Summer Megaparty: Theater Edition Luke Skywalker!

In 1997, George Lucas sent the original Star Wars trilogy back into theaters with his “Special Edition” revamps — a topic that’s still sore for many purists who preferred their “Jabba concert scene” without dancing Rodians in orange bathing suits. The Special Editions were polarizing, but in the end, anyone who hated them now has access to the original versions, too.

That was a great year to be a Star Wars fan. We knew the prequels were coming, but we didn’t know an awful lot about them. Few thought that a gen-shaping series rated four stars by everyone on the planet could go sour, and the anticipation was palpable. The anticipation was palatineable. Plus, Hasbro revived the legendary Star Wars action figure collection with all the spirit of the Kenner originals, effectively kicking off a culture of “catering to the collectors” that took geeks like me off of the Internet trading posts and back into toy stores, where we fought little kids over four-inch Boba Fetts.

By the time the Special Edition Return of the Jedi hit theaters on March 14th, 1997, the excitement from the movies and from the toys intertwined in a more literal way. Hasbro issued thousands of theaters a supply of Luke Skywalker figures in exclusive “Theater Edition” packaging, to be given away free to theatergoers on opening night. The catch: Supplies were limited, and they were only going to give ’em away during one of the many showings that day. I went with an old friend of mine hoping for a little luck, and fate was on my side.

The figure itself was no different from the Jedi Luke sold in every toy store in the country at the time. The only difference was a little logo on the lower left of the packaging citing it as the “Theater Edition.” Despite this, I’d been collecting toys long enough by then to realize that “Theater Edition Luke” was going to be a very hot ticket the next morning. As kids tore open the packages to get at their Luke, I very carefully slipped mine into my bag. Even had the foresight to bring along some bubblewrap.

And as an added bonus, my friend has absolutely no interest in Star Wars figures, so she gave me her Theater Edition Luke, too. We saw the movie, parted ways, and when I got home, the wheeling and dealing commenced.

While interest in this particular figure has cooled considerably since 1997, it was selling for hundreds in the weeks following its debut night. Every collector wanted it, and many of those who did their duty of going to the theater on opening night came up short. It was a total crapshoot, and since Star Wars collectors tend to be completists, it seemed that nobody could live without a Theater Edition Luke. (At the time, we all called him “Special Edition Luke,” or more concisely, “SE Luke.”)

I was in a twice-blessed position. Not only did I have two of these figures (meaning I could freely trade one out and still have one for my own collection), but one of the two I had was in gem mint condition. Theater Edition Luke figures most often came with dents and bruises in the packaging, because, well, it’s tough to avoid that when you’ve got annoyed theater workers being bombarded by 70 lunatics the second they bring out a box marked “Hasbro,” tossing the figures around like bread at a shelter. Since I was never much of a stickler for owning things in mint condition, I kept the figure with a few card dents and started taking offers on the mint one.

It was like walking through a barren desert with a canteen full of coconut milk. Everyone wanted my Luke, and people were practically offering their souls for it. I ultimately scored a trade wherein I sent some stranger my Theater Edition Luke, and in return, received 60 bucks and three gigantic boxes stuffed with packaged figures from at least 20 different lines — X-Men, Batman, Star Trek, Congo…it was endless. None of the figures I got in that trade were worth more than a few bucks singularly, but anytime you can trade one free thing for over 75 other things, you’ve done well.

I distinctly recall the feeling of being a pig in shit as I spread the contents of those three boxes across the living room floor. The person I traded with admitted that he’d made a really bad deal, but as his apartment was overstuffed with useless figures that were hurting his ability to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom without killing a six-inch Wolverine, he was just glad to have the extra space. We both left happy, but I think I was a just a wee bit happier.

I’ve since stopped collecting and totally fell off the toy wagon at large, but back when I was heavy into it, I was a master trader. It was my favorite part of the hobby. I’d been at it for close to ten years before I ever had a Internet connection, but once I got AOL 2.5 and found people with similar interests online, I was unstoppable. One time I traded a guy a couple of MegaForce and Beetlejuice toys for nearly the entire run of G1 Transformers, including a boxed Optimus Prime, all because he didn’t know anything about Transformers and didn’t want to go through the trouble of ID’ing them. I stupidly sold them all a few years later, but the thrill always seemed to be more in the “getting there” than in the “being there.”

