous Tetris board game. I own one, got it off Ebay due to my Tetris craving.

That Robo-Cat is fairly impressive as far as old Robo-Cats go.

Hey Matt, you ever think of doing something on the Micronauts? You mentioned them in your Lords of Light review and I wondered if you'd ever do them.

Chestnuts roasted by Ian, Just Ian @ 11/20/2003 04:08 PM EST

I hate it when I have the dream where a cat is biting my hand. It bites hard.

Chestnuts roasted by malraxbar @ 11/20/2003 04:17 PM EST

I had a teddy ruxpin and all of the little action figures from it too. I remember teddy was real heavy and could be used as artillery. Don't want to be around falling teddy's!! It will knock you out! The mud guys were my favorites. :)

Chestnuts roasted by heeloyd @ 11/20/2003 04:39 PM EST

I had a Petster hamster! Chances are, I still do. It was so cute. It had its own little hamster ball to roll around in.

Now they have this re-issue of Go-Go My Walkin' Pup (I remember this from the mid-90s) and it's sort of scary. I saw a display of them at Toys R' Us and screamed.

Do you know what else they have again? Yo-Yo Balls! I even remember the old commercial. Mine was neon green. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new ones are decorated with great 80's-looking graphics.

Chestnuts roasted by Jess @ 11/20/2003 04:43 PM EST

You have three cats, all named 'Marla'?

Well, since cats don't come when you call them and are generally ambivolent to their owners anyway, why not?

Chestnuts roasted by Inky @ 11/20/2003 05:57 PM EST

I have only this to say: robot spiders will get the same, if not worse, treatment from me than real spiders. Combining the horrors of arachnids and robots--that's Pee Wee's Playhouse kind of scary, and not in a good way.

Chestnuts roasted by inkmage @ 11/20/2003 06:44 PM EST

Wow badgerbadger, at first I am amazed that you have proof of ownership so readilly available rather than just the nostalgic waxings of most of us. Then I realize you also have a robot parrot and your own kids typewriter you spoiled little brat!


kind of

BTW, am I the first to ever be banned from the Blog?

Chestnuts roasted by klatubaradanikto @ 11/20/2003 07:56 PM EST

I didn't have a Petster, but I did have a Teddy Ruxpin and a Mickey Mouse Bopper. Teddy Ruxpin is great when you put a music tape in him.

Chestnuts roasted by JG! @ 11/20/2003 08:29 PM EST

Man, I wanted a cat as a kid. No, wait, I had a cat, but she was old and had to live in the laundry room. Then she died and we got a new cat, but THAT cat would just scratch me all day rather than being a good cat. Wish I had a ROBOT cat, 'cause those things are physically incapable of scratching you, and can play outside of the laundry room all day. Or at least until the six million batteries run down.

Chestnuts roasted by Paul Ortego @ 11/20/2003 08:53 PM EST

I used to put those "read along with me" tapes in my Teddy Ruxpin. The voices came out all warped, which would probably scare any normal 5-year-old (but then again, I was not exactly a normal 5-year-old!) I also used to put the Teddy Ruxpin tapes in my tape player and I'd get really pissed off when they wouldn't play!
I'd try and find a Petster, but it would never survive a day in my house, considering my kitten would probably try to eat it.

Chestnuts roasted by MRNonCCN @ 11/20/2003 09:35 PM EST

Hey. I read it. Alfred is one scary mofo when he's pissed. Word.

Chestnuts roasted by Allie @ 11/21/2003 12:22 AM EST

I am sorely in need of a good Batman Returns watching. My favorite of the films as well. Simply the most complex, weird, and also most visually striking. There's too many reasons not to like that film. Just this line alone makes it worth it: I was their number one son, and they treated me like number two. Yeah, now I'll have to watch that over break.

Chestnuts roasted by inkmage @ 11/21/2003 01:36 AM EST

First off... I Do have the tetris board game :) :) It is great fun, a race to fill the board with pieces without making holes.

