Christmas Vacation.

Here’s the deal: I’m taking a break. I’m fried. :)

I think this has become increasingly obvious, but, if it hasn’t: I am fried.

I have a lot of work to do for real life stuff, and I think I’ve been giving too much time to this other thing here. (Which I love to do, but as it’s now honestly a hobby and nothing else, it’s become stupid to treat it like a business. Just have fun.)

I was originally going to can the videos and focus on just the blogs, but when I plopped down to write one today, it hit me: This really isn’t a good time for that, and wouldn’t be even if I wasn’t fried.

I’ll see how I feel in a week, after I’ve knocked out some of real work. I’m sorry that so many vows have been broken lately, but at least we can agree that they were silly vows. Bunny slippers and Christmas soda are not life or death.

It’s all good. It’s all good with me, so hope it’s all good with you. No weirdness. Let’s hug it out.

I’ll put up an all-purpose holiday thread tomorrow, which will be up for a while. (lol a year)

See you soon!

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263 Responses to Christmas Vacation.

  1. King JLA says:

    I got a busy day today. First, I got to celebrate my birthday today. Then I got to bake stuff for the extended family Christmas tomorrow. Then make some stuff for Christmas itself for my family.

  2. Amy says:

    I opened my Secret Santa box last night. I got a Chia Pet, a MYSTERY PEANUT, candy, and a Singamajig for Sam! It sings Yankee Doodle Dandy. Thank you kb!!!!

  3. Church says:

    Well, happy b-day King JLA and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to my fellow X-Eers!

  4. Happy Birthday King JLA! Just waiting for the work day to be done so I can start my Xmas Vacation!

  5. Jason says:

    Happy Birthday King JLA!! “And many more!” :)

  6. Jaclyn says:

    Happy birthday King JLA! We only had a half day at work, and while most people are off today, it’s not a holiday at all, so I’m at least grateful for the half day. We did Secret Santa, mine got me a puzzle of a puppy, and a 2012 Pittsburgh Pens Calendar!! Then the attorneys at the office gave all the legal assistants a fun bag of gifts, including fun socks, chocolate and lots of makeup (all the legal assistants are female) and also $50 VISA gift cards. The owners of the law firm also gave us a pretty nice Christmas bonus. CHRISTMAS MAGIC

  7. tanta07 says:

    Jaclyn, I read your “CHRISTMAS MAGIC” line in the voice of Mista Snowman. LOL

    Yes, in my head Mista Snowman has a voice. A very high, Mr. Bill-like voice.

  8. tanta07 says:

    And speaking of gift cards, why do some people have such a stigma about giving them? I lurv lurv luuuurv gift cards, and make it loudly known to anyone shopping for me.

  9. Tanta07, I can kinda get the stigma in that it’s not a ‘personal gift’ and can sometimes feel like a cop out, this year though the main part of my mums present is gift cards from my brother and I (and probably nothing from t’ other brother).

    I also got gift cards from one of the baby stores for two neighbour families who each had babies this year, seemed like something they’d be able to use more than chocolates or something – also, the clerk in the shop was all kinds of adorable, so totally worth it.

  10. Jaclyn says:

    tanta, That’s how I said it to myself too! Hahaha :)

    I’m also weird about giving out gift the other person will think “…really?” but I’m not sure why I think that, because every time I receive them, I love them! You have to actually know where the person shops though if you’re going store specific. Like my uncle got me a Starbucks gift card for my last birthday, and while I appreciated any gift at all, I don’t drink coffee. I used it a couple times for the chocolate chip frap that they have, but other than that I let my boyfriend use the rest.

  11. Thomas says:

    How’s everybody doing? I haven’t been around for quite a while. What’s the weather going to be like on Christmas Day in your respective part of the country/planet? Here in Southern California, the forecast calls for sun with a high temperature of 75 degrees.

  12. Alexander says:

    Hey everyone,

    I was tortured with accordion lessons when I was 8. I still have the accordion and only break it out at Christmas time. Here is something I put together:

  13. stina says:

    Thomas: Hooray for shorts on Christmas!

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