The Snoopy-O’-Lantern?

Narrowly avoiding death for cluttering our apartment with a seven foot Jason Voorhees statue, I return to you while something much, much cuter: A Snoopy-O’-Lantern!

It appears as though licensing rights for Peanuts-related tomfoolery can be purchased for a buck fifty and a compliment, because there are a lot of junky companies making a lot of junky Peanuts stuff. Ten-page activity books, cheap window clings, you name it.

But in that sea of Snoopy shit, there are plenty of treasures — like this one. From East West Distributing, it’s the official “Light-Up Snoopy,” or in more descriptive terms, the official “Light-Up Pumpkin Shaped Like Snoopy’s Head.”

Innocuous and adorable, it’s easy to overlook the sheer insanity of this thirteen-dollar decoration. How a product that could only be described as a “light-up pumpkin shaped like Snoopy’s head” got off the drawing board, into pitch meetings and ultimately into mass production is probably worthy of a documentary in of itself, but for those of us who like to keep things simple: Yay, it’s a Snoopy-O’-Lantern!

I found this at Walgreens, where it was kept on one of the top shelves. You know the kind. They’re sort of within reach, but not exactly, so you really have to appreciate the item if you’re going to go through the trouble of doing the damned fool tippy-toe dance to get it down. Snoopy should be proud; I don’t make such concessions for just any pumpkin-shaped-like-somebody’s-head.

Once you plug Snoopy in, a small bulb on the inside beams light to the outside, enveloping the plastic head with a spooky and subtle glow. I love it. It’s so lo-fi. It’s a brand new item, but it feels like something that could’ve been sold 25-30 years ago, totally unchanged. No overblown gimmicks, no major theatrics — just a sweet little Halloween nite-lite that just happens to look like a pumpkin version of Snoopy’s disembodied head.

Ten bucks would’ve been a fairer price for what amounts to a hunk of low-grade plastic with a Christmas light inside, but in a world filled with so many awesome things to complain about, griping about paying three dollars too much for a light-up head just seems frivolous.

Oh, and if you can’t rally behind Snoopy, note that Walgreens was also selling Mickey Mouse versions of this, too. There may have been other Disney characters as well, but I had Snoopy tunnel vision and wasn’t paying attention to anything else. Besides, Disney characters get to enjoy relevance all year. Let the dog have his holiday seasons.

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  1. The Yeti says:

    I totally dug “Session 9” as well. I consider it to be a flick more adept than most at generating tension and anxiety by simply suggesting notions of terror and teasing the viewer’s imagination rather than cramming blood and guts down the viewer’s throat. Really well done, I thought.

    Plus, around the time I first saw the flick, I was in the process of helping a friend of mine — a graduate student in the Ohio University School of Film — shoot his thesis film in a place called “The Ridges”: an old, abandoned mental hospital in Athens, Ohio. The place has since been completely cleaned-up and renovated, but it was totally spooky and fucked-up back in those days. Whenever my assistance wasn’t needed on set, I would wander alone through the upper floors of the place and damn near piss myself every two seconds. It was intense, let me tell you. I would occasionally step out into a random hallway in this place, and it looked like the hall stretched out for miles in both directions. I knew that if I peered down the hallway for long enough, I’d undoubtedly see some shadowy figure shuffle through the darkness from one room to another. Goddamn, that place was creepy…

  2. KingLaffo says:

    I went in Walgreens expressly for this and they only had the Mickey Mouse one :(

  3. Burninfresh says:

    Has anybody noticed the Freddy download yet?

  4. Cheetara says:

    kittymao: They are indeed kiddie gloves, which works out for me since I, too, have small hands:3

  5. tanta07 says:

    Funny that Session 9 was mentioned, because I finally found a copy of it a couple of days ago. It was creepy as hell. I loved how it was open-ended. At the end of the movie, you’re still not really sure what the cause of it all. I noticed the DVD mentions an alternate ending, so I’ve got to give that a look.

  6. Why in the world is a copy of “Session 9” so hard to come by? I ordered a copy of it from Amazon forever ago, but have yet to recieve it. I watched it once many years ago, but definitely want to see it again. Plus, I have to show it to all my friends who have yet to see it. Man, just thinking about that movie creeps me out.

