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The Hate Boat.

We went on a cruise about a week ago, and now that I’ve had sufficient time to reflect, I can say with all confidence that I will never, ever do that again. Even if the cruise was free and Charo … Continue reading

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Ch ch ch ah ah ah.

It’s Friday the 13th! It’s ten thousand degrees out, but it’s still Friday the 13th! Though the collective attention of everyone seems to be focused on that The Happening movie, I dare declare that M. Night Shablahblahyaha’s FIRST R-RATED MOVIE, … Continue reading

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Chex Mix Seasoning Packet from 1990, very exciting.

Thanks largely to the gamut of ’80s/’90s Chex Mix commercials starring the Peanuts gang, I’ve come to consider no winter holiday complete without a trough full of buttered cereal and snacks drenched in Worcestershire sauce. I can’t pronounce “Worcestershire,” but … Continue reading

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X-Entertainment is ready for some football.

I’ve gotten a few e-mails from readers wondering if I was slowly abandoning the site. Well, duh, I thought not posting for weeks on end would make that pretty obvious. ALL KIDDING ASIDE, this will be my last post ever. … Continue reading

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