I haven’t posted an update about it here, but most of you have heard the news by now.

In early June (hopefully very early June, but we’ll see), I’m launching Dinosaur Dracula, a new website that I guess we can consider the “sequel” to X-E.

Important links:

Dinosaur Dracula
DD on Facebook
DD on Tumblr
DD on Twitter

Status Report: We’re in the home stretch on the design/structure. Once that’s finessed, I’ll need a few weeks to get the launch content in order. Lots of little things to do that almost nobody will notice, but they’re still important.

I’m beyond excited. There wasn’t a moment when I seriously questioned the decision to do this, but now that it’s starting to take shape, I’m just sort of…shocked? Like, a “wow, I can’t believe this is actually happening” kind of shocked.  Shocked in a good way.

Course, that’s just me. For the rest of you, it’ll just be another site on the Internet. But I hope it’s one you’ll like.

I don’t have much to say about the new digs beyond that. Just want to dive in, do it, and see where the chips fall. Stay tuned.

Once the new site launches, this one’s in “retirement.” Again, I’m not yanking X-E down. It’ll still be here for anyone who wants to read the old stuff. Comments will be likely be closed on all entries after the new site launches, but everything here – especially as it relates to all blog content – remains as-is.

(And yeah, I’ll fix the blog archives, too.)

You can follow the new site on Twitter/FB/Tumblr for updates, but when it’s time, I’ll let you know over here, too.


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  1. Faith says:

    I would think that Matt would leave the last comment anyway, so he can let the uninformed know where to find Dinocula and to declare his undying love for Mare.

    I’m not ready. Trying not to give into the sadness…

  2. Divinebovine says:

    I’m just hoping for a nice goodbye article. Maybe a retrospective?

  3. Bill says:

    Worked from home all day while a NOES marathon was on. This is surely a sign that DD is launching.

    “It is a secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but retire a little from sight and afterwards return again…”

  4. “I have tried that link posting sorcery before, but I messed it up somehow.”Faith
    Works now!

    UNDER SEVEN HOURS TO GO. I’m done feeling mawkish over this long-running incarnation of Matt’s vision being archived, and now I’m just plain ol’ stoked on the impending rampage of Nosferatusaurus.

    I’m not positive if it’s the actual first article I read, but I think the first one that left a truly lasting impression on me was Matt eating the Nads hair removal cream. Looking back on that, I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that it was a dozen years ago, and I also can’t help but wonder what the first proper DD article will be like. If the first post turns out to be just an introduction sort of thing, I’m not counting that—I’m talking the first proper this-is-what-the-place-is-all-about sort of post. The hints of stuff on the DD tumblr has been a good teaser, and shows that I’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of what’s to come, but I’m more than ready for the real deal now.

    All that mild spring weather I had last weekend has burned off, and now it’s felling quite quite summery. Summer and I do not get along very well. It has its perks—gardening, drinking ice-cold gin & tonics in said garden, breaking out the summer playlist—but mostly, I find myself wishing it was autumn already. One saving grace that has rescued me from many a scorcher-induced foul mood, however, has been the X-E Summer Megaparty. All that seasonal stuff that Matt posts manages to nearly make me change my mind about the long mid-year stretch, and that’s saying a lot, coming from a lifelong member in good standing of the Fuck Summer and the Sweltering Horse It Rode In On Club. I have no clue what Matt has up his sleeve for the ensuing months of heat torture, but given that he’s such a seasonally oriented fellow, I suspect that DD will find new ways to make it all not just bearable, but—perish the thought—maybe even a little bit of fun!

    I am more than ready now. Let the Dinosaur Dracula frivolity commence!

  5. Hey y’all, Old School Mike here. Just want to let all my fellow XEr’s know that it was great passing the years with you here and I hope to see you all on Dinosaur Dracula.


  6. Annette says:

    It’s unseasonably cool here today. I find it strangely appropriate considering what’s about to happen.

  7. kingklash says:

    I think I’ll search the couch cushions for spare change before we get chased out.

  8. IHAQ says:

    I totally just posted on an old post thinking it was this one. It’s waiting moderation, so Matt, you can uhh delete that when it comes up.