  7. tanta07 says:

    Not sure why Session 9 is so hard to find. I ended up finding a copy at Hastings, which is a books/movies/CDs chain that also carries used stuff, so I figured it was my best bet in town. The usual suspects (Borders, Best Buy, Blockbuster) only had it as a special-order item.
    I was on the verge of just ordering it from Amazon before I took a last ditch chance with Hastings.

    But yeah – it’s a quality horror/suspense movie that deserves a much wider distribution that it apparently got.

    Speaking of that – what’s up with Paranormal Activity getting such a limited release? The closest place to me showing it is Boulder (about an hour away). I drove to Denver to see Blair Witch Project back in the day, but I’m not as eager to take a road trip to see a movie these days. If I see lots of positive reviews here from you guys, I’ll probalby bite the bullet and drive to Boulder, though.

  8. Yoda Van Helsing says:

    On the movie topic, I just watched The Mist, and WTF? Couldn’t they have waited a day or so? Maybe feel out their new situation? Kind of a drastic move wouldn’t you say?

  9. Darth Galvatron says:

    Yoda Van Helsing The Mist was an great movie. I think the last moved was based out of desperation and thinking they really had no options left. Especially seeing how they went through all that other nonsense. It was drastic, but that’s what makes the ending so tragic.

    Oh, I <3 800b5!!!

  10. Bill says:

    I am dying to see Paranormal Activity but that requires a road trip to Seattle from here. A nice 4 hour trip to see a movie. I guess that is my penance for living in a state that is only known for potatoes and Napoleon Dynomite.

  11. I’m a little perterbed about the whole “Paranormal Activity” thing, too. The closest showing to me is in State College, PA. I really want to see that movie, but I just can’t justify driving 3 hours to see it. I am really jonesing for a truly scary movie fix, and it doesn’t seem that I am going to get it. AARGH!

  12. DJ D says:

    Bill: It’s playing where you used to live, which unfortunately is the closest place I’ll be able to see it…also a 4 hour drive for me. I don’t see that in my future. Grrr…

    I just killed a spider in my shower, for the second time this summer. Between the 537 spiders I’ve killed IN my apartment this year and the frogs, birds, and various other critters invading this joint, I’m starting to think I’m in the middle of a 70’s cult horror movie.

    On the plus side, I made my first official Halloween shopping trip last night. It was a short one to Walgreens. I snagged a rubber bat which is hanging in my bathroom now, a plastic skull chalice thing, and a talking, moving foot-tall Freddy Krueger figure. I’ve spotted this thing every Halloween at Walgreens for the last 2 or 3 years and every year I say I’m going to get it but never do. Well, last night I pulled a Matt and decided I couldn’t walk out of there without him. He was the only one on the shelf. There was also a Jason Vorhees one on the top shelf. I’d love to have them both (and probably will before the 31st comes around), but I had to choose last night and I’ve always been more of a Freddy fan than a Jason one, so that sealed it. He has a button on his foot and when you press it he moves his head back and forth and his gloved hand up and down and says one of 6 or so phrases. Hang on, I’m gonna go press it now and see what it says…brb…

    “Oh, what’s wrong!? Did someone have a NIGHTMARE!??? Ha, ha, ha, haaaaa!”

    Speaking of which, here’s some cool horror news. There’s a new documentary called Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. It’ll be out next year. Here’s the teaser trailer:

    Also, The Gate is being remade, directed by Alex Winter and will be in 3D. No joke. And, David Cronenberg is directing a remake of The Fly…again. No news yet if Jeff Goldblum is involved. I hope so, but I don’t think we’ll get that lucky.

  13. kittymao says:

    Didn’t get to go to Target last night-
    apparently the shopping we were doing was for GROCERIES, and not “Cool Shit”.

    Gloves will have to wait for Unattended Saturday-
    Rudy is going to SF without me to hang out with some High School Buddies, so I’m… well, unattended.
    I will probably spend too much time eating cheese-flavored processed foods, trying to beat Assassin’s Creed and spending too much money on… you guessed it, “Cool Shit”.

    I’m still cramming for my Die-O-rama.
    Fortunately today is picture day for my Gecko Girls, which means no practice!

    I’m going to get my shit done tonight, no matter WHAT.

