The Halloween Cocktail!

I’ve been reading Halloween cocktail recipes for years, and since drinking heavily was most certainly in the cards after the week I’ve had, it seemed like a good time to stop reading and start making.

I found the recipe over at this site. I wish it had a cool name like “Agent Orange” or “Sunshine Reaper,” but the site only refers to it as a “Halloween Cocktail.” Am I allowed to rename cocktails if I swiped the recipes? Let’s pretend I am. This is an “Agent Orange.” It’s wonderful.

Combine two ounces of bourbon, three ounces of orange juice and the juice of half of a lemon in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a glass full of ice. Top it off with some ginger ale. (The recipe doesn’t specify how much ginger ale, so let’s just say “to taste.”)

I only drink whiskey when I have absolutely no idea that it’s in what I’m drinking, so I had some reservations, but this is delicious. It tastes almost exactly like a Navy Grog, which makes no sense at all since Navy Grogs have an entirely different set of ingredients. The truth is, I just like writing the word “grog.”

Wondering how this drink ties in with Halloween? The official recipe calls for unpitted olives with pumpkin faces carved on as the garnish. YES. YES, YES YES. I’ve never known olives to be a candidate for garnish in a fruity whiskey drink, but I will never, ever argue with an excuse to carve olives up like jack o’ lanterns. Oh, the fun I had.

Unfortunately, you’ll need all of the above to whip up a batch of Halloween Cocktails Agent Oranges. Still totally worth it. I love blaming alcoholism on Halloween enthusiasm.

Your challenge: Raid your liquor cabinet and search online. I guarantee that you’ll find at least one Halloween-themed cocktail to enjoy using whatever you’ve already got. Well, unless you’re fifteen. And you very well may be, since I usually just write about toys and candy. For the rest of you, I can think of no better way to spend this perfect dead leaf evening than with a glass full of something evilly named. Good luck!

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  1. Jason says:

    Ricky-ICP’s genre is referred to as horrorcore.And it fits.Considering they are both huge horror fans(and not to mention…wrasslin’).

  2. Teddy Ray says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, folks. I appreciate them.

    Terror Claws, prayers are most definitely appreciated, especially from a full-fledged man of the cloth.

    Amy, trust me, I’m most definitely mental. I always have been. That and my faith ae the only things that have gotten me through the past three years.

  3. ULTRAMAN says:

    I noticed the crab in the pic, I was just waiting for somebody else to say something. Oh I saw Halloween 2 over the weekend. Rob Zombie one. Liked it. Different from the original series of course, but still cool.

  4. Ricky says:

    Jason- No dount about it. They’ve wrestled for WWF/E, WCW, and ECW all during the big wrestling boom of 98/99.

  5. Here’s a nice fall drink that fits all three of the best mixed drink criteria: Easy to make, tastes good, will get you drunk.

    12 pack of dark beer (Guiness, etc. I prefer to use Newcastle)

    2 6 packs hard apple cider (Hornsby’s works good)

    A gallon of quality apple cider

    Mix a 1/2 bottle of dark beer with 1/2 bottle of hard cider. Add 1/2 cup of apple cider and stir.

    It takes about 3 for a nice good buzz, 4-5 will have the average drinker feeling quite drunk (not too bad for having no hard alcohol mixed in.

  6. mandy_Reeves says:

    think I’m gonna start to update my weight loss weekly…especially since I am officially half way to One-derland. One-derland is what the weight watchers people call it when you reach 199.9 down 57.8 since feb 2nd, so yeah…57 more to go til one-derland! still 110 til I hit goal though.

    btw…Target has boo berry for 1.99! I’ve been mixing it with yogurt in the mornings.

  7. Lonestar76 says:

    I don’t think I’ll be watching Raw tonight. With Lillian Garcia gone, there’s almost nothing worth watching. It’s
    either Chris Jericho cackling like an old woman, or it’s Randy orton and his 2 Hemorrhoids.

  8. Justin says:

    You were 315 lbs Mandy? Must be American lol.

  9. mr adam we says:

    Whoop! Just saw Frankenhooker last night, and I loved it. Ah, if only more films like that were made nowadays…

    What I really am hoping for (but I know it won’t happen) is for a Rob Zombie remake of Halloween III – Season of the Witch. That always feels like there’s a good movie in there with one of the darkest ideas, but it’s all hidden in the flaws. One can dream!

  10. Actually, they already announced that Halloween 3(D) will not be directed by Zombie, and it will not be a remake of Season of the Witch.

  11. Chris says:

    Hey, just a reminder to everyone that the DVD of “Trick r Treat” is out tommorow. It is supposedly the best Halloween film made in a long time, but the release has been delayed by like 3 years.

    If you really love Halloween this is a DVD to get. For those of us that have been waiting for this film for awhile tommorow is a big day!

  12. Jugendsehnsucht says:

    drew do:
    Ah, you have a good point there. Dubbing (especially when poorly done) can greatly enhance films that are already MST3k-fodder!

    I’ve simply never had much luck with records at thrift shops. Doesn’t stop me from getting sucked in to looking every single time, though.
    The only time I ever came away with anything I truly got exited over was when I found a cassette tape (sans-cover) of New Renaissance Records’ 1988 Satan’s Revenge, Part II compilation. A bunch of long forgotten thrash acts along with some demo material from Morbid Angel, Ripping Corpse, and Necrovore. Can’t beat that for $1.
    Unfortunately, the vast majority of thrift store music (at least in my usual haunts) seems to be a mix of last decade’s disposable pop, and Old People’s Greatest Hits: Music to Soak Dentures To!. Unfortunately for me, neither the ex-teenyboppers or the rest home set seem to share my penchant for third-rate ’80s metal.

  13. Morfnblorsh says:

    squee – Ah, hell. I’m going to Disney the 17th through the 24th of October. This will be my first Disney Halloween, and I kind of expected they would redress Haunted Mansion to be all Jack Skellington – and I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m slightly bummed out about that.

    I just really like the original a lot. *shrug*

    But, if they do it “right” then I guess it won’t be that bad. In fact, if they truly do it “right” then it will most likely be awesome. I’m going to have to trust you here, squee. Like I said, this will be my first Halloween spent with Mickey, so I’m completely ignorant as to how awesome it will probably be.

    I’m very curious about Space Mountain though (aka Ghost Galaxy). I never knew they re-themed that ride for Halloween. Sounds like I’m in for a pillowcase full of surprises.

    Hey, if anyone else is going to their famous Halloween Party on the 20th look for a guy dressed like a member of the Aquabats. If you see him get your Pokeball ready because that’s a rare, wild Morfnblorsh!

  14. DrNightmare says:

    You’ve got a great voice Matt! I don’t have any interest in alcohol, but I decided to see what you wrote in here anyway, always entertaining.

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