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Oooh, it’s in the air. Sort of. I’ve been trying to avoid Halloween mania, as I have much experience in burning out on it too early. (And longtime readers have often had the chance to see this “burning out” happen … Continue reading

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Just before leaving Coney Island, we spotted a vaguely defined souvenir shop, mixing the typical volley of local postcards and Coney-logo sportswear with a bunch of cheap, imported toys. Somewhere in the midst of all the battery-operated swimming frogs and … Continue reading

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X-E visits Coney Island.

After the incredible success of the last survey, I think I deserved a week off. Not much has happened since we last spoke. Oh, I watched some documentary on pet ferret conventions that painted all of these poor, enthusiastic ferret … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Worst Survey Ever.

Okay, remember the infamous sandwich survey from a while back? Well, here’s another — and it’s fifty times more convoluted. (I hate doing an aside so early, but I may have to ban myself from using the word “convoluted.” It … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Random SNT.

Ahhh…finally caught up on sleep. I probably need six more hours before I can function at a normal level again, but things have improved. I’m no longer taking inclement weather as a personal offense, for example. I have a sneaking … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Comic Book Street Vendors?

My job takes me to many different office buildings during the week, and on a lucky draw, the place I was stationed at today just happened to have a street vendor selling nothing but bootleg movies and old comic books … Continue reading

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