Christmas Vacation.

Here’s the deal: I’m taking a break. I’m fried. :)

I think this has become increasingly obvious, but, if it hasn’t: I am fried.

I have a lot of work to do for real life stuff, and I think I’ve been giving too much time to this other thing here. (Which I love to do, but as it’s now honestly a hobby and nothing else, it’s become stupid to treat it like a business. Just have fun.)

I was originally going to can the videos and focus on just the blogs, but when I plopped down to write one today, it hit me: This really isn’t a good time for that, and wouldn’t be even if I wasn’t fried.

I’ll see how I feel in a week, after I’ve knocked out some of real work. I’m sorry that so many vows have been broken lately, but at least we can agree that they were silly vows. Bunny slippers and Christmas soda are not life or death.

It’s all good. It’s all good with me, so hope it’s all good with you. No weirdness. Let’s hug it out.

I’ll put up an all-purpose holiday thread tomorrow, which will be up for a while. (lol a year)

See you soon!

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  1. Yoda Van Helsing says:

    Have a great Christmas, Matt. It has been an awesome couple of months. You have put up so much great content, just sit back and enjoy the rest of the season. Thank you.

  2. Church says:

    Thanks Matt for all the great content! Take care o’ your business, man. Hopefully we’ll see you for the Fallout thread…I feel it’s going to be a good one!

  3. rimmie says:

    Please say you’re still doing the holiday basket ticket thing at the church…please. I love those entries, they are my favourite Christmas thread entries.

    Sending you awesome Christmas Wishes and rest from South Africa!

  4. Scott says:

    What you have done here is great. It should be something fun for you just like it is for us. I appreciate all that you have put into this site. You deserve a restful, happy holiday.

  5. Ggadwa says:

    You need a guest blogger, I can go on and on about how much the Rudolph Special mystifies me, won’t that be entertaining? :)

    Happy Holidays, Matt, get all your work done, and get started on that script they commissioned for “Silent Night, Deadly Night IV, Prancer’s Pissed, Dancer Doom”.

    Know that we all appreciate the site!

    [>] Brian

  6. Ggadwa says:

    Here’s my fill in for the community:

    This was my old comedy website (long before blogs, it started in 1997!) so it’s all black backgrounds and yellow text, full of dated jokes, reviews of censored USA Network (remember them) T&A movies, an advice column from the devil, He-Man jokes, the lot.

    Is it funny? Probably in 97 it might have been! Give it a look, have it tide you over in mild humor, and see the only picture of me that exists on the internet (I still look the same, no kidding!)

    [>] Brian

  7. Magic T says:

    Completely understandable, Matt. Probably a long overdue break as well.

    Enjoy your Christmas, and thanks for everything.

  8. kidneyboy says:

    Ggadwa just checked out your site, reading the top ten lists. Not bad! I see you mentioned Hot ‘n Now AND Taco John’s! Are you from the midwest?
    Our Hot ‘n now closed down, it’s a Checker’s now. But we still have Taco John’s! Potato Ole’s and Apple Grande’s, fuck yeah! I like to go on Taco Tuesday’s too, cheaper than normal!

  9. Ggadwa says:

    kidneyboy, you are now my most hated of all enemies! I had Taco Tuesday, I loved Potato Ole’s, but all the Taco Johns in my area closed a long time ago. The fact that you still have access to Potato Ole’s makes me more angry then I can express in words :)

    Yup — Kalamazoo, MI. As for Hot n’ Now, they started in this area, but the entire corporation is kaput, the ones that are left are all Checkers.

    I had friends in a comedy band that wrote an ode to Hot n’ Now, with the chorus “Hot n Now, 10 billion burgers, all from one cow!” I miss Hot n’ Now too!

    [>] Brian

  10. kaizers0ze says:

    Merry Christmas, Matt. Enjoy your holiday.

  11. For anyone interested I am also running a Christmas Countdown on my website (just click on my name it will take you there). My articles are no-place near as good as the ones here on XE but it may provide a fun distraction for at leas a couple of you. =)

  12. kidneyboy says:

    Ggadwa, hehe, sorry man! yeah Taco Juan’s is the bomb! There is still a Hot n Now building in a town about an hour away from me, I see it when I go to the hospital there. It bums me out, still has the closed letters on the sign! Never been to Checker’s though, heard their fries are good!

