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Jordin Sparks is a squid head who eats Snickers bars.

I watched American Idol all season for the first time in years (originally quitting after Fantasia won), and I can’t say that I share the overwhelming opinion that it was the worst season ever. 24 had its worst season ever. … Continue reading

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Pepsi Summer Mix & Diet Coke Plus!

I’m attempting to write through a fever — bronchial ashtma, to be exact — so my apologies if several points get lost in a sea of groggy antibiotics, Theraflu, NyQuil and delicious strawberry Halls cough drops. Those competing cougars from … Continue reading

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SNT #1111333333

I had grand plans for tonight’s SNT, but they were stolen by a fever and bronchitis and blunt head trauma.

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SNT #1020100210.

Don’t know if anyone’s around for this directionless SNT, but if you want it, here tis here tis.

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Spider-Man Pringles! Spider-Man Gushers!

I haven’t seen Spider-Man 3 yet, freely admitting that I’ve become a loser who shuns the epicness of the big screen and waits for things to come out on DVD. But, to say that the movie hasn’t touched my life … Continue reading

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I’ve decided to quit the site; we’re shutting down in a month. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve just been excessively busy and hoping for a reprieve, and to be perfectly honest, my office has become such a godforsaken mess that … Continue reading

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