The Hills Have Halloween Stickers.

Caught The Hills Have Eyes 2 on pay-per-view the other night, and I guess I’m in the minority — I liked it. I was also in the minority who liked the first Hills remake, and while this one lacks its predecessor’s well-defined heroes and more provoking storyline, it survives purely on the merit of being unabashedly dirty and depraved.

If you don’t know the general concept of these movies, here goes: Mutated from nuclear testing, a ragtag bunch of cave-dwellin’ freakazoids wreak havoc on anyone and everyone silly enough to linger too close to their makeshift abodes. In Hills 2, it’s the mutants versus a group of National Guard rookies…who fare no better than the normal, everyday family from the previous film. The radioactive mutation thing is really just a license to create a series of progressively weirder (but still humanoid) monsters, and this time, we get everything from a cracked out Frankenstein to some dude who looks like a pile of rocks. It’s a vile, disgusting and wholly unpleasant movie that few people would ever want to watch twice, but for fans of the twisted, it’s probably worth seeing once. Note the caveat: This ain’t a date movie.

One small Halloween tradition of mine that I never scored a few X-E paragraphs out of: Halloween stickers. Throughout childhood, I could not let the scary season slip by without swiping several spooky sticker sheets, and I totally deserve a bejeweled throne for racking up that many “s” words in one sentence.

I think the obsession at least partly stemmed from the fact that I was one of those lamers who tagged along on Mommy’s grocery store trips all the time, and if I was going to endure aisle after aisle of boring food shopping, I at least had to finagle my way into free gifts. Grocery stores rarely had much in the way of toys, but they usually had greeting card sections — and those sections usually came with neat, twirly standees bursting with awesome stickers. During most months, the stickers were pretty blah, but during October, what I found was just cause to imitate Master P’s catcall.

The Peanuts Halloween stickers shown above are nice, covering all the necessary characters and bullets, and boasting nice sparkly touches that absolutely refused to photograph. I’m not sure what I can use them for now that all my notebooks and pads have gone electronic, but life still seems sweeter with an adhesive Lucy in a witch hat.

I’ve decided to share this immense wealth with everyone, so the first 12 people who e-mail me their name and address will receive a letter with two of these fantastic stickers on it. Seriously. I’m a philanthropist, which is to say, a guy who studies Uncle Phil.

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  1. iAMYou says:

    Hey Matt I just finished cleaning my closet and I fould a stack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading cards. There are 42 in total, they have been opened, but are in good condition. If you want them I’d be more than happy to send them your way. Let me know.

  2. Ariel says:

    JLAJRC, “autocollant” is French for “sticker”. You know, so they can sell them in Canada.

    I’m sad I missed stickers, seeing as how I’m a huge sticker collector (even at 23 years old) and I love anything Peanuts/Halloween themed. Oh well, I’ll go color in my Great Pumpkin coloring book to cheer myself up.

  3. ChuckMc says:

    Can you also throw in a review of the box office smash, Saturday the 14th, starring the dashingly handsome Richard Benjamin?

  4. jjwspider says:

    Magic Toy: Not sure if you saw it in the last thread but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and let you know that I am currently drinking a Game Fuel Dew in honour of your B-Day!

    Matt: Just to add to iAMyou’s cards – I have a whole bunch of the original He-Man cards from Topps. Let me know if you think this would be something you’re interested in….

  5. Moony says:

    I see something about there being a blog entry about the Ghoulies IV DVD…but where is it? And what contests?

  6. Frakkyfire says:

    Just went to Michaels (a craft store) on the weekend, and they had Halloween crap everywhere! It was GREAT! There were even life-sized mummies with realistic light-up eyes that moaned, and a moving fortune-teller’s head inside a giant crystal ball, and it gave you fortunes! Man, that was awesome. Unfortunately, no kids ever come to our house (and I mean ZERO), so there’s not much point doing much decorating. I’m hoping that I’ll make some Halloween-happy friends at university, so that I might at least have occasion to wear a costume. :(

  7. Kid Nicky says:

    I’ll tell you one thing,I am never inviting Jeff Jarrett to MY birthday party.

  8. Cotter says:


    It’s even better the 30th time.

  9. Magic Toy says:

    Thanks (to all) for the birthday wishes.

    Plans for the night: Watch D.O.A. (from Netflix). Hopefully it has held up since I haven’t seen it since the theater.

    Plans for tomorrow: Go to the DMV to get a new license (ugh), head to the bank to order new checks as I am out (ugh), and make homemade enchiladas tomorrow night (could be another “ugh” since I am cooking, too soon to tell).