  9. Another Tom says:


    I just wanted to thank-you for all your hard work and all the great content here at X-E over the years. Since I discovered this site back in ’05 I have been mostly a silent reader; only beginning to post comments in the last year. I guess as the site started to wind down I felt compelled to do my part in keeping any momentum going. I can only reiterate the positive points made by my fellow readers. Like them X-E has been ray of enjoyment time and again, often turned to in times of happiness, desperation, and boredom. No matter the situation, your writing and humor has never failed to afforded laughs and stimulation in my day. I would often begin my day at work by checking X-E for the latest article or post. Moreover and especially during the holiday season where the countdowns truly helped to set my holiday mood that I like so many seem to lose as we age or become otherwise too absorbed in our day-to-day affairs. X-E always seemed to bring that six year old boy who still believes in magic on Halloween and flying reindeer out of this thirty-four year old.

    Thanks again Matt.
    Additionally, good luck to everyone else and hope to see you all at DD.


  10. Dan H says:

    I know it sounds silly to say I’m gonna miss a website but I am. I remember the first article I read was Matt’s review of the McGriddle. I rember him saying he was trying to feel the M with his tounge while eating it and was determined to do the same. I don’t remember when I first commented but I’m glad that I did, from Box 23 and all the Advent madness, the Summer Mega-parties and of course Halloween!

    X-E has introduced me to some really great people that I’m proud to call my friends. It got me through the deaths of both my parents and my wife a few years back as well.

    So yes, I will miss X-E but I am also looking forward to seeing what Matt has in store for us next. Thank you Matt, for giving us all a place to hang out, for letting us be ourselves and more importantly thank you for letting us be a family.

    X-E may be shutting it’s doors but just think of all the new memories we get to have over at Dino Drac!

  11. Faith says:

    Jugendsehnsucht – It didn’t work, I just reverted back to my myspace page. :)

  12. Weird. I see your new post has the myspace link, but the FB one from yesterday actually still works just fine here. Were you logged in to FB when you tried it?

  13. ULTRAMAN says:

    I wrote a little poem in honor X-E.

    I’m really gonna miss you X-E
    You were always such a dear friend to me
    I’ll miss you always, for all eternity
    you were always there for me through thick and thin
    there will never be another site like you again


  14. Penis Mightier says:

    Don’t You Forget About Me
    Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t
    Don’t You Forget About Me

    Will you stand above me?
    Look my way, never love me
    Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
    Down, down, down

    Will you recognise me?
    Call my name or walk on by
    Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
    Down, down, down, down

    Hey, hey, hey, hey

  15. Faith says:

    I didn’t know it worked! Hurray!

    Trash Bag Bunch Juice

  16. Jason says:

    I’m already missing this place!! T-minus 98:00

  17. Super Jaclyn says:

    Goodbye, X-E! I will love you forever. I’m sure I’ve shared this in the past, but I first stumbled upon the site during the first Advent calendar. I can’t really tell you what I was possibly searching for that brought this up. I remember sitting up late though, completely addicted to the site reading everything I possibly could. Love.

    And I love all of you! I know we’re all going to DD, but I wanted to stress this. I’ve complained and talked about things a lot the past couple of years and you’ve all been there to listen and give an ear. As Terror Claws alluded to, I became Super Jaclyn after you all gave me a lot of advice when I had that awful break up on CHRISTMAS DAY. Both on here and on Facebook. (Friend me if you’re not already, linked) It meant so much to me, and you’re all amazing. And I’m finally going to Disney World in October, since my ex never would agree to go with me. Going with my very new boyfriend. Who I’m pretty sure I am going to marry one day. I can’t wait to share everything with everyone over on DD!

    And yes, I’ve read every article I could possibly find the link to, when I was a nanny for a year. There’s only so much you can do with 1 year olds.

    Again, I love you X-E! I’ll miss you!

  18. DJ D says:

    To quote Jessie Spano, “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…scared!”

  19. IHAQ says:

    Oh, it’s so close now!

    Goodbye x-e, it’s time for DD.

  20. Tresjolie9 says:

    Less than a half hour of XE left, the end of an era, and the dawn of a new one!

  21. Berdo Rules! says:

    Waiting for the launch. Maybe they’ll be an article on how to survive the zombie apocalypse that’s starting.

  22. Tresjolie9 says:

    Zombie apocalypse could be cool!

    Will this be the penultimate comment on XE?

  23. Matt says:

    Oh, X-E. There aren’t many things I’ve cared about more than you. You’ve been so good to me. I’ll miss you and I’ll never forget you. <3

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