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Shin Bowl Saturday!

It’s a little late for an SNT so I don’t expect this one to get much traction, but oh well. I’d like to introduce you to my buddy, Shin Bowl. I love Shin Bowls, even though this is only the … Continue reading

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I’m in the market for a severed head.

I’ve done more damage to my savings through eBay that I’ll ever admit, but sometimes, an item hits that arbitrary, unattainable price that forces me to pass on bidding and spend the rest of my life stuffed with piercing regret. … Continue reading

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ShopRite’s Can-Can Bash!

I have a confession to make. To this day, whenever life deals a good hand and I’m feeling rosy…it’s not entirely out of the question for me to break into into the ShopRite Can-Can Bash song & dance routine. Not … Continue reading

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Fonts. And ugly Blanka.

I’m troubled by webfonts. Every time I write an article, I spend a good thirty minutes testing out various fonts only to end up back with good old Arial 99% of the time. Fonts are a way to stylize/beautify a … Continue reading

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Fried chicken is evil.

Here’s something half wonderful and half depressing. KFC has a new campaign out that challenges viewers to hear a high-pitched “mosquito ringtone” within one of their TV commercials — something that can only be heard by certain ears, and something … Continue reading

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X-E’s Very Thorough Easter Celebration, 2007.

I don’t give Easter a lot of site coverage because I’m not very fond of the holiday. I don’t eat lamb or ham, and Easter’s chosen color palette of pastel purples and yellows makes me nauseous for some reason. When … Continue reading

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Trix Cereal has serious balls.

I know this is pretty close to old news by now, but in case you haven’t heard, Trix cereal has a brand new shape…that isn’t brand new at all. Yes, after a fifteen year mistake, General Mills has finally caved … Continue reading

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Big Red Gum’s Big Red Lie.

You know what used to really tick me off? Big Red gum. Now, I’ve come to adore Big Red. Big Red helps keep secret smoke breaks secret. But, as a child, I wanted to kill the people responsible for Big … Continue reading

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Getting there…

I will concede that these past few weeks haven’t been me at my most prolific; there are reasons for that beyond just sucking. I decided to leave Nick as a full-timer and go at it on a per-project basis, which … Continue reading

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