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Bye, 2007.

And so marks the last thread of 2007. Use it wisely. Personally, I was not a fan of 2007. I liked 2006 better, and I hope I’ll like 2008 better. 2008 is a cool-sounding year. Sounds…futuristic. Got a resolution? Share … Continue reading

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The Christmas Fallout Thread: 2007 Edition!

Whew. Well, I have a newfound respect for all of the people in my family who’ve hosted Christmas (and other) holiday dinners through the years, because we just could not believe how much work that was. Even considering the fact … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve, 2007.

I have to get 20 hours worth of stuff done by 7 PM, so this will be quick: Merry Christmas! #24 is up! I hate stuffing mushrooms! The final AC entry may be a bit late, but since those are … Continue reading

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Appetizers, Christmas Crackers, M&M’s, yadda.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy leading into Christmas Eve, but I remain confident that the Holy Spirit will guide me through all of the cooking, cleaning, wrapping, Advent Calendar entries, clothes washing, tree trimming and cat hair … Continue reading

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SweeTarts Mystery Squeez Slush, and a Whoville Christmas tree!

Holy Mary, we’re getting dangerously close to Christmas. It really kinda flew by this year, didn’t it? I’m getting the feeling that a lot of people just want it to be over and done with, but I could go for … Continue reading

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Snow Business.

We found out late last week that Christmas dinner was going to be at our apartment this year. For the woman’s side of the family, at least. I hope this doesn’t necessitate of a slight curtailing of the usual amount … Continue reading

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Box #23 Discussion Thread, Part IV.

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Dancing Linus, fruitcake and so forth.

EDIT: Advent #15 is up. I’ve got a bit of a red wine slosh going as I write this, which I would normally welcome, but as I need to head into Adventland immediately following this entry…that extra glass probably wasn’t … Continue reading

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Christmas Taffy and Monopoly Ornaments.

How is today Thursday? I’m being serious. I know it was Tuesday when I went to bed last night. I am completely and totally convinced that Wednesday was stolen from me. I really needed Wednesday this week, too. The only … Continue reading

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X-E’s 2007 Christmas Tree!

Hello! If you haven’t noticed, the Advent Calendar has been updated for December 9th and December 10th, now with 20% more Waiterbot. Fun fact: Did you know that each Advent entry is the fruit of 175-200 raw photos? It’s true. … Continue reading

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