Happy Friday the 13th! Happy Valentine’s Day! Merry Christmas. I’m super super close to paying attention again.

246 thoughts on “Yo.

  1. squee4242

    Considering Matt mostly hates novels, I would think if he were fond enough of any single one to spam chapters of it, it would be a bit more exciting than The Great Gatsby. Maybe Jurassic Park. I wonder if you can make ASCII fractals…

    Hey, speaking of, a “vast cache” of Ice Age fossils were found out by the La Brea Tar Pits, including an 80% complete mammoth! Very cool: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/02/090218090539.htm

  2. Mild Bill

    Pennywise rules!!! For those of you that never read the book, The nerdy dude that sprays the inhaler at him in the movie, is afraid of being a virgin his whole life. So they have to gangbang the chick to beat pennywise in the book. lol go Steven King

  3. TOmmy!

    sorry for the double post… but i HAD to share this with you…Vincent Van Gogh meets Counterstrike!

  4. PlantMonster

    So we have some stats-
    Advent Calender Clown- 2 votes
    Pennywise (the Dancing Clown)- 3 votes
    Who will win?!?!? I DON’T KNOW!

    Oh, and Rev.- Tell gravity to lay off a bit. It needs to relax.

  5. kingklash

    Which one of you guys control Gravy, because I have a few ideas about that.

  6. Teddy Ray

    Rev. can excite me all the time, anytime.

    I don’t really “get” steampunk, but I’ve seen some steampunk Star Wars and Marvel stuff I thought looked pretty friggin’ cool.

    Oh, and Pennywise beats the AC clown. Because they all float down here.

  7. Muppet Baby (aka Stephen King's most Constant Reader)

    ULTRAMAN – speak more of your knowledge of Pennywise, as it warms my IT loving heart. :)


    Muppet Baby:Pennywise is supposed to be fear itself incarnate. That’s why he scares all his victims before he kills them. Also they apparently taste better to him when they’re afraid. His arch enemy is The Turtle. I shall post more of my geek knowledge ,upon your request. :)

  9. mandy_7.2 pounds lighter_Reeves

    Woo! got weighed in on Monday again…3 pounds lost this week for a two week total of 7.2!!! Weight watchers makes these awesome dark chocolate rasberry cookie bars….they taste exactly like the dark chocolate rasberry jelly rings you get at candy stores.

    Oh and was I the only one enjoying Great Gatsby? I need to pick that one up, and add it to my read once a year book collection. I have a bunch of books I read once a year

    Gone With The Wind

    Scarlett(GWTW sequel)

    Memoirs of a Geisha

    Growing up Brady:I was a Teenage Greg

    A Million Pieces

    My Friend Leonard (A million pieces sequel)

    Little Women

    I keep meaning to add IT and Carrie and a few other Stephen King novels too, as well as Gatsby.

  10. TOmmy!

    with her mustard socks,
    and ketchup sash,
    she’s a real hot dog!

    whats in a name? table the label, fool!

  11. Neg

    E’rybody gotta wear clothes!

    I have Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool, Tommy!!!

    It was even still sealed when I got it. *sigh*

  12. Anonymous

    We’re obviously counting down to Christmas 2009. I wish it could be christmas all year long!

  13. DJ D

    Hey, look who crawled out of his coffin and misses this joint.

    Happy Friday the 13th–No, haven’t seen it yet…REALLY Looking forward to it though. Hope I’m not too disappointed.

    Happy Late Birthday, Matt!

  14. Teddy Ray

    Congratulations, mandy_Reeves! On a book related note, you should add The Bachman Books and The Eyes of the Dragon…that’s good stuff right there.

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