Halloween Countdown ’08: Whatever-O’-Lantern Contest Results!

We’re having a few friends over tonight, mainly to see how much alcohol it will take to make horror movies we’ve seen 75,000 times continue to seem fresh and exciting. Thanks to the power of a laptop and diverted attention, I’ll drop by for the SNT no matter what shape I’m in. A brief scan through the TV listings confirms that there aren’t too many spooky movies on tonight, but if you’re desperate, check out Return to Halloweentown on Disney at 9 PM EST, and The Crow at 10:30 on TMC. I’m leaning more towards a poker night with the windows open and the jukebox blaring.

Getting down to business, it’s time to name the big winners of the Whatever-O’-Lantern contest! For those having trouble remembering the specifics (which would be odd since the specifics are still clearly listed on the main blog page), I challenged everyone to make a jack-o’-lantern out of anything other than a pumpkin. A little over fifty of you gave it a whack.

Choosing a winner was hard. Very hard. While some of the entries featured a nigh-perfect level of execution, others were just so off the wall that it seemed criminal not to pick them. Still, at the end of the day, my eyes kept turning back to one specific entry, not because it took the creator a hundred hours to forge, but because it was the only one that made a swimming pool look Halloweeny…

Your big winner is Wes, who cut up a few garbage bags and floated the pieces over his swimming hole to create the weirdest Whatever-O’-Lantern in X-E history: The “Pool-O’-Lantern!” Wes will be happy to learn than his skill in cutting up garbage bags and floating the pieces over a swimming pool have guaranteed him the grand prize of A Nightmare on Elm Street DVD box set!

Our first runner-up is Emosewa, who created this marvelous spread of random food items with pumpkinny faces carved on. It’s the “Smorgasbord-O’-Lantern!” With everything from olive-o’-lanterns to egg-o’-lanterns, I couldn’t possibly omit an entry that featured no less than twenty Whatever-O’-Lanterns from the winners’ circle. Emosewa wins a random horror DVD of my choosing! Emosewa should pray it isn’t Ghoulies IV!

Since I’m apparently a sucker for expedited YouTube videos set to ridiculous music, our second runner-up is Ricky H., for his wonderful “Dancing Pepper-O’-Lanterns” video. Fortunately for Ricky, the second runner-up gets the same prize as the first runner-up.

Congrats to the big winners! After the jump, check out twelve more entries that really warmed my soul. You might think some of ’em are even better than the winning lanterns. As it turns out, making jack-o’-lanterns out of things other than pumpkins is a pretty subjective thing, and it’s really difficult to judge. My apologies to all of the non-winners…you still did fantastic and weird work.

“Snacks-O’-Lantern” — Created by Jerrod

“Ridiculously Gory Fruit-O’-Lantern” — Created by JJ

“Fan-O’-Lantern” — Created by James FW

“Pepperidge Farm Goldfish-O’-Lanterns” — Created by Sharen S.

“Pop Tart-O’-Lantern” — Created by Steven S.

“Spider Watermelon-O’-Lantern” — Created by John O.

“Pizza Box-O’-Lantern” — Created by Matt

“I Don’t Know What Kind Of Fruits These Are-O’-Lanterns” — Created by Polkalessons

“NES Play Action Football-O’Lantern” — Created by Krepta

“X-Entertainment-O’-Lantern” — Created by Fox

“Cake-O’-Lantern” — Created by Thomas & Hoverbored

“Potato & Pineapple-O’-Lanterns” — Created by Bill

These spotlighted entries were chosen purely at random — many others were just as amazing, and I’ll show you some more of ’em tomorrow!

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187 Responses to Halloween Countdown ’08: Whatever-O’-Lantern Contest Results!

  1. mandy_spiderwebs _Reeves says:

    Matt yeah it was an erroneous IP  ban after all I guess.  I went and switched my IP and now it works just dandy

  2. dude, this is just too awesome, i never thought i’d see a nes cartridge – o’ – lantern, a pop tart – o’ – lantern, and a pizza box – o’- lantern, but here they are, and in the flesh. this is one of the many reasons why i love x-e soooo much, cuz you ain’t gettin’ anything like this from other websites, organizations, cults, clubs, sororities, fraternities, churches, promotions, etc. thanks for all the good years matt and here’s to more years.

    – Ultra Magnus 2005

  3. Reni says:

    Ricky! Brilliant! Love the origin story!

  4. ULTRA-ZombieKing-MAN says:

     Welp, just finished Exorcist beginning, about to pop in Evil Dead.  Hope y’all are havin a great night.

  5. Mystie you can get those game night candies at CVS.

  6. Myke says:

    Well, it’s 3:10 AM and I don’t know how much alcohol it takes to make redundant horror movies fun, but I can say only a few beers makes Iron Chef America fun for me.  Wish I would have known about the Crow on AMC, but the host of ICA is the guy who played the crow on the tv show, so it’s kind of the same.

