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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Cobra’s Chia Plot, Part V.

Just a few random things, as I’m too tired to take pictures but not too tired to write. It’s all lies in what position my arms need to be in, see. 1) I tried the “six Saltines with no water … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Dr. Pepper.

No content tonight, as I must get a shitload of paperwork done to avoid being shot to death tomorrow morning.  Instead, a survey, and one sure to depress you: Talk about the saddest TV/movie moments you’ve ever seen.

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Why So Cerealous?

Thank you, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. After my horrible failure with Reese’s Puffs, I’ve finally procured my very own Joker cereal toy. It’s the version that karate chops, which isn’t as life-changing as the version that karate kicks, but beggars can’t … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Nada.

Ugh, there is something in the damn air tonight. Let’s make this an all-night happy party thread. Frig this, I’m getting the Summer Jukebox ready. Only Bobby Rydell can save us now.

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Animal Planet’s Deep Sea Exploration Playset.

Since twenty dollar bills grow on trees, I’m now the proud owner of an Animal Planet “Deep Sea Exploration” playset. I have a love/hate relationship with this thing, but it’s mostly love. For a long while, Animal Planet’s toy division … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Star Wars Burger King Glasses.

I was going to lie and say that today’s entry was the result of someone daring me to write about glassware, but the truth is, I was drowsily searching one of our less-consulted kitchen cabinets on the hunt for a … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Horrormelons.

Judging from recent comments, it seems that a good many of you are already jonesing for Halloween. While last year’s disastrous X-E Halloween Countdown taught me the dangers of painting myself orange and black too early, I know I’ll crack … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Zzzzzz.

I haven’t been sleeping well, lately. Not for any good (or bad) reason — I’ve just found it preferable to do all the things I really need to do when nobody else on this side of the planet is awake. … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: “Shark Swarm” Movie Review.

Frivolous spending in Best Buy’s DVD section = X-E movie review. I can’t fault Shark Swarm for being what it is — a lightweight “shark attack” movie produced for the Hallmark Channel without much gore or many frights. It was … Continue reading

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X-E’s ’08 Summer Megaparty: Boppin’ Berry Hi-C!

I’ve written about Hi-C Ecto-Cooler around 700 times now, but despite my glowing praise, a few readers have pointed out a very dark fact: In an early X-E article, I said that Ecto-Cooler was a putrid, vile concoction that became … Continue reading

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