Summer Megaparty: Bubblicious Flavor Reviews.

Just got back from a little vacation with my extended family to Atlantic City and Long Beach Island. Atlantic City was more of the same, but Long Beach was loads of fun. We used to rent a house there every year, back before the prices skyrocketed. Haven’t explored the town in almost a decade, and totally forgot how cool it is. You’ll see an example in tomorrow’s entry. Tonight, with time running short before my midnight Megaparty deadline, we’ll have to settle for reviews of five different Bubblicious flavors.

Savage Sour Apple: Despite its name, I got more of a “cherry Jolly Rancher” vibe. Definitely had the strongest flavor of the bunch, which means it’s better as surrogate caffeine than for casual chewing. It’s really sour. Not the kind of gum you’d offer to Grandma, and probably my least favorite of the five.

Paradise Punch: This was my #1 gum of choice during middle school. The flavor isn’t as overpowering as I’d remembered, but maybe my taste buds were just screwy from the Savage Sour Apple mess. Sort of the gum equivalent of a Hawaiian Punch, which was probably what Bubblicious was going for considering the flavor’s name.

Watermelon Wave: Really mellow. You’ve gotta jab the gum wad with your tongue pretty hard to get any kind of flavor burst deserving of a sourpuss face. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most brands of Bubblicious gum are really sour or sweet, and it’s impossible to chew them without contorting your face in ways that let everyone around you know that you’re chewing gum. Watermelon Wave is great for those occasions when you want to chew gum, but really shouldn’t.

LeBron’s Lightning Lemonade: It’s times like these that I wish I knew more about sports. Is LeBron James cool? I mean, is he really cool? He should be, because this flavor is AMAZING. It’s not at all just some everyday “lemonade gum,” tasting much more like Minute Maid’s new “Cherry Limeade” juice. Best of the bunch. Paraphrasing a testimonial from an old Cats Broadway promo, “I’d chew it twice more.”

Blue Blowout: I’m happy that Bubblicious found a happy medium for their requisite “blue” flavor. Candy companies tend to overdo blue. This one’s pretty mellow, all things considered, tasting like a cross between cotton candy and a snowcone. A cotton candy flavored snowcone? A cotton candy flavored snowcone flavored bubble gum? When it takes that many words and that much confusion to properly describe the taste nuances of bubble gum, you know you’ve got a winner.

On a final note, never buy gum from the gift shops in an Atlantic City casino resort. These were $1.98 a pack.

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  1. dohopoki says:

    anony, look for older articles like the bulbasaur trilogy

  2. IHAQ says:

    I’m a little sad to think that sour apple tastes like cherry, I love sour apple flavour but I hate anything cherry! The lemonade flavour sounds great though.

    I’m so excited to read about LBI! I finally can relate to a place Matt has been. I’ve been going to Long Beach Island every summer for 4 years now.

  3. kingklash says:

    Depends on the version, doho. I like the cover by Blue Cheer. The evil fuzztone guitar makes a great wake-up call. Any heavy 60’s tune will do for a Summertime Juke-type Box. Either version of “Summertime” works for me, but I will give Janis Joplin’s take a slight edge. I also nominate Zepplin’s “Dancing Days Are Here Again” for inclusion for the fantasy juke.

  4. Anonymous,

    In case it takes a while for Matt to respond, he does have quite a few old articles that include pictures of him.

    Usually wearing sunglasses. Perhaps with magenta hair.

    If you don’t feel like digging around for those, then I have a collection of “through-the-bathroom-blinds” shots I’ve taken personally.

  5. dohopoki says:

    Kingklash, I know you just posted that 3 minutes ago but it took me 5 minutes of reading that before I could figure out and remember what I had said that would make you say that.

  6. kb says:

    I can’t imagine there being a summer jukebox for xe, but if there were I would nominate “Vacation” by the Go-Gos. I would also be fore the banning of “Summertime Blues” That has to be one of the most overplayed songs ever.
    And I hate to be such a debbie downer, but I hate summer. Not for anything other than hot weather, to me, is annoying. And today has been the worst. It’s all humid and like a hundred degrees and stormy. Moving is annoying and breathing is impossible.
    WOW Sorry that was complainy of me. I am not really in that terrible of a mood, just anxious for autumn!

  7. dohopoki says:

    Matt, be my savoir for a day. Bring on the new post, I need a fresh slate.

  8. Ladytink_534 says:

    I used to love Bubblicious but I havent had any in years. I never did care for the sour flavors though.

  9. kingchachi says:

    I actually have a picture of me (in the red shirt) and Benoit.

    Kind of sad that all of this happened now.

  10. Vyle says:

    It’s official:

    Benoit murdered nancy on friday, daniel saturday, then hung himself on sunday.

    I’m stunned right now. This is so sad.

  11. kingklash

    Good call! Dancing Days and The Ocean are great rockin summer songs.

    I also recommend:

    LEN – “Steal My Sunshine”
    Alice Cooper – “School’s Out”
    Beastie Boys – “Fight For Your Right”
    Mamas and The Papas – “California Dreaming”
    Prince – “Lets Go Crazy”
    Anything by The Beach Boys, but definitely “All Summer Long”, “I Get Around”, “California Girls”, “Good Vibrations”, and of course “Kokomo”.

