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Pop Secret’s “Magic Colors” Popcorn!

Approximately eighty years ago, I wrote a tribute to Pop Qwiz, an early ’90s brand of Pop Secret popcorn with the simply-glorious-slash-gloriously-simple gimmick of having kernels soaked in food coloring. After a minute in the microwave, the popcorn sprung to … Continue reading

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Madd Matt’s Early Strike. Also, Rain.

Long week. And it seems I’ve come home to a weekend of guaranteed flooding and mayhem. I don’t mind swimming, but since our power typically goes out as soon as it starts drizzling, I’m expecting zero electricity from Sunday through … Continue reading

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“This exotic fruit…”

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Marvel Universe Squinkies! And a frog.

Squinkies rule. I’m not afraid to say it. I’ve spent nearly a year trying to work them onto X-E, and I finally have a real reason to. While the original Squinkies were firmly girly, some newer batches cater exclusively to … Continue reading

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