I feel even more nerdy writing about this stuff than writing about Dunkin’ Donuts Coolatas and Ninja Turtle magazines, but I just had to reflect. If you’d like to learn more about “Theater Edition Luke,” click here.

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  1. Jedoc says:

    kb: Congratulations! Especially on the dollar off the movies bit. My college town refused to give college students any sort of discount, even when we ran up a petition and made them look like ogres in the local newspaper. I suppose they knew that there was really no other form of entertainment in Abilene. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated the ability of college students to be highly amused by Capture the Flag and miniature golf.

    I’m still waiting for the actual letter from my grad program (the drones at the GRE office should be dragged out in the street and hanged by the neck until they are sorry) but I did receive a very promising e-mail from the admissions office. Educations for everyone!

  2. Mary Mary says:

    Yikes…I missed a few days worth of X-E goodness…

    Congrats to Manimal and kb a few days late!!

  3. divechaz says:

    Great Post Matt!

    And belated Congrats to Manimal and kb as well 🙂

    Jedoc, I feel your pain about the GRE madness! It’s always such a pathetic laugh anyway, especially since you’ll be tested on all these things that are SO applicable to your every day academic life as well, right? *rolls eyes*

    I went through the same hassles a while ago..and it was worse up here in Canada. Here, most of the academic institutions demand it for NO real reason other than “weeellll, we kinda used to focus on those, but we don’t now anyway…and I know that they haven’t been shown to correlate at ALL with success, …and as a single professor/academician, I don’t have any faith in them….but just take em, eh?”

    I share your pain 😀

    sorry, forgive me, everyone! I’m done with my rant!

  4. Mystie says:

    Ahhhhh….. I can’t seem to finish HP7. Too much going on. My life has officially become a Lifetime special. 😕

  5. evilbeth says:

    Finally catching up on X-E. I was on media blackout due to impending HP arrival. Book, received, book read, I can interact with other humans again!

  6. Fox says:

    This was a great throw back for me, because this was when I really got into Star Wars and collecting.

    My brother and I each got this figure, and my brother, being 7 at the time, ripped his open despite my plea’s, and threw away the package, mine however, got stored away. After going off to college and having my mom move my storage bins of star wars figures to the hot attic, I came home one weekend and quickly moved them back into my old room. It didn’t seem like anything major at the time, but about a year or two ago, my brother and I were looking through my figures, when I literally picked up the theater editions luke and said “this is probably the most rare one in my collection”. As I picked it up, the entire bubble slide off of the card, I guess due to the glue breaking down and never re-sealing properly in the heat of the attic. My brother burst out laughing because of all the crap I gave him about playing with his when he was 7. Even though this really sucked, it is my favorite memory of collecting, I still have the figure and the card, I guess some super glue will work for my display purposes, but come on, what luck is that?

  7. Lori says:

    Whenever I spend the weekend away from the computer, I’m always overwhelmed to show up on Monday and catch up on everything. I was actually relieved to see no entry for yesterday.

    Despite the long list of people Wikipedia gives as sharing my birthday, the names are pretty unimpressive. The most significant person is probably Forest Whitaker, though I was most pleased about Joe Satriani (and I always thought Scott Foley was adorable, so I didn’t mind that one.) Other awe-inspiring July 15th babies:
    Brian Austin Green
    Linda Ronstadt
    Alex Karras (the dad from Webster, though I probably didn’t need to clarify that here.)
    Jan-Michael Vincent
    Brigitte Nielsen
    Kim Alexis

    Holy cow! This reads like the cast list from a modern-day episode of The Love Boat.

  8. TP says:

    squee – finally read your response and replied accordingly – glad I gave you a mission for your sunday 🙂 Only just got to it – was in hospital today but have good excuse now to sit online for a while recouping.

  9. G Wolf says:

    Just checked on my Star Wars collection in the storage unit last week. I was lucky to get one of these SE Lukes. I picked it out of the box and the clear bubble fell right off. I’m sobbing here people. Dude, I absolutely love your site by the way. Me and you would be terror in the thrift stores together. Peace.

  10. Matt says:

    G Wolf: When I was doing some refresher research before posting this entry, I read a LOT of stories about how tons of SE Luke card bubbles have lost their gluey powers. You are not alone.

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