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Palm Pilotin’ Hardcore.

Man, it’s been a busy few weeks and there are only so many scratch-off Lotto cards available to help me cope, but I’m almost over the hump. In this case, the “hump” being too retardedly exhausted to even consider writing … Continue reading

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Late SNT, for those who would seek it.  Yes.

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New vices and old commercials.

I haven’t posted anything in years. This is largely due to being extremely busy at work and exhausted when I get home, but I have to give a little credit to the dirty martini, which I’ve finally mastered to the … Continue reading

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Ninja Turtles & Strawberry Mini-Wheats.

In the previous post, I called “slenderer” the plural of “slender.” This is incorrect. I’m not even sure if a word like “slender” can have a plural in any reasonable fashion, but I may be wrong again. I’ve said my … Continue reading

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Boku: Nectar of the Gods, Boxed.

I started thinking about Boku tonight. Not sure why. There isn’t a lot of information about Boku online, save for the innumerable mentions of its ad campaign, which starred funnyman Richard Lewis as just the right guy to bridge the … Continue reading

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Arcadin’ in AC.

Yeah, so, we went to Atlantic City Friday night, and for once in my miserable life, I actually won. Luck was on my side during various slot-related activities, most notably when at a Star Wars penny machine which let me … Continue reading

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Quick, dirty and late SNT for this week. Back with more tomorrow.

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A New Friday The 13th Flick YASE YASE.

CHUD has a great little interview with the producers of the upcoming Friday The 13th “remake,” or “reimagining,” or “some kind of sequel” or whatever you want to call it. Check it out here. I’m so freakin excited about this. … Continue reading

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Natural Gas and Bounty Hunters.

In case you missed all the hubbub, a big chunk of Manhattan spent this morning reeking of natural gas. I actually didn’t smell anything until I got inside my office building, so I of course attributed the smell to my … Continue reading

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Cylon Bubbles & Vader Troubles.

This week’s SNT is brought to you by two old crappy commercials I’ve been wanting to feature. I never got into Battlestar Galactica in any of its incarnations, mostly because I don’t remember ever having access to it as a … Continue reading

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