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Sorry I haven’t been around for a week…it’s been a really lousy month. Remember Gizmo’s reaction when the malfunctioning water fountain sprayed his head near the beginning of Gremlins 2? I’ve been doing that all month. Every five minutes. It’s … Continue reading

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Narrowly managing to fend off the pen-and-pad-clad masses as I entered Toys ‘R’ Us with my newfound fame, I dodged the vile paparazzi hanging near the back-to-school section and made my way to the clearance racks. Sadly, clearance racks aren’t … Continue reading

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X-E is bigger than Jesus.

I really needed a kick in the neck to restore my motivation after a week’s worth of dry X-E due to an overload of work, and last night, I got it. We went over to Best Buy, because I felt … Continue reading

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You have never heard of Weird Ball figures and thus you do not care.

Sort of like less refined and more obscure Garbage Pail Kids, the Mel Apple company’s Weird Ball series consisted of glossy, wacky trading cards with a definitive gross slant. Whereas GPK cards were mostly a free-for-all, Weird Ball seemed to … Continue reading

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What’s the deal?

Busy working on a ToyFare article tonight, so this may be a good time for a patented SNT survey. What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten? Garage sales, store clearance sales, eBay hiccups — they all apply. I have some … Continue reading

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Fruit Roll-Ups: Renaissance.

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days — as one might surmise from the tone of the two previous entries, it’s been a week from hell. I can’t even enjoy the fact that it’s Friday night, because … Continue reading

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Soon to be a major motion picture…

This has been a terrible week. Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. I suspect it will continue for a few days, as I can’t shake the feeling that I’m like some sentient cold slot machine that must fulfill … Continue reading

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The #2 Bestseller.

I haven’t posted for about 50 hours or so, and while I’d like to tell you that I’ve returned with tales of some great adventure, I’m actually just here to scribble about this one book that has illustrations of someone … Continue reading

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Three words: Jetfire Carnival Glass.

One of the weirdest-but-coolest of all Transformers collectibles came to us not in toy stores, but at carnivals, sideshows and boardwalks. I’ve never been able to firmly conclude if it’s a bootleg item or not, but it certainly looked official … Continue reading

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E.T. had vitamins. I mean, his own vitamin brand.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial was a huge hit in 1982, and its titular character quickly eked out a gigantic slice of pop culture pie, becoming immortalized with everything from dolls to tricycles to the worst Atari game ever made. To some … Continue reading

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