I wanted to give you guys some advance warning on what’s what.

I’ve decided to move to a new domain, and won’t be continuing X-E for much longer.

…but please read the rest before processing that.

Try this analogy on. It’s a bad one, but try it on anyway.

Let’s say X-E is my car. It’s been a great car. I’ve gotten a lot of miles out of this car, and it’s taken me to wonderful places. But it’s also grown really, really worn, and it’s finally hit a point where it makes more sense to buy something new than to continue putting money/effort into this one.

I’ve mentioned my desire to try a new site on here and there for a while now, and how I wouldn’t do it because having a site that’s so old feels like a badge of honor. And it does, sort of, but the negatives have started to outweigh the positives.

On a personal level, I’m joined at the hip to a dozen years’ worth of experiences, good and bad. I may have many of the same interests I did twelve years ago, but I’m not the same person, and adding a bit of separation is good for me.

On a “professional” level – and I have to use that term loosely, because this site has been nothing more than a hobby for many years now — this place is a mess. A damaged brand. To me, it feels stale. I could have the site redesigned to give it a fresh face, but I think what I really want is a fresh start.


I want to start over. Basically, I want to do X-E, but I want to do it knowing what I know now. I can never do that here. It will never feel right, and it’ll always feel like a Band-Aid over a gunshot wound.

I don’t want to tell you too much about this new site just yet. All I’ll say is that I’m focused on doing what I do in a way that makes a heck of a lot more sense, and in a way that I think people –- or at least, the kind of people who read this site –- will enjoy. And hopefully not conversely, I’m focused on building something that feels right for me.

Some notes about all of this:

1. I don’t have a precise timetable. I’m hoping it won’t take too long, but it isn’t “imminent.” This is an always-dead time of year for X-E anyway, so it’s not like anyone’s missing much.

2. I’m not destroying X-E. I’m not taking X-E down. Eventually there will come a point where comments will be closed (or at least put on moderation, so people who hit some five-year-old thing about candy have a chance to detail their feelings on it), but nothing here is being removed.

3. Nothing here is being moved, either. This “fresh start” thing has to have sacrifices, and one of them is not cherry picking the stuff I actually like and presenting it again in a new format. I want that line in the sand to be thick and deep.

I’m giving you some early warning because, well, I guess I need to, right? If you have any questions, let me know. Just trust me that this will be a good thing, and there’s no need to eulogize.

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341 Responses to Well.

  1. kingklash says:

    *spray painting “KINGKLASH wuz HERE” in a far corner*

  2. Berdo Rules! says:

    I F#@%in Rule!

    So does everyone else on XE.


  3. Fox says:

    Checking on the progress, btw, I watched Jingle All the Way while getting ready for work this morning. Thank you Encore.

  4. Charlie Blue says:

    I’ve been staring at the X-E sucks Christmas cookie on the front page for a few minutes and then it hit me. Matt is contemplating suicide.

  5. Muppet Baby says:

    FOX: “He got TWO! He got TWO!!”

  6. Annette says:

    Did you guys see The Avengers? You guys need to see The Avengers.

  7. Will Damron says:

    I’ve been here since 2003. I was a 14/15 year old kid. Awesome, awesome place, the jewel of the internet. I can’t wait for the next site!

  8. JohnV says:

    I’m gonna leave this right here.

    OMFG! The Best Mini-Figures Since M.U.S.C.L.E.

  9. Is it weird that I may still come back here to the X-E blog (if there is still a “here” here) late Halloween late and Christmas eve out of tradition?

  10. tanta07 says:

    Piggybacking on IHAQ’s post about watching A New Hope with his son, I recently tried putting on A New Hope for my 5 year-old daughter. She wanted to watch it for the “sword fights,” since the cover prominently featured the lightsaber duel. I quickly realized that the first 3/4 of A New Hope is all about exposition and storytelling, and doesn’t really get to the “sword fights” for some time. Needless to say my 5 year-old grew bored and wanted me to turn it off in favor of Spongebob. I am disappointed but undeterred. We will get through Star Wars eventually. It’s for her own good, damnit.

  11. tanta07 says:

    Haha, yes, those OMFG figures are badass. But $9.99 for 5 tiny little figures? Yeesh, nostalgia only gets you so far…

  12. Joey says:

    I’ve been here since “Megatron is Not a Tank.” Ever since, it has been my solemn duty to spread the gospel. I look forward to seeing what you put up next.

  13. ULTRAMAN says:

    ULTRAMAN wuz here!!!!!!! X-E rulez !!! X-E forever!

  14. IHAQ says:

    tanta07: Yeah, I had to do a lot of talking while the movie was playing, especially at the beginning, explaining what was going on, it really helped to keep my son’s interest. Plus I told him we had to go through this movie to get to Yoda in the next, he was really excited for Yoda.

    Did I ever share his reaction when Yoda began to speak? He said “He. Sounds like…Grover.” Hilarious. Actually we still have to get through the rest of Empire, he’s been asking.

    So anyway, DD tomorrow!

  15. JaiGuru says:

    I don’t remember how exactly, as we’re going back to the days before StumbleUpon!, but I came across an article of yours. It detailed an amazing weekend at an old family house full of bizarre things. The way you documented it dripped with childhood nostalgia and made me feel so good I stayed and enjoyed pretty much everything you’ve made on X-E.

    Thank you Matt! I look forward to your new stuff and humbly request you revisit that strange house in the new site at some point.

  16. drew do says:


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