Second, great article but the best part was in the commerical, "this girl loves petster even though his batteries are not included" I like the way they went out of there way to mention that.

Chestnuts roasted by Doogles @ 11/21/2003 01:57 AM EST

I had one of those Petsters. It wasn't the deluxe version, and didn't have the remote control/leash thing. It was also a bit smaller and had shitter smaller wheels. It's still in my parents basement someplace rotting away, no idea if it still works or not. I think the battery contacts got all corroded or something.

Chestnuts roasted by Syd @ 11/21/2003 04:28 AM EST

Big deal, i've seen sexier robotic animals....ever go to chuckee cheeze?

Chestnuts roasted by R Hunter @ 11/21/2003 10:06 AM EST

FYI: The Neverending Story 2 star Jonathan Brandis dies at 27

here's the link:

Matt, no offense, but the picture of him looks exactly like you. What do you guys think?

Chestnuts roasted by J-Dog @ 11/21/2003 10:32 AM EST

I had 3 toys as a kid that needed six D batteries.

The crappiest was this electric crane set thing. Man it sucked.

The second was this truck thing that had 8 wheels down each side, that could bend and move like a snake, but only in the verticle. The thing could climb up stairs. UP stairs. Pretty cool little toy.

The middle one was this robot ..
The last.. was of course, the Star Wars AT-AT. I know it used 6 batteries.. maybe they were C? I think they were D. Maybe it was four? Hell I don't remember. I think it was 6 Ds. That's my story and I'm sticken to it.

Chestnuts roasted by Tyrion Xavier @ 11/21/2003 11:12 AM EST

I wonder how many lives the petster hamster saved, or the amount of trips to the emergency room by Richard Gere

Chestnuts roasted by DLP @ 11/21/2003 02:33 PM EST

yeah batman returns is my favorite of the series too. The Pengiuins Man, THE PENGUINS!!! THE PENGUINS WITH ROCKETS ON THERE BACKS!!!! XD PURE GENIOUS!!

Chestnuts roasted by heeloyd @ 11/21/2003 03:29 PM EST

I'm just wondering if you sell stuff on e-bay ???

Chestnuts roasted by cliffbear @ 11/21/2003 04:06 PM EST

speaking of robot toys, what is that frightening bear/troll that reads stories to kids? i saw it in a display box (push the button and watch him run a demo box) and i ran away screaming... the ugliest, scariest bedtime story telling machine ever. it was out as recently as last xmas... *shudders* i need a drink.
i have a talking mickey mouse of the cassette player ass teddy ruxpin style. man, did that thing suck.

Chestnuts roasted by meep @ 11/21/2003 07:08 PM EST

This has nothing to do with this blog. Although has alot to do with X-E. Cliff and Star wars. Just finished watching empire for the 1,000,000th time (never get tired of it). I STILL CAN'T FIND CLIFF!
Sure enough in the credits it lists John Ratzenberger as Major Gerlin, but I can't find him....
Anyone know what seen he's in?
Anyone? Please help.
If not for me, do it for Han. His last words before he got frozen were "find Cliff".

Chestnuts roasted by kibbles n' bits @ 11/21/2003 07:13 PM EST

I want a cat they are so kute

Chestnuts roasted by Efren Rodriguez @ 11/21/2003 08:26 PM EST

Never had a Petster--before my time--but in the more recent electronic pet craze, this family has been FILLEd with 'em.

My sister has a Micropet "Coco" the cat, a Fur Real Friends cat, a Baby Furby, and a NeoPets Scorchio.(The small one, not the plushie kind.) I have a NeoPet and a MicroPet too, but mine are, respectively, a blue Kacheek and "Sumo," who is this weird purple monster thing. They're neat though--they fit in your pockets(another reassuring pocket pal!), and rather that just responding blindly to sound, they DO stuff if you tell 'em too. Not a lot, but they do.


