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Monkey business.

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George’s New Digs.

X-E is the ultimate nostalgia website. Anyway, here’s more stuff about my pet crab. It cost 85 bucks to provide George with an adequate home, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. (Though I do admit to buying more decorations … Continue reading

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Moon Crab Mania.

The woman returned to the car, fresh from Petland, carrying whatever ridiculous cat-related thing that simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow. “You’re going to wish you wore your shoes,” she triumphantly blasted. See, the woman has a habit of announcing ludicrous … Continue reading

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Happy SNT. I’m going to spend it trying to dust off the ancient X-E Summer Jukebox. This could take days, but maybe we’ll get lucky? I mean, how am I going to bring the site back to its former glory … Continue reading

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$25 at the Dollar Tree, Part 3.

Tuesdays make me want to throw up on you, but I’m here to finish what you started. Smack by the registers, Dollar Tree had a ginormous display filled with dozens of mystery bags. I won’t lie: I’ve purchased them before, … Continue reading

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