Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree is for sale!

A Charlie Brown Christmas is and will forever be my favorite of the so-called “Christmas specials.” I could list a hundred personally-speaking psychoanalytical reasons why that is, but I wouldn’t want them to take away from the real reason: It’s just a great cartoon, based on strips from some of Schultz’s best years.

Peanuts was at its best when it made us both understand why everyone always shat on Charlie Brown, but hate them for it all the same. Perhaps the shining example of this was Chuck’s Christmas tree. After buying a woeful, tiny, sad sack of a tree for his friends’ Christmas play in the spirit of genuineness and in spite of commercialization, Charlie Brown catches so much flack from the gang that we were forced to ask, “Why?” We didn’t really need Linus to tell us that it wasn’t a bad tree. We knew that already. It was cute. It was the sick puppy at the pound that probably wasn’t the safest adoption candidate, but obviously the most heartfelt. I can tell I feel strongly about this because I’ve never used the word “heartfelt” in my entire life until just now. I’m still not totally sure it’s even a real word