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The Giant Blanket / Portable Heater-Fan Combo Punch.

I was having trouble shaking off the stress of the week that was and the week that’s coming, and considering that I’ve got a day off on Monday, measures had to be taken. I admit to having the kind of … Continue reading

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Edible Mutagen and Pitch Black lip balm!

I made a slight tweak to the blog’s usual #FFFFFF white background, opting for something slightly offfff-white…which in the past twelve hours has been compared to everything from coffee stains to gross old paper. I don’t know, I kinda like … Continue reading

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Chucky, Freddy, Cheese, Caviar, Soda, Mario.

I realize that blood atonement may be only acceptable way to pay for my non-blogging sins, but I don’t feel like bleeding. Instead, an assortment of wacky shit intended to make your Saturday night 2% more interesting: I’ve had my … Continue reading

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Runna Da Mill SNT.

I’m working on a big, long blog entry for tomorrow, but for now, SNT.

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I flew out to LA this morning for work, and in case there was any confusion, let me confirm that I loathe flying. Really and truly hate it. It’s not that I have any particular fear of flying; I’ve done … Continue reading

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Pinemato Juice.

It would’ve been interesting if I never posted again, thus ending almost a decade of X-Entertainment on a story about how I ate the top off of a cracker. Then again, it might be even more interesting to never post … Continue reading

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