Frightening Filler.

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days — been busy with things that are much less fun than Halloween Cheetos and animatronic slashers. To keep things lively between now and the next post (which will be tomorrow, even if it kills me), how about a quicky spooky survey?

For you commenters: What’s the scariest place you’ve ever been to, and what was so frightening about it? It could be anything from an abandoned penitentiary to a theme park ride.

I figured we were out of good Halloween survey topics by now, but I’m actually very curious to see your answers to this. Go!

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144 Responses to Frightening Filler.

  1. Bard says:

    Can I say there is nothing more frightening then the Jersey Pine Barrens?

    I grew up on Staten Island, and the biggest woods we ever had was in Miller Field. Even as deep as you could get in those woods, you were still able to see someones house or the New Dorp Football field. But going Jersey Devil Hunting with some friends and walking into the pine barrens and seeing nothing but woods as far as the eye could see freaked me out to no end.

  2. I hope to get the pants scared off me tomorrow night at the Forest of Fear in Tuxedo Park.

    All you suckas should go get the pants scared off you, too!

  3. Bard says:

    I totally forgot about the Six Flags Great Adventure Graveyard. My Ex used to work at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jersey back in the early-mid 90s. For the most part if something goes wrong with a ride they transfer it to another Six Flags location. But sometimes if its so beat to hell or really weird stuff is happening they just put it in the graveyard. Now coming off the TP (If I remember right) the graveyard is after the GA entrance, on the same side but it looks like a utility road with a large bar across the road.

    Now the Graveyard only really matters for one thing. Inside the graveyard they still have the remains of the trailers from the Infamous Haunted House fire. If you don’t know about it, look it up. I think some of the other rides in there had interesting stories but my memory is so-so.

    The other interesting thing was about GA itself. The Bumper Cars (which are no longer there) were almost in the exact spot the fire took place. She used to work a ride that was close enough to the cars and high enough that she could see them. They would have the cars completely shut off for the night, but as she shut down her ride after close she would watch the bumper cars come to life. Without any power they would spark, move, and sometimes even the whole thing would light up. She said the bumper cars were the worst of it, but other rides in the same area would have odd happenings too.

    Sometimes when the Bumper cars weren’t acting up, her ride would. The ride that would go up a steep incline and come down backwards (not the parachute drop types, this had a car) was another one. For the most part they would have the rides shut down and then they would act up again on their own.

    I asked her again about it not too long ago, but she doesn’t talk to anyone from the park anymore and apparently they’ve done away with the bumper cars so she doesn’t know if anything acts up anymore.

  4. Faith says:

    Six Flags over Ga. also has an old ride graveyard but I don’t know of any spooky happenings going on there. However, I have heard many times that the carousel will sometimes start running at night on it’s own.

  5. Palmerholic says:

    Scariest place I’ve ever been to? LiveJournal. I wouldn’t want to be in the minds of some of those posters. 😐

  6. Alexander says:

    I’ll trot out my story when I was a gravedigger back during college. I got the job at the church as plain old janitor, but the full time gravedigger got pneumonia.

    So I was recruited to be gravedigger.

    They use a bulldozer/back hoe to open the grave, but I had to jump in with a shovel to square it off and make the inside flat for the vault. This was an old section of the cemetery, before vaults were required by PA law in 1965. So we dug the hole, and it was wet from ground water. Then at one point the wet earth fell away from the wall, and there was a wooden coffin in all its glory, just the side of the coffin flush with the wall of the grave. So it was time for me to jump in. After I did, we all heard a sound like running water. Then a stench that compares to nothing I ever smelled. The water that had been in that coffin had leaked out into where I was standing. Keep in mind, there is no legal requirement to be “6 feet under”. Some graves are 3 feet below. This one I was in ended up being over 7 feet deep; the coffin was at belt level for me. So the bulldozer guys saw I was having a hard time with the thick wet dirt, so they told me to stand to the back of the hole. They lowered the back hoe in as I stood there. The vibration from the engine was shaking the ground. All of a sudden, in like, 2 or 3 seconds, we all saw the the dirt starting to fall away from the wall. The guy yelled, “You better get out before it caves in!” By the time he said the word “out”, I had jumped straight out of the hole; don’t know how, but I was motivated. I turned around just in time to see the entire coffin and dirt et. al. roll out to where I was standing. I wouldn’t have been suffocated, but I would have perhaps been trapped up to my waist.

