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I’m a sad, sad man.

Well, I’ve hit a new low. I think I will reflect on the events of today for years to come, forever associating them with me at my most rock-bottomnest, forever favorably comparing even the darkest days of the future to … Continue reading

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I don’t want to think about Doritos when I’m talking to Spider-Man.

We didn’t go see the new Ninja Turtles movie last night as planned. Wish I had a good reason for that, but it really just boiled down to becoming obsessed with reading about various Mortal Kombat characters on Wikipedia. For … Continue reading

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The Ninja Turtles. Live and in person.

Y’all should remember Brian — the guy who occasionally lends X-E its spirited holiday designs? I’ve mentioned him before. Anyway, a while back, Brian landed a job with MTV, which put him exactly ten floors below where I work. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Breyers Bubble Yum Ice Cream!

I just got back from my trip to Neptune. Swank. It took me a while to remember that Pluto got the boot, so technically, I was vacationing at the furthest possible distance from our apartment in the entire solar system. … Continue reading

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Matt: did you hear the latest in the viacom/youtube thing BrianJs: the suing for 1 billion dollars? Matt: no Matt: old news BrianJ: what’s the new news Matt: viacom had jon stewart film videos — viral videos — now on … Continue reading

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SNT now, more later.

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Primal Rage Figgaz.

I don’t believe I’ve ever played any of the Primal Rage video games, so when I first stumbled onto the corresponding toyline in 1994, it was all Greek. But, it was a good kind of Greek, like a kalamata olive, … Continue reading

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