  14. kittymao says:

    Sorry for a double here…

    THE GATE?!
    Oh fuck yeah!
    That movie scared the fucking crap out of me as a wee one. That kid stabbing the eye in his hand with that piece of glass still tortures me.
    Do you still think they’re gonna go with the premise of playing Metal Records Backward?
    That would be SO FUCKING RAD.

  15. Cheetara says:

    DJ D: Admittedly I was not enthused when I heard that Nightmare on Elm Street is being remade (Why mess with perfection?). But I would be all over a documentary. Thanks for the heads up!

    All the women in my office are currently cooing over someone’s grandson. Never understood what it is with women and babies (and I am a woman). I am rather disappointed that they didn’t bring the kid by my cube, as I was planning to say “Oh no thanks, I could never eat a whole one!”

  16. DJ D says:

    kittymao: Man, I hope so! The thing that worked with the original so much was that it was set in that time period when metal was still scary and kind of new and the idea of playing a record backwards actually was pretty scary. I remember being forced to go to these sermons as a kid where preachers would actually do the back-masking thing and show all the “hidden satanic messages” in the rock and roll that I held near and dear to my heart. I never actually thought that AC/DC was telling me to kill my parents, but it sure is fun to pretend.

    To this day the construction worker trapped in the wall is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen in a movie. I used to sit in the living room when I was a kid and stare at the wall and get freaked out at the idea of a zombie breaking through it and coming after me.

    Cheetara: I agree. I’m very concerned at how this thing’s going to turn out. If you absolutely have to recast someone else as Freddy, Jackie Earl Haley is a pretty good choice, but it’s still going to be sad to see someone else running around and delivering those one-liners other than Englund. I really want to believe that this is actually going to be a return to a scary Elm Street movie and that I’ll love it, but I have a feeling it will be just like the F13 remake, with a disappointing plot and a bunch of unlikable, douchebag teenagers. We’ll see…

    But the good news is, and I forgot to mention this before, supposedly there will be a Nightmare teaser trailer attached to Zombieland on Oct 2nd. I’ll be hitting the net around the same time too. So maybe we’ll finally get a good idea of what it’s going to look like. So far all we have are those 2 teaser pics that were released a while back.

  17. Bill says:

    DJ D: On the website it said to register and demand it in your hometown. When I entered my zip, I am not sure, but I could have sworn I heard a laugh. Big dicks. :(

    The Gate will always be linked to the 1980’s HBO intro. I swear in 1987 it was on every other day.
    “You’ve been bad!”

  18. DJ D says:

    Bill: Yeah, I tried the registering thing too. I think I heard the same dick laugh.

  19. Shawn says:

    Just finished decorating for Halloween.


    Trick or Treat everybody!!!

  20. tanta07 says:

    Why is it that quality horror films are such a chore to track down? I’ll have to go on a road trip to see Paranormal Activity, I still haven’t gotten a copy of Rec, and it took me forever to find a copy of Session 9.

    Yet shitacular horror like Jennifer’s Body is showing in every town everywhere. It’s just not fair.

  21. JOHNNY DRACULA says:

    I bought the 12″ version of Jason Vorhees at Kmart last week. It cost $18.00, and says “Jason Mother is talking to you” and the classic, kill kill kill,….theme. I also put up my Kmart mickey o’lantern from last year, and various other trinkets. Is it just me or does Wal Mart SUCK this year for Halloween goodies? The only other treat I’ll allow myself this year is a string of pumpkin lights from somewheres….. Glad X E is back too.

  22. Hello,
    I was wondering if you might be able to help me. I am looking for a item that I bought and was distributed by East West Distributing Co. The name of it is
    Halloween Spooky Skull the dimensions are 5.3/8in Lx7-.5 Wx5-7/8in H The price was 5.99 and was bought at Walgreen’s in Surfside Beach SC.
    The item # is 537686 I am looking to get 5 or more.
    I tried to get the contact info for East West Distributors but I had no luck.

    If you could help me I any way please contact me at

    Thank You,
    Metalmorph Studios
    Christoph W.

  23. Richard G. says:

    Went to Walgreens the day after Halloween and bought 2 of these Snoopy pumpkin heads for $3 each. We shall use them every year during October and November. We love ours along with all the other snoopy things collected through out the years!!

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