    Now the great part is the DMV only takes checks or money orders. I have no checks, hence the stop by the bank, and now must go get a freakin’ money order for like $10, and then pray the amount is correct.

    The lesson here kiddies – when you run out of checks don’t just start paying all of your bills on-line like I did for the past two months. Bite the bullet and order new ones. The worst part was listening to my lady taunt me about how all of this could have been avoided if I had bothered to order my checks before or had my address changed (when we moved) at the DMV, like she did, of course. Thanks hon. I really needed that salt in the wound when I was already ticked at myself.

    BTW, did any of the releases on the VC float anyone’s boat today? Let’s see, we have Adventure Island, Bonk 3, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, & Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole. I do have some respect for Bonk, even though I never played part 3. The others… not so much. I’ve never sought out the treasures of King Nole before, so maybe I am missing out there.

  10. Tommy says:

    The one night I’m away from XE I miss a contest, foiled again!

    Matt what do you normally do with your stickers? I have a handful of stickers that always end up in a box because I can’t find anything to stick them on. I need an outlet.

  11. Empare says:

    I just bought a halloween cat plushie. It shakes it’s tail and moves it head to the sythesized tune of Black Magic Woman. It can’t get any better. It’s going to sit out year round!!

  12. Goob says:

    I should get it for being banned forever.

    Oh guys what’s up

  13. Matt says:

    Sorry, Goob! My anti-spam maneuvers are apparently anti-Goob as well.

  14. Goob says:

    Ok that was rude enough to get in trouble.

    Hi all, the reason why I haven’t posted for a good 3 months or so, is because everytime I clicked on the blog I got an error, I emailed Matt a couple of times (at the beginning of this happening) and I am not the type to email everyday until I get a reply. I honestly took it personal and wondered, like does Matt think my opinion about lay’s potato chips is offensive? And after talking to Bill about this and that he motivated me to email Matt tonight and Matt quickly got on top of it. And I sincerely appreciate it because there was a void in my life that was wondering what Matt thought of the new Master chief soda and Halloween goodies.

    We now show you our regularly scheduled program, already in progress

  15. Matt says:

    It’s worth noting that this has happened to others before, and unfortunately is likely to happen again due to the way I currently need to combat spam. (If I don’t act quick and throughly when under attack, it can get messy.) I’ve been working with the guy who codes for me to upgrade and find some better tools, but if anyone ever finds that they can’t get on the blog and they can’t remember telling everyone to fuck off or something similarly offensive, please e-mail me! :)

  16. Bill says:

    Does Wild Wood have a Halloween Theme? The fam has always left Sea Isle after August. Just curious.

  17. Bill says:

    Sorry for the double…it’s good to see Matt drop the F-bomb again. Makes me feel like Taco Sunday night dinner while watching The Simpsons on Fox. Just home.

  18. Primu says:

    The Hills 1 remake trailer scene really disturbed me and I’m a horror fanatic… i guess having a teenage daughter really does something to ya.. i wanted to stock up on guns and fences after that scene…

    Hey Matt, if your using WordPress i’d suggest using Spam Karma.. I’m pretty sure that’s what I use and it has worked really really well for me thus far..

  19. Spunky says:

    I am too late for the sticker frenzy, I am sure.

    But, I wanted to put in my 2 cents worth about The Hills Have Eyes remake and the Hills Have Eyes 2 – sequel to the first remake.

    While 2 was not a remake of the original Hills 2, I liked it. The rape scene was a bit much, but on the whole, it was not bad. I loved the original 2 and the remake of the first one.

  20. CW says:

    I love autocollants! There’s nothing quite like having collants that are automatic. Sure beats those manual collants!

  21. Mad Cow says:

    Since I was small, I could scarcely let the scary season slip by without swiping several spooky sticker sheets…”

    Do I get a throne (or stickers) for trumping your s-sentence?

  22. Roadblock says:

    “Note the caveat: This ain’t a date movie.”

    Funny you should say that – I actually did see this on a date. I guess you can probably tell how that turned out.

  23. Pepe says:

    I am so glad to see the Halloween stuff starting. I just got my giant order of props and decortaions from the Fright Catalog and am planning my annual horror movie film festival. I can hardly contain my excitement, and yes, sitckers are a large part of it. Gift bags will be given out and Halloween Stickers will be provided. Growing, up I had a clost door that was covered front and back in stickers. It was the start of my OCD and I never looked back.

  24. Sam says:


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