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Rose Art’s “Color Blanks” let you play Gawd.

I can never resist browsing the “stationary & school supplies” aisle of any store that has one, this perhaps being the mental residue of a time when a fresh notebook was my favorite new toy. (Never for scholarly purposes. I … Continue reading

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I wanted tonight’s SNT to come with content, but I can’t do that until I finish coloring something in. Seriously. So, here’s your bland SNT. Your job: Make it not bland. I’m going back to coloring. Find out why tomorrow.

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Rest in peace, cute little shoe guy from Roger Rabbit.

Ugh, I can’t shake it! Who Framed Roger Rabbit was on cable last night, and even though the so-bad-it’s-amazing Planet of the Apes was a mere two channels away, I couldn’t flip. It’d been years since I’d seen Roger Rabbit, … Continue reading

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X-Entertainment’s Dirty Junk Drawer.

I like living under the belief that everyone, everywhere has a junk drawer in their kitchen. You know the kind. These drawers, lacking any one dedicated storage use, evolve into the twisted, foreboding collectors of inanimate souls from all walks … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Handful of Heroes. And goth fish eggs.

I never find anything good at Wal-Mart. Unless I squint. Wow, how have I never seen these before? Hasbro’s Handful of Heroes is a truly life-altering series of tiny Marvel Comics figurines, sold in packs of eight. I shouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Kid Cuisine’s “Krazy Combo” Honor/Death Meal!

Longtime readers probably remember my great fondness for Kid Cuisine, a series of old-style “TV dinners” aimed exclusively at kids and pop culture webmasters. Course, I say “fondness,” when the truth is that I’ve never written about Kid Cuisine without … Continue reading

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New Article: Waxing About Wishbooks, 1986 Edition.

I was originally planning to publish this in December, but time and apathy got the better of me. The last thing X-E needs is more content tying to Christmas, but I don’t think the holiday connection here is unforgivably strong. … Continue reading

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Sam, from Trick ‘r Treat, is an action figure. Sorry the title wasn’t catchier.

Not sure which is the bigger bullet point of awesomeness: That there’s a Sam from Trick ‘r Treat action figure, or that I found it at Toys “R” Us. (Click here to see Sam in his funny packaging.) From NECA, … Continue reading

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SNT, 2010.

I had a long post written about many boring things, but eh, it’s the same old song. In summary: I’m aiming to do more with this place than allowing it atrophy into a souvenir for the people who used to … Continue reading

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New Article: The 7 Scariest Segments of Unsolved Mysteries!

It would seem we have much to discuss. Can we save that for tomorrow? Meantime, new article: The 7 Scariest Segments of Unsolved Mysteries! Kinda grew it out of the sentiment of this old blog post. I’ve included YouTube vids … Continue reading

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