Chestnuts roasted by Freezair @ 11/21/2003 08:31 PM EST

Spam, forget two things! My sister also had a Meow-Chi. Myself, I always felt strongly drawn to, believe it or not, Flower-Chi, simply because it was a singing flow. And a TECHNO-looking singing flower, not like the crazy singing flowers my aunt owns.

Secondly--wasn't there a Big Bird whom you could put tapes in, and he'd move his beak to them, but they could be ANY tapes? So you could do weird things, like have him sing along to Michael Jackson or somesuch weirdness?

Chestnuts roasted by Freezair @ 11/21/2003 08:34 PM EST

I believe John Ratzenberger was at the battle of Hoth.
When Princess Leia finished laying out the escape strategy to the snowspeeder and x-wing pilots, he's the one who claps his hands and says,"allright everyone to your fighters, let's go!" Or words to that effect.
And thus the cirlce is complete. You can connect George Wendt and Darth Vader in less than three degrees.

Chestnuts roasted by Spike Speigel @ 11/21/2003 08:36 PM EST

Deiniftely yes! We still own the Talking Big Bird, which was like Teddy Ruxpin with the books and tapes. Unfortunately, his mouth only seemed to move sporadically when you put in regular tapes. This one was my sister's- she got it for Christmas.

That was the year I got Wrinkles the dog. I distinctly remember Wrinkles going mad crazy when his batteries got low- making weird noises and stuff.

Chestnuts roasted by Jess @ 11/21/2003 08:45 PM EST

I used to watch Ladybugs and Sidekicks with Jonathan Brandis because of the hot pre-teen kissing scenes. Good times for a 12 year old girl.
I just looked him up on IMDB.com and some guy who goes by "Dr. Pizza" had his own opinion of Mr. Brandis :

"Cute, sexy, whatever. He made me gay."

Maybe if Jonathan Brandis knew that he posessed such powers, he wouldn't have killed himself? :)

Chestnuts roasted by Kristal @ 11/21/2003 09:48 PM EST

Actually Matt, our cat is easily fatter than Petster. I wish I had a digital camera or scanner to prove it, but I don't so I can't. Sad. Just take my word on this, he's the fattest fucking housecat on the planet. Makes Garfield look anorexic. Am I making myself clear? The bitch is HUGE!!!

And Tetris: The Boardgame??? Did you review that already? If not, you gotta. After Mac and Me, obviously.

Chestnuts roasted by A-wel Cruiz @ 11/22/2003 12:50 PM EST

Seeing that MCNuggets commercial download reminded me about how McDonalds recently ruined them by taking out the dark meat! Fucktards!

Chestnuts roasted by Pissed off @ 11/22/2003 01:44 PM EST

my friend said he ate his own shit. he insists that it wasn't as great as people build it up to be, so until i find someone who has done the same and begs to differ, i will take his advice.

Chestnuts roasted by weird fetus @ 11/22/2003 02:30 PM EST

Just finished the Thanksgiving article (and anxiously awaiting the next one). Haven't read the blog completly, so I appologize if anyone answered Matt's question about "Night Court", but I remember it was on A&E about a year ago, teamed up with "Newsradio" re-runs.

Chestnuts roasted by Garrison @ 11/23/2003 03:28 AM EST

Anybody remember those LAME remote control cars where the remote was connected to the car. I think those things needed like 8 D batteries and they blew all the way to China. I always hated getting those and having to look all happy when you opened the box. And they always came from that friend/relative who, without fail, every year gave you the absolute worst Christmas gifts. Like a sweater they knitted themselves with something vaguely resembling a duck on the front or thermal underwear, or some really crappy walkman from Uzbekistan. You know what I'm talking about.

Chestnuts roasted by Tuff Daddy Cool @ 11/23/2003 06:54 AM EST

Full episodes of You Can't Do That On Television are coming.


Chestnuts roasted by Matt (#2?) @ 11/23/2003 07:27 AM EST

I got one of those remote controlled cars.