    Just to name a few in case this idea takes off like the X-Mas jukebox did.

  12. K- says:

    HAHA, I gave (and still give) the Colonel so much flack for actually buying LEN’s album.


  13. Mystie says:

    Is the Colonel still having comp issues?

  14. King Diamond philups says:

    Part of me wants to feel bad for Benoit,but I think the only reason for this is because he is famous.If it were some other random guy that killed his family I would say fuck him, burn in hell.It is really sad that his life ended this way. I don’t care what drugs he was on or whatever,it takes a coldhearted person to kill their own kid.RIP Benoit family

  15. K- says:

    yar, Mystie. He’d be all over this if he could.

  16. Muppet Baby says:

    I tried to post very early this morning about the whole Benoit thing and it didn’t work, so hopefully it will now…

    I love wrestling and was always a huge Benoit fan. He’s a fellow Canadian who wrestles in the ‘old school’ way- a real technical guy who never got caught up in stupid storylines or crazy characters. He was known as the ‘Rabid Wolverine’ and the ‘Canadian Crippler’ but never resorted to stupid costumes or schemes- people respected him for his talent.

    My brother called me last night and made me turn on Raw to see the memorial. I hadn’t watched wrestling in a few weeks and this has floored me. Obviously, he was very ill and needed help. I am still in a state of disbelief.

    RIP Benoit and family.

  17. Cameron T. says:

    I don’t follow wrestling at all, but it certainly is a disturbing, sad story. :(

    As for “Summertime Blues..” Man, that’s one of my favorite songs. Specifically, the live incarnation of it that was played at Woodstock.

  18. justathought says:

    Think about it this way, if he hadn’t killed himself in the end, would he still be getting the praise he is now as a renound WWE Wrestler? how can you say sure he killed two people BUT MAN WHAT TALENT.

    It takes a seriously mentally ill person to kill a person…I think we are all too descensitized to the idea of murder, he murdered his own child. It’s not a storyline, it’s not a gimmick, wrestling was his profession, at the end of the day he came home to his wife and his son and was known as ‘Dad’ to a little boy, not the Canadian Crippler. This kind of act is inconceivable, no matter how famous you are.

  19. shortcake 79 says:

    Vince McMahon will be making an announcement about it on ECW tonite which starts in 30 mins EST on the SCi FI channel in case anyone is keeping up with it all. I’m just shocked by all this and just wan to know the facts of why such a senseless hting can happen,regardless of who it is,celebrity or not.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Think about it this way, if he hadn’t killed himself in the end, would he still be getting the praise he is now as a renound WWE Wrestler how can you say sure he killed two people BUT MAN WHAT TALENT.
    While I feel his career means jack shit now and will not at all defend him, before he threw it all away Chris Benoit has for as long as I can remember been considered one of if not the best in the business. Here’s a qoute from this very site, an article titled Stupid Bootleg Pro-Wrestling: “Wrestling fans are real familiar with Chris Benoit, unanimously considered one of the best performers in the world.” This was written in 2002.

    I had more than a few Chris Benoit posters hanging on my wall growing up when wrestling was the in thing. I certaintly considered his matches a must watch. I was there to see his last WCW match against Sid Vicious when he “won” the world championship. I had a lot of respect for the performer and even after I started turning my nose up at wrestling, I could still acknowledge that fact that in the form of entertainment, there must be a best and that was who Chris Benoit was.

    Now it doesn’t matter because he’s a fucking child killer. Nothing he ever did in entertainment could ever justify his final actions. I never had to watch wrestling again and that would forver be plenty easy but removing an idol from the walls of my past even if he hasn’t been an idol in many years…

  21. Cookiemonstr says:

    Hi X-E’ers, I’ve only read about half the comments so far, but I really need to go downstairs for some ice cream, so I will be back later to read the rest.

    I love bubble gum, my fav flavor was always cotton candy. The Blue flavor up there sounds delicious. Man, now I want bubblegum ice cream. Lol.

    I don’t follow wrestling at all, but my brother used to own a local wrestling federation that was called CWF (Chaos Wrestling Federation) and I had a boyfriend that loved it, so I think its really really sad the Chris Benoit and his wife and son died. I’m very sorry for all his fans that will miss him.

    Well its ice cream time, chocolate with magic shell and sprinkles!!! Yay!

  22. Nicole says:

    I’m so behind here, and I’ve missed the whole damn MegaParty so far since work is crazy busy, but I wanted to tell you…Matt! I had an X-E dream the other night.

    No idea why or what it had to do with the rest of the dream, but I dreamt that you posted here in the blog that you adopted a lion cub. And for some reason, it looked exactly like my cat. And we here were all discussing how awesome it was that you were going to have a man-eating beast at your beck and call.

    Just thought that was amusing and that I’d share. :) Hope you guys are having fun! Hopefully I’ll be able to join in before the party’s over…stupid job.

  23. Ian says:

    Matt, you didn’t say anything about the best flavor of all…

    Twisted Tornado.

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