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Choose Your Own Adventure!

I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books, and the fact that that’s far from a unique statement is less of an indictment of me and more of a testament to how amazing this giant collection of you-shape-the-stories was/is. … Continue reading

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I want a Choking Victim poster.

The afternoon seemed innocent enough. There I was, sitting in some shady Chinese food takeout place, waiting to, uh, take out my Chinese food. I sat there, happily staring at the floor, trying to avoid the usual awkwardness that comes … Continue reading

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Return of the Madballs!

A few people were having issues with site’s RSS feed, so I went ahead and created a Feedburner account. Feedburner sounds like something that quickly satiates sparrows. If you’d like to subscribe to the site, click here, and do whatever … Continue reading

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Milton Bradley’s T.H.I.N.G.S.!

It’s kind of shocking that even after all these years of X-E’ing, I still haven’t covered all of my favorite childhood toys. Though the focus of tonight’s entry didn’t exactly set the world on fire during their short stay on … Continue reading

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Tonight…on Unsolved Mysteries.

The reason I brought up Unsolved Mysteries in the last thread? Some kind folks got me a few of the swank topic-specific DVD sets for Christmas, and I’ve been watching them nonstop. I absolutely loved the show as a child, … Continue reading

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Of Fruit Bars and Flying Tarantulas.

I wanted to begin this entry with some form of whimsical personal anecdote, but I’ve been living a pretty boring life lately. I suppose I could make something up. I spent most of the day catching wild tarantulas for use … Continue reading

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Mum’s the word.

I was into Thundercats as a child, but it wasn’t an obsession. I mean, I remember the theme song, and I remember that one episode where Lion-O taught viewers to stay away from tall trees during thunderstorms by way of … Continue reading

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X-E loves Cloverfield!

WARNING: CLOVERFIELD SPOILERS BELOW AND IN COMMENTS. READ AT YOUR OWN CLOVERISK. I adored it. Absolutely adored it. You know, it’s one of those things where you can hear the arguments “against” coming from a mile away, and thought you … Continue reading

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Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I think my brain was going through one of those infrequent bouts of needing a long R&R period. Also, I was pretty exhausted after this year’s Advent Calendar, and what was only intended … Continue reading

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