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Summer Megaparty: Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos Toyzzz.

Reminder: The Summer Megaparty does not end tonight, as I’ve decided to extend it through August, give or take a few days. Let’s celebrate the Summer Megaparty not ending with a topic that most certainly would not have been good … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Kool-Aid, Pokemon, Beer, Blah.

I finally decided to clean the tick-infested Kool-Aid Section, and in celebration, there’s a brand new Kool-Aid review. Don’t get too excited…it’s just “Slammin’ Strawberry-Kiwi.” While lacking the cultural punch of a Purplesaurus Rex, the stuff tastes so good that … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Donuts, Candle, Chef Mario and Storms.

We had to do a general apartment maintenance shopping run this morning, lest we spend another week using small, dainty grocery bags as garbage bags. On our way to Wal-Mart, I stopped by 7-11 in the hopes of completing my … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Betty Crocker was an astronaut.

I’d classify Hamburger Helper’s anthropomorphic “Helping Hand” as one of the more undervalued product mascots of the past century, but in 1990, parent company Betty Crocker did away with the talking palm entirely for a very odd Hamburger Helper spinoff … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Cloverfield Mania.

I’m obsessing over this new movie, Cloverfield. I’m not sure what I can say about it without spoiling something or another, so I’ll push the rest after the jump.

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Summer Megaparty: Make My Monsters Grow MORE THAN THIS!

Note: I’ve decided to extend the Megaparty into the month of August, partly because I skipped some days but mostly because I’m just digging doing it and will probably be more likely to keep doing it if I say I … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Summer, 1992!

Remembering my foolproof loophole of not needing to add new content to the blog when I post a regular X-E article, I’m here to tell you that I’m only here to tell you something. I came across a collage I … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Make My Monsters Grow!

Sorry, yesterday was just one of those days, and I didn’t feel like making an entry just to say that. I’m also going to blitz through today’s entry, as I’ve stumbled onto enough material for a full-length article and want … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Theater Edition Luke Skywalker!

In 1997, George Lucas sent the original Star Wars trilogy back into theaters with his “Special Edition” revamps — a topic that’s still sore for many purists who preferred their “Jabba concert scene” without dancing Rodians in orange bathing suits. … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Sobe Coolata!

Since I get to work from home more often now, one of my newfound responsibilities is picking up the still-commuting woman from the bus stop when she gets home from work. Afterwards, we usually stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to get … Continue reading

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