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Three Men and a Ghost.

I don’t protest that I’m merely the last of 560,000 websites to discuss the fabled Three Men and a Baby ghost, but I can’t help myself. When news of this seeming specter poured into newscasts in 1990, my friends and … Continue reading

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Salacious Crumb is sense-assaulting.

Ridiculous Star Wars Figure #116778: C-3P0 & Salacious Crumb, a two-pack which aims to make sense of its otherwise odd pairing by reflecting upon the only scene in Return of the Jedi where the two characters truly interacted. Unfortunately, Salacious … Continue reading

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The Bloody Mary Martini.

I’m almost over this busy hump of workworkwork that’s kept me from writing about potato chips and action figures for the past few weeks. Enough to where I feel pretty good about promising a new blog post every day for … Continue reading

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Easter is also known as Pascha, which is interesting, because it means that Easter was named after the phonetical spelling of Caesar’s wry accountant. Learning this has made me appreciate Easter a little more than I did yesterday, but I … Continue reading

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Drinking and driving will turn you into BONES.

Oops! I haven’t written anything for over a week. I’m feelin’ like a criminal. Been super busy with work, which is good for the overall pie chart but bad for the X-E slice’s percentage. Next week looks to be pretty … Continue reading

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Bud Bowl Sunday!

Hey, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! You don’t need to be a football fan to be excited about that, and Lord knows I’m not. (Well, I am rooting for the Giants, mainly because if my car breaks down near a dive … Continue reading

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