    Wisconsin here, midwest represent! Your site is pretty cool, I like the C&D letters too!

  13. Magic T says:

    Gwadwa: Someone from MAD magazine needs to hire you. I felt like I was reading a long lost issue while checking out your old website.

  14. Brent says:

    Matt, for several years now, X-E has been an important part of my holiday tradition. You have earned your break, but know that you have readers eagerly awaiting your return. Thanks for all of the great reading these many, many years.


  15. Ggadwa says:

    I can tell you, from experience, that Matt deserves every last minute of any break he takes. When I started my man-it-really-looks-like-early-internet comedy site, I said I’d do a post A WEEK. Not daily! A week! And I ran it for two years. There are NOT 104 posts there.

    It’s hard. It’s very, very hard, and I had a lot of programming to get too!

    How Matt manages to crank this stuff out and not give up is a mystery of the ages. I had to pick my battles — get paid to program or have a comedy site. I picked programming :)

    What to take away from this: Matt is some kind of demigod, I assume. Thrown down by other gods for some indescribable transgression and forced to run a comedy site. I assume he was the patron saint of slurpees.

    [>] Brian

  16. Amy says:

    Wisconsin here, midwest represent! There’s two of us??? I have loved me some Taco John’s in my time…

  17. Sifting Singlets says:

    Sconny 3.

  18. Take as much time as you need, Matt! I know how busy this month is. @@

    Speaking of which, I’ve actually been writing my own Christmas Story that not unlike the Advent Calendar. I don’t know how Matt did it 25 days straight for all those years. I’m busting my balls to write 10 parts in the span of a month. Just click the name to see it.

  19. Jordan says:

    Matt, you’ve kept me going up ’til now… I think I can probably see myself the rest of the way through the week until Xmas. Hope you have a great one. I’m almost certain we haven’t seen the last of you before the big day, though. Just a hunch.

  20. Don says:

    Thanks for ruining Christmas, Matt.;)

    You’ve given so much great content over the years, and I know how much work it is. It’s really interesting to see some of the blogs I’ve now been reading for close to a decade change as time goes by and the people involved take on different roles in life. It’s kind of comforting to know we’ve all got things going on and life isn’t a bumpless ride for anyone. You have a great site, but you also have a life, so please know there are many of us who read and follow your site who’ll be here when you get back. Merry hoho and all that.

  21. Richy Rich Richard says:

    2011 has actually been a really good year for X-Entertainment. See you next August!

  22. Beth! says:

    I can’t help but add myself to the growing list of Wisconsinites. Madison to be exact!

  23. Rastika says:

    Merry Christmas Matt!! Enjoy your time and family. :)

  24. Codezer0 says:

    Matt I know you are tired and got normal work to do as well, but… Please finish this video calendar! You’re breaking so many hearts by? ending it when you are so close to completion as it is! :(
    If you feel you can’t we will understand, but find it in your heart to continue it please! You brighten up my day when I see a new video by you on here and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way! Every day this month has been a morning of happiness knowing we get to see a new video by you!

    And to be honest lately it is the only thing I really look forward too since I do now have to have that third back surgery since the fusion failed. Now I need rods and plates put in/on my spine and will be on pain meds for the rest of my life basically, prolly never be able to work again and since I never had a great job even if I clear for SS, I will prolly make less than my shitty comp that’s atm less than $200 a week… I don’t know about you people but I’m 31 and I got hurt and now screwed for life in that sense for one… No woman will marry some guy with a broken back that makes less money than some good looking teenager she could just have a fling with at mcdonalds :/

    Sorry Matt not trying to make you feel bad.. but just remember it could be a lot worse and its no reason to stop doing your calender etc. You bring a lot of joy too a lot of people with that stuff.

    Whatever you decide is your decision. But, I think maybe if you knew how much this means to people, it’s not a waste of your time like no one cares, perhaps you wouldn’t feel like its such a burden or taking away from your enjoyment of the season. Trust me, I would swap lives with you any day of the week.. hell at this point I’d swap lives with a dinosaur one hour prior to the meteor hitting….

  25. Annette says:

    Codezer0, I just wanted to say I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. :(

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