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I can’t decide if I kind of wish it was summer, or kind of wish it was October.  Happy SNT.

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Twelve fantastic McDonald’s tray covers.

New article, covering thirty years’ worth of McDonald’s history…as told by one dozen promotional tray covers. Once merely thought of as those sheets of paper that protected loose fries from tray grime, these tray covers are a window into fast … Continue reading

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Roy Rogers Lives?

I’m back from Philly, wearing a shirt covered with cat hair to prove it. I took a train there after work on Wednesday, which brought me to Penn Station in the city. I haven’t been to Penn Station in years, … Continue reading

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Soda triumphs and jaguar masks.

Uh, wow. The soda article clocked over 75,000 unique readers today, and that’s…uh, wow. Pretty sure it’s never happened before, and we’re close to 200,000 unique readers landing at that one article in under four days. I can’t explain it. … Continue reading

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New Article? Yes! About old soda!

There was a time, many, many years ago, when I wrote these things called “articles.” I was feeling nostalgic, so I decided, what the hey? Let’s use, a lot of commas, and see if it still feels, okay, to write … Continue reading

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Devils and Valentines.

Hello, and happy SNT. A few weeks ago, I picked up “The Complete Omen Collection” — a pretty nice DVD box set containing each and every film from that very devilish umbrella, including the obscure made-for-television fourth installment and the … Continue reading

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