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I was hoping my first post after a seventeen year drought of blog entries would be more substantial, but I had work today, so all you get is filler. The Advent Calendar isn’t finished. I feel okay with this, because … Continue reading

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Mello Smello Stickers: The Smell Test!

I was digging through my many storage boxes for a top secret project, and was surprised to find a Ziploc bag filled with ancient scratch ‘n sniff stickers. I have no idea how they came to be in my possession, … Continue reading

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Touchdown Crunch is not free.

Ahhh, the first (real) post of 2009. I think I’ll blow the milestone on Cap’n Crunch. On a hot tip from a reader, I found myself paying the ridiculous $8 bridge toll to get to the nearest Wal-Mart over in … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! I’ve been a bad webmaster. I’ll be back tomorrow with peace offerings.

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