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X-E’s Christmas Chia Pet Project, Part I.

As much as I hate dredging up bad memories of the unfinished Cobra’s Chia Plot, I can’t let another holiday season go by without paying a straight up tribute to the almighty Chia Pet. Because it is THE POTTERY THAT … Continue reading

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7-Eleven’s Cranberry Splash Holiday Slurpee!

Several days ago, a reader sent in word that something very special was being offered at 7-Eleven, and I’ve spent every night since driving over the bridge into Jersey, going to 7-Eleven, finding nothing, and paying a six buck toll … Continue reading

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Completely Random Holiday Madness.

Went to 7-Eleven tonight on a hot tip from a reader, and though it turned out that what he was tipping me off about won’t be there until tomorrow, I managed to find something to help salvage the trip: Glasses … Continue reading

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Box #23 Discussion Thread.

Box #23 discussion thread.

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McDonald’s “Totally Toy Holiday” Happy Meal!

McDonald’s has had several wintery Happy Meals in the past, but none have quite matched the awesomeness of 1995’s “Totally Toy Holiday” campaign. By 1995, my Happy Meal years had expired. I’m a self-loathing geek to some degree, and once … Continue reading

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Edy’s Christmas Ice Creams!

Hard to believe that it’s been a year already, but it has, and in exactly one week…the saga continues. It’s almost time for X-Entertainment’s 2007 Advent Calendar! If you’re new to the site, look for a history lesson later in … Continue reading

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The 1991 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Quick Note: I’m spending oodles of money on this year’s Christmas/Advent wares, so if you want to help me recoup some of that, there’s an easy way to do it. If you’re taking advantage of Amazon’s ridiculously good Black Friday … Continue reading

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My Major Award, Part 3!

I’m tipsy and tired. My apologies if that becomes a factor in this entry. Tonight was the annual Christmas Fair at the church by my childhood home, which I’ve been attending on an annual basis for, God, around twenty years … Continue reading

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Turkey TV Dinners! Pomegranate 7 UP!

I’m just starting to build out this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade review, which will obviously need to be published sometime before Thanksgiving, otherwise the whole system falls apart. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the previous parade reviews, … Continue reading

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Top Drawer Stocking Stuffers.

Around two weeks ago, I wrote up this blog post, covering some of the cheapo, generic stocking stuffer toys that permeate the Christmas sections in most of the country’s department stores. While bendable Santa Claus figures and novelty coal aren’t … Continue reading

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