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I got a rock.

Happy Halloween, you creatures! Though some may cry foul over Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, at least it helps make the impenetrable hump of the workweek a little more palatable. Even people who don’t give a shit about … Continue reading

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Doorways To Horror.

Mmmm. Christmas. Yeah, I’ve become my worst nightmare: Someone who wants to start celebrating one holiday before the first one finishes. What can I say? Halloween and I had a rocky relationship this year. I’m mad at it and it’s … Continue reading

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Eddie Chewger?

Was away for work most of the weekend, followed by a quick stop at a friend’s house in Pennsylvania. It was pretty close to Amish country, and Amish country doubles as the antique shop center of the universe. There were … Continue reading

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You say ClamAto, I say Clamahto, let’s put the shit in beer.

It’s always good to keep an open mind, especially when you’re about to drink beer mixed with Clamato. New Cheladas from Anheuser-Busch dare even the most filthy whitebread Americans to embrace their inner Latin soul. Mixing either Budweiser or Bud … Continue reading

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Feed Me, Seymour!

We had to pick up flowers for a relative a few days ago, and since it wasn’t the kind of occasion that required an all-out $75 spending spree at the florist, we just hit the supermarket for one of the … Continue reading

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Mountain Dew Pitch Black NazIII.

I knew such searches would bear no fruit, but I couldn’t help myself from starting the requisite “Mountain Dew Pitch Black III” Google hunt several months ago, hoping and praying that the folks at Pepsi would see the error of … Continue reading

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Creepy Compensation.

As you’ve grown tired of reading about by now, I haven’t felt much Halloween spirit this season. Tried to beat the pissy out of my hizzy Sunday afternoon by going to a bunch of stores that I haven’t already scoured … Continue reading

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Well, I certainly shouldn’t expect that too many people are around this Saturday night considering my own disappearing act, but if you’re here, feel free to comment. What a weird Halloween season. I know it can’t just be me. I’m … Continue reading

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I’m walkin’ with dinos – WHOA OH!

It was either whim or destiny that made me buy those tickets to the Walking With Dinosaurs live show many weeks ago. Based on the CG faux documentary of the same name, it all went down last Saturday night at … Continue reading

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The Peanuts Prowling Pumpkin Patch!

When I decided to limit the Countdown in light of personal frustration/ennui/whatever the other day, my gal took the opportunity to bring home some much needed Halloween spirit in the form of…well, whatever you’d call this thing: Officially titled the … Continue reading

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