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X-E’s Christmas Fallout Thread — 2009 Edition!

Another Christmas is kaput, and I’ve barely recovered. It was the first time in years that I’d finished the Advent Calendar before Christmas Eve, and boy, I didn’t waste it. It’s probably lame to correlate a carefree Christmas with a … Continue reading

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Well, it’s Christmas Eve! Officially! Plooky plockily! I still need to buy a few presents, I still need to shave for the first time since 1937, and I still need to stuff 50 mushrooms with breadcrumbs, garlic, oil and my … Continue reading

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Zhu Zhu Pets, Snow and Chocolate Scrabble.

Well, the Advent Calendar has kept me too busy to really write much else, so to the more than half of you who don’t read it: Haha, you’re fucked. We got a lot of snow today, which is nice, because … Continue reading

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Christmas Night Lights, Magnets and Bumbles.

It was supposed to be so innocent — a simple evening run to Toys “R” Us for batteries and a few other needed bits. The place was expectedly mobbed, but I managed to sneak in and out without a long … Continue reading

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For Christmas…This Year…The Hess Truck’s Here!

Marred by an unexpectedly busy work schedule and the yearly epic struggle to make my Advent Calendar deadlines, I haven’t been doing nearly enough “normal blogs.” This has to change, because Christmas is a time for sentences and paragraphs. I … Continue reading

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Cheetos “White Cheddar Snowballs” Winter Edition!

I’ve posted nearly a billion pictures since starting X-Entertainment, and during that time, I’ve experimented with many different backgrounds. So, mental note: Never use shiny, reflective wrapping paper as a photo background ever again. Unsightly glare aside, I’m pleased to … Continue reading

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Snowy SNT.

Happy SNT. Spending the evening stringing up lights where no lights should be, and ordering my clan of 400 nieces and nephews whatever nonsensical shit was most recently added to their wishlists. Pennsylvania Dutch eggnog, too. You?

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Holiday Traditions: Chia Pets and Rice Krispies Treats!

To prove to naysayers that I’m still terminally with it, I’m now on Twitter. I say nothing of any interest there, and mainly use it to plug articles you’ve already read, but if you’re interested…yeeeaaah. Got a new Christmassy survey: … Continue reading

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Cheese Baskets, Santa Vaders, Alien Massagers.

Surely I’m not the only one who spends the holiday season pilfering through — but never ordering from — the Harry and David catalog? I’m guessing the company is best known for its “fruit of the month” deals, but during … Continue reading

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X-E’s 2009 Christmas Season HAS BEGUN!

Over the ground, there’s a mantle of white. Something something. Merry Christmas. Indeed, X-E’s 2009 Christmas Season has begun! Is it wrong that I’m already depressed that it’ll be over in 25 days? We’ve got our radio tuned to the … Continue reading

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