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Dino World Dino Game Dino Review.

There’s a lot to like about Dino World’s “Dino Game.” Let’s start with its 89 cent price tag. This is so much more lasting than a taco. Make no mistake, it’s the kind of plaything typically reserved for those dusty … Continue reading

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American Summer Chips Ahoy!

Summer doesn’t start for almost two whole months, but today disagrees. It’s hot, it’s blue, and every fifteen minutes, I hear a Lickety Split truck imploring me to buy a snowcone with its secret language of chimes and exhaust. Plus, … Continue reading

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Herr’s Honey Cheese Curls, sort of.

I had a long week. It was time to unwind, but all three of my friends were otherwise occupied. The obvious solution was retail therapy. Sup there, Walmart? You can be my nightclub. We needed to pick up some necessities, … Continue reading

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Index Card.

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Old Journal, Same Darkpath.

On and off since the fourth grade, I’ve maintained a journal. Not a diary, because those are for sissies. And actually, not “a” journal, but many journals, numbering in the dozens, with the series growing whenever I ran out of … Continue reading

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The Facts of Life: Dissecting Over Our Heads.

When I was growing up, The Facts of Life was always on. Those afternoon reruns were virtually inescapable. Changing the channel was hard work. I became a fan, but it wasn’t like I had a choice. Or maybe this introduction … Continue reading

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Canvas, Materials, Inspiration, Product.

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Gremlins: Dissecting the Department Store!

For this installment of X-E Dissects (check out the new series logo I made for it…two minutes well spent), I want to establish that this won’t just include random movie bedrooms and the many toys within. Nope, we’re also good … Continue reading

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Princess Bride: Dissecting Fred’s Bedroom.

We might have a new series on our hands. A short while after Tweeting a link to my case study of Buzz McCallister’s bedroom, this response came in: Russ was absolutely right. Fred Savage’s bedroom from The Princess Bride might’ve … Continue reading

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Home Alone: Dissecting Buzz’s Bedroom.

Whether true or not, I trust in the fact that only 2% of the world hasn’t seen Home Alone at least fifty times. Even if you could find the rare example of a human being who hasn’t seen this film, … Continue reading

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