  7. whitemale_98 says:

    So is the spider one a ringer or not?  My vote for best goes to gory fruit.

  8. Krepta says:

    Spider is totally a ringer– here’s the original page it was posted on in 2006. http://www.geocities.jp/zozocyan2/p2e/kumo.htm Oh well, at least it didn’t knock anyone out of the prize running, eh?

    Thanks to everyone who commented on my carved NES game! It was the first time I ever had any fun playing with that game… It’s a pretty common game and I got it for free in a case lot, so don’t be too impressed by its sacrifice. Now, if I’d carved one of my Tengen games… wince.

    I actually am disappointed that I didn’t win, but all the winners totally deserved it for their achievements!

  9. Goob says:

    Wow Myke!!  Nice seeing you here!  Yes um, the movie the Crow has a cult following for sure.

    Ultraman!  Too bad we don’t live near each other I love zombie movies.  I just watched the remake of Day of the Dead after much procrastinating last night.  Worth watching just for the He Man reference.

    Dan Nations Thank you so much for posting that link!  That is so handy.  I dvred a couple of movies because of that link and will refer to it.

    Yeah I watched SNL tonight too.  I liked the Katy Perry sketch towards the end.  You can kill an hour on youtube watching parodies of that song.  My opinion is I am so glad that society is so cool with two girls kissing there is a mainstream popular song about it.  I should write a parody of that song about our infamous Rev!!!

    I kissed a Yeti and I liiiiiked iiitttt…. Her lips tasted like furry chapstick… I kissed a Yeti just to try it, I hope my acid reflux don’t mind itttt… I found my vice, she groped me twice, I hope her hubby doesn’t send me to the morgue tonight…

    Eh, at least it amuses me :)

  10. Goob says:

    One more thing, Anne Hathaway could of easily done that sketch portraying Katy Perry.  She looks more like her then the person that did it.  And she is a hell of a singer that she proved earlier in the show.  She should release an album sometime, it was quite impressive.  The Mary poppins sketch is what I specifically remember her showing a great range of vocals at the very beginning.

  11. ULTRA-ZombieKing-MAN says:

    Welp, just finished watchin Evil Dead and that concludes my horror thon for tonight. Gonna catch some Zs.

  12. Reni says:

    Last standing?

    There is magnificent fog rolling in, and I’m finally headed to bed. Catch you cats on the flipside.

  13. Some great entries. I’ve been away for the week so missed the contest and are only catching up now, else I might have submitted something. I wonder if there’s a bit of a technicality here though – Matt clearly said “CARVE a jack-o’-lantern out of something other than a pumpkin”, but some of them, great as they were, weren’t actually carved. Or am I being too technical?! Probably!

  14. Matt says:

    Jay: I agree on the technicality, but allowances must be made when people are submitting swimming pools.

  15. eric says:

    Hey- Matt with the LaRosas Pizza box…..It joyed me to see an item from the Queen City area make it into the contest. What part of Cincinnati are you from?

  16. Ricky says:

    Hey Eric!  Cincinnati represent!! My friend Matt entered that one!

  17. Nizz says:

    OK, pool-o-lantern is/was sick! but “ridiculously gory fruit-o-lanters is straight up frightening and Pizzbox-o is awesome!
    This is the best day of my life…. sad, but true

  18. Steve S. says:

    Its not just a Pop-Tart o’lantern…it’s a SMORES Pop-Tart o’lantern!  Wowzers!
    Great job, everybody!  All the entries were amazing!

  19. Mystie says:

    Just to clarify for everyone, I don’t believe the Myke that posted was my Myke, as he was in bed last night at 3 and additionally killed all my alcohol last weekend. He usually posts online as “GarageMage” anyway and keeps to his 4chan asshattery.

  20. I liked the Katy Perry sketch towards the end.  You can kill an hour on youtube watching parodies of that song.  My opinion is I am so glad that society is so cool with two girls kissing there is a mainstream popular song about it.  I should write a parody of that song about our infamous Rev!!!

    Not only did SNL did this, they also had Sudeikis & Hader kiss! And then both characters admitted they weren’t gay, it was all part of an elaborate plan to get Sudeikis’s character to kiss Anne Hathaway’s.

  21. Myke says:

    Tis true, I don’t think I’m the Myke everyone believed me to be.  I used to post a lot (well, often), but since I was up and doing nothing, I popped in.  Still, always fun to be around.

  22. Muppet Baby says:

    Ha! Was researching vintage advertisements to show my grade 11 Ethics class, and found Matt and XE popping up elsewhere! Click the link.


  23. Gregor says:

    Great Job on the Whatever-O-Lanterns everyone!

  24. I hope someone carved a ham-o-lantern.

    Carved hams turn me on in a big way.

  25. JLAJRC says:

    I’m surprised no one did a SPAM-O-Lantern. :)

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