They sucked ass. -_-

Chestnuts roasted by marril159 @ 11/23/2003 08:37 AM EST

Hey, great article Matt. I was just glancing through the comments here and I noticed one of the main topics eventually turned toward Teddy Ruxpin. Just wondered if anyone ELSE had that caterpillar guy... he was pretty much the equivalent of Teddy R., but with less bear-esque qualities. Because, you know, he was a CATERPILLAR. I think his name was Grubby or something. I dont think he functions even with batteries anymore, but MAN is it ever fun to move his eyes manually. Anyway, just kind of curious to see if I was a loner on that one. Keep up the fantastic work!

Chestnuts roasted by alice1drland @ 11/23/2003 01:53 PM EST

my cousin had grubby

Chestnuts roasted by heeloyd @ 11/23/2003 05:18 PM EST

this has nothing to do with recvent articles, but guess what was on nickleodeon yesterday in the uk?


Chestnuts roasted by 'tin man @ 11/23/2003 05:26 PM EST

Had to do it-
Yeah, alice1drland, I had Grubby, too. He's in the garage somewhere with my other Teddys. I have the connector cord with them, too. It was really cool to put them together. Ah, waxing nostalgic about my first real love...
(No, I'm not creepy...)

Chestnuts roasted by Rainbowfeet @ 11/23/2003 11:18 PM EST

I can still remember the commercial for the Teddy Ruxpin/Grubby toys.
"Teddy Ruxpin is my friend..."
"And Grubby's my pal too..."
Scary. Speaking of scary, all the talk about "dead" animated toys reminds me of my brother's Furby. That thing was damn possessed! He'd put new batteries in it and the eyes would never close all the way. It'd be 'asleep' yet still watching you. Waiting. That's why my Furby met the business end of a baseball bat. Teach them to try to take over the world.

Chestnuts roasted by Killer Duck @ 11/24/2003 12:10 AM EST

Speaking of You Can't Do That On Television, any other Canadians here recognize Adam (Reid) as the clerk in the Future Shop commercials? He looks older and has a deeper voice, but his face is pretty much exactly the same as it was in the mid-80s; it's uncanny.

He's also in one of the Alexander Keith commercials, the Canadian Heritage Minute about Joe Shuster, the (co-)creator of Superman, and he played Tootie's agent in The Facts of Life reunion movie.

Chestnuts roasted by Steve Brandon @ 11/24/2003 01:59 AM EST

Under closer inspection of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving...
Snoopy boils something on the stove.
So, the strawberry stuff must be pudding.
tentative menu =
pretzel sticks
jelly beans
strawberry pudding, with hwipped cream and a cherry
popcorn w/o butter
a crap load of buttered toast

Chestnuts roasted by foofy bunny @ 11/24/2003 09:57 AM EST


Chestnuts roasted by foofy bunny @ 11/24/2003 09:59 AM EST

Whoa, I vaguely remember this Petster cat thingy. I know for a fact a friend of mine as a kid had the Petster Hampster, as I remember it rolling around her house when I used to go over there.

I never knew there was a Spider one though, that looks kinda awesome, & the Goldfish one has me very curious. Is it a waterproof robot that swims around in a tank or something? Or does it just hang out in a fake tank? o.O?


Chestnuts roasted by Boglin @ 11/24/2003 02:51 PM EST

I have a real hamster and a hamster ball so I guess I have the closest thing to a petster hamster.

A petster wouldn't pee on stuff though.

Chestnuts roasted by heeloyd @ 11/24/2003 03:15 PM EST

I remember one Christmas I really wanted a Petster, but instead I got one of those Smarty Bear toys. In fact, it's still in mint condition right now...maybe I'll break it out and see what it has to offer.

(I also had one of those Go Go walking puppies, and hated it. I think it was the barking noise.)

Chestnuts roasted by Saithe Verity @ 11/24/2003 04:50 PM EST

I had no interest whatsoever in getting a Petster until they came out with the spider, which I absolutely had to have and subsequently received for Christmas '87 (the hype had died down and by broke-ass family could now afford one). I wonder what happened to old Terry? Most likely his mechanical innards were eviscerated to provide raw materials for the giant superintelligent robot I never got around to building, but I digress. Thanks for bringing yet another cherished childhood memory back from oblivion.

