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Summer Megaparty: Pokemon, and bad Doritos!

I live to be shocking, so here’s a new article, exploring, recapping and reviewing the very first episode of the Pokémon cartoon series. Special care was taken to put that little squiggly line above the “e” over 200 times in … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: I Hate Hat Day.

“Hat Day.” Separately, I’m fine with those two words. Together, I hate them as much as I hate anything in this world. Here’s why:

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Summer Megaparty: Ninja Turtles Pudding Pies Commercial!

Oh God, oh God. Somebody give me the textual equivalent of an orgasm, because I need to type it out over and over again. You’ve probably read about my fascination with Hostess Ninja Turtles Pies, those being the disgustingly awesome … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Wildwood’s Dinosaur Beach!

Longtime readers know of my love affair with Wildwood, New Jersey. Everything about that place warms me, but people don’t go to Wildwood for anything other than its famous 2.5 mile long boardwalk, home to hundreds of shops, arcades, carnival … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Fun At The Shell Shop!

We hit up Long Beach Island yesterday, one of my family’s favorite vacation towns from years ago. Everything I loved about LBI was still intact. From the weird antique stores to the Tiki-themed custard shops, it was the same town … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: Bubblicious Flavor Reviews.

Just got back from a little vacation with my extended family to Atlantic City and Long Beach Island. Atlantic City was more of the same, but Long Beach was loads of fun. We used to rent a house there every … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: I Dig Dinosaurs!

I just came across a bag of souvenirs we bought at Disney World last year and promptly forgot about, I guess proving once and for all that people really don’t “need” stuffed Ewok dolls or packages of Stitch-brand astronaut ice … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: The McDonald’s Hulaburger!

Ray Kroc sounds like the name of a professional wrestler in a snakeskin singlet, but he’s actually the guy who bought the McDonald’s franchise for three bucks and a pack a gum, quickly transforming it into the megapower it is … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: ’80s Commercials!

A bunch of new reviews of old commercials for you today, with the products ranging from funny diet pills to invisible bear-shaped fruit snacks. If you’re new to the site and want to see more old commercials, I suggest clicking … Continue reading

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Summer Megaparty: More Random ’80s Toys!

In celebration of summertime, or something, we made mudslides last night. I don’t think I’ve ever had one before, so I don’t need to keep up any street cred: YES, we used the lame Kahlua mudslide mix instead of getting … Continue reading

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