    I can’t tell this story with out mentioning the name of the person in the coffin: Peter Jankowski, R.I.P., died in 1959.

  7. AdamB says:

    Tracey, I grew up in Morristown where the evil dead cabin was. Spent many a nights in that area. Creepy woods.

  8. Matt says:

    Photos taken, post coming tonight. :)

  9. DJ D says:

    New post tonight! Groovy-doo!

  10. Kobes says:

    When I was about 16 I lived in an old house built during the copper mining heyday in my area. My family was gone for the night and my best friend came over with his guitar and amp to hang out and jam some tunes. One of the songs I asked him to play was “Bad Omen” by Megadeth which has a really creepy intro. We did this in the living room downstairs and eventually we went upstairs to my bedroom to spark an owl and listen to that Megadeth album. Just as I was about to put the cd into the player I swear I heard that song playing by itself on the guitar from downstairs. I froze and turned to my friend asking him if he just heard that. He said he didn’t hear anything but I was so freaked out that I suggested we go downstairs to make sure everything was…ok. Everything was fine and just as we left it but we stayed in the living room and watched tv instead.

    Many years later after I had moved out of that house my friend mentioned the incident and said that he actually DID hear it too.

  11. Mr. Whirly says:

    has anyone ever seen HALLOWEEN ON ICE? More specifically “Musselman’s Applesauce Halloween on Ice Starring Mannheim Steamroller” ? I saw it on TV today AND it was rad, I could never watch ice skating, but these skaters were dressed as classic monsters and the band were zombies, I guess they’ve been putting this on for a few years?

  12. Thomas (who is different from the Thomas who met the cat hoarder) says:

    Teddy Ray,
    I too come from a Christian family and until now, I have never heard of judgement houses. The idea of such a thing disturbs me. They can’t foster any real belief, just terror.

    I don’t really have any stories about really scary places I’ve gone to. There are a few (supposedly haunted) places I would want to visit here in California:

  13. Mr. Whirly says:

    You want to know a spooky place? Natural caves and caverns are awesome. My favorites are Mercer caverns and Moaning cavern in central california. If you live near a giant cave with tours go check it out

  14. Mike says:

    Scariest place I have ever been?? My e-wife’s vagina.

  15. Mike says:

    Sorry, I ment my EX-WIFE’s vagina.

  16. Nicole says:

    The damn house I lived in for ten years in Massachusetts. No lie, there was something in the attic. The whole house had a horrible, oppressive, creepy atmosphere but the closer you got to that attic the stronger it got. Inside attic itself the feeling was pure evil and hatred. I’m thinking demonic entity, and I’m not a religious person. So not trying to make a believer out of anyone but things would get thrown to the floor, green mist seeped out from under door once and the absolute worst was when I had to sleep in the room off the attic because we had company. I woke up in the middle of the night and this dessicated white hand reached out from under the bed. I jumped out, ran downstairs and slept on the floor. I was a kid so nobody believed me, of course. Said I was having nightmares. But years later, as an adult living in Florida now, I found out from a friend back in MA that the people who bought the house were putting in a two-car garage under the crappy old barn and when they were tearing barn down they found a human skull. Maybe that explains some of it?

  17. algae says:

    So many good posts, Thank you everyone!

    Here is my offering, Here on Oahu in Hawaii there is a famous place called the Pali lookout it is fairly tame today with all of the railings up but for hundreds of years has been a treacherous pass where people would fall to their deaths. Too stand there in the strong gusty wind and look down 1,000 feet or more is to contemplate your own mortality.

    When they put the old pali road in back in the 1950s they found over 800 skeletons below the cliffs.

    Not all the stories there are bad, on at least one occasion someone tried to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff and was blown back up to saftey.

    The Hawaiians beleived places and things could have power, and its a place that has a lot of power. If you ever visit Oahu I encourage you to check it out but, do so with respect.

  18. MysteryD8 says:

    Target’s toy catalog came in the mail today. The Lego advent calendar is displayed prominently! James Lipton appears to be a construction worker.

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