Chestnuts roasted by Scooter Atreides @ 11/26/2003 04:13 AM EST

How about ye olde Chia Pets? There are so many possibilities....

Chestnuts roasted by marvelousmess @ 12/03/2003 07:12 PM EST

haha...holy crap. i had one of those. those things were so ridiculous. i remember breaking it within like, less than a year too.

Chestnuts roasted by chrissy @ 12/09/2003 03:03 PM EST

Well I was hoping to ruin it for you, but it appears that more people than just me wandered onto your Petster website.

I have the cat. I haven't fired him back up (6 batteries... damn). My younger son wanted him since older brother bought an R2-D2 with last years Christmas money.

BTW, if you liked your Petster, might I recommend Hasbro's R2-D2 Interactive Droid? Wal-Mart.com was actually running them on clearance (Clarence) for 69 bucks. Grab it while you can... it rocks.

Chestnuts roasted by Lester @ 12/18/2003 10:35 PM EST

I had a petster once. But it broke :-( but it was REALLY funny when it worked tho. I once made it chase our dog around who accidently in its flight ran into our glass door and knocked himself out for 2 minutes. Dont worry he was ok we took him to the vets afterwards. The spider petster was immediately broken the day I put it on my moms chest when she was sleeping. She woke up to find it crawling up her abdomin and squished the little bugger with the nearest heavy object. Needless to say it didnt survive.

Chestnuts roasted by Chrisma @ 12/19/2003 12:43 AM EST

I am obsessed with Petster. When I was in grade school, some weird kid brought Petster in for show and tell. We all started clapping at once and Petster went crazy and short-circuited. Aside from Petster's weird owner, the rest of the class, including me, thought this was the funniest thing we had ever seen. Kids can be so cruel.

Chestnuts roasted by Anonymous @ 01/07/2004 01:38 AM EST

sorry about the language but this is the funniest shit ive seen in a long time i was laughing so ha rd evry 1 was asking what was so f*cking funny

Chestnuts roasted by zanmato @ 01/18/2004 05:48 PM EST

I HAVE ONE OF THOSE! it's in my room. i can't make myself get rid of it. too damn cute. now i know what it's calleD!

Chestnuts roasted by tygr28 @ 01/27/2004 10:10 PM EST

Oh dear lord. My sister, not I thankfully, had "pupster" aka the dog version of this monstrosity. It was horrible, but considering the length of our driveway it was perfect for summer missions to terrorize the dog. You've never seen an animal run so quickly away from anything in your life. I do believe that "pupster" still lives in my parents' basement.

Chestnuts roasted by shelly @ 02/16/2004 03:51 PM EST

I have a Petster but the pinion gears on both wheels are broken. Any ideas on where to find replacements?

Chestnuts roasted by pokinei @ 02/19/2004 05:22 PM EST

Dude, sweet idea pairing up Petster with real cats. I didn't scan the entire guestbook for others with the same idea - but what about posting a video of your cat being harassed by Petster? :D I think it'd be fantastic to see. (I'm also fascinated by the whole laser pointer + cat thing..)

Chestnuts roasted by Klenky Wah @ 03/24/2004 01:42 PM EST

"Other games Petster was allegedly capable of playing included golf, championship golf, bowling (?!), fetch, and something called "obstacle course.""

LMAO...but the bowling part could actually make sense if Petster was used as the bowl=)

I want one badly..hehe

Chestnuts roasted by GUNDE @ 06/16/2004 06:23 AM EST

"Other games Petster was allegedly capable of playing included golf, championship golf, bowling (?!), fetch, and something called "obstacle course.""

LMAO...but the bowling part could actually make sense if Petster was used as the bowl=)

I want one badly..hehe

Chestnuts roasted by GUNDE @ 06/16/2004 07:16 AM EST

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