ShopRite’s Can-Can Bash!

I have a confession to make. To this day, whenever life deals a good hand and I’m feeling rosy…it’s not entirely out of the question for me to break into into the ShopRite Can-Can Bash song & dance routine.

Not everyone reading this has a ShopRite nearby, but for over 20 years, the supermarket chain’s done this yearly special where all canned goods get their prices slashed. That’s no biggie, but you’d never guess that from the commercials, featuring an animated chorus line of buxom French dancers can-canning away to the sounds of one of the greatest ad jingles in history.

“From can to can to can to can you’ll save much more on every brand — you’ll save much more on every braaaand!”

Click here to download one such ad, but note that this is one of the older versions. In later years, the song got spicier and even more upbeat, to the point where its arrival to your television screen was just cause to drop whatever you were holding to jump up on a chair and make like Don Flamenco.

When is it appropriate do bust into a ShopRite Can-Can Bash routine? How can I put this? You wouldn’t use it if you hit for $20 on a scratch-off Lotto card, but you would use it after spending a Saturday thinking it was Sunday, being corrected and realizing that you still had a day left to do whatever it is you do on the weekends. Me? I like to spend my weekends can-canning.

Also on the topic of music, I’ve been watching Scarface a lot lately, for no other reason that the fact that it always seems to be on. Love it, but what the hell is going on with the score? It sounds like they put a lobotomized monkey with a half-broken Casio keyboard next to a Fisher Price recorder. Happy SNT.

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  1. dallasmovie says:

    lol bill i don’t know what’s worse the fall or watching toys drunk 😉

    they had a subway at the local walmart but sadly it was short lived, i patronized them more than a few times but always noticed they didn’t get much business.. i guess the average southern walmart customer is more interested in mcdonalds :(

  2. StefanGrey says:

    Starwenn, you and I must now be mortal enemies. I HATE the can-can song from working through the original (January) and the recently added Summer Can-Can sales, during which the store plays the song every ten minutes or so. By the end of an 8 hour shift you are ready to murder someone for singing that song.

  3. Destro says:

    I don’t remember the can-can commerical in upstate (I am near Syracuse), even though we had a few Shop-Rites at one time. But oddly enough, they run something sorta-kinda-similar, Price Chopper and P&C runs a “go can crazy” promo for canned good (is there some sort of annual promo from the canned goods association or something, there actually was once one for frozen foods). It features a bunch of kids doing all sorts of bizarre things with huge novelty cans of green beans and such. The jingle is pretty simple compared to the shop-rite ad but it sticks in my head for weeks when they run it.

  4. Mandi says:

    For twenty years I’d thought I’d halucinated that. We lived in the Edison/Metuchen NJ area when I was really young and I had those sorta half memories little kids have about that jingle. I’m glad to mark another thing off my “Movies/TV Shows/Songs I imagined” list.
    Thanks Matt

  5. Fox says:

    As a shoprite cashier i must say the can-can sale sucks ass.

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