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To highlight just how without direction this particular SNT should be, I shall post gibberish: akkaksakskaka.

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Jason Takes Arsenio.

I’m really happy to add this one to the Countdown, as it holds a lot of deep, personal meaning for me. Maybe not, but I certainly couldn’t have been the only one watching The Arsenio Hall Show on that hot … Continue reading

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Dissecting Gummy Frogs, with Crab Chip bonus.

The latest Halloween Countdown entry, which I am dating as yesterday’s to keep myself and check and not try to skip a day, turns one of the most memorable and disgusting moments of grade school into hot Halloween candy. It’s … Continue reading

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The Skull Fountain.

Today’s Countdown entry is only late if you’re one of those religious fanatics who honestly believes that today is September 26th and not actually still the 25th. I am here to enlighten you: It’s September 25th, and today’s deadline-meeting Countdown … Continue reading

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2007’s Best Halloween Candy, Part I.

There seems to have been a small debate as to whether I was going to make the deadline for tonight’s entry. Guys, guys, guys! You know I usually wait until we’re at least two weeks into these little projects before … Continue reading

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“The Real Ghostbusters” Halloween Special.

I’m not late! I’m not late! It’s still the 21st! Today’s Countdown entry sheds some light on The Halloween Door, a prime time Halloween special from The Real Ghostbusters. It’s one of those rare cases when a “normal” cartoon got … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Ice Cream and free Ghoul-Aid!

Quick Note #1: I believe I’ve corrected the coding mishap that’s been causing all of the Countdown articles to look like textual mine fields on Mac computers. If you’ve got a Mac, please let me know if the text still … Continue reading

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Talking & Bleeding Skulls.

Happiness is walking through a department store and uncovering a skull-shaped “Bleeding Brains” candle… Unhappiness is getting home, taking it out of the bag, and seeing a zombie version of said “Bleeding Brains” candle on the back of the box, … Continue reading

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Ghost Dots, Party Favors, Scary Places.

Okay, so these probably didn’t deserve their own Countdown entry, but I just couldn’t resist…they’re too cute. As has been previously discussed in one of the comment threads, the Tootsie company is adding to its typical bunch of Halloween lollipops … Continue reading

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X-E’s FIFTH Annual Advent Cal–no.

And, just like that, the fifth annual X-E Halloween Countdown is on! Over thirty terror-themed articles will be posted between now and Halloween night, assuming I don’t burn out and take a powder by mid-October like I usually do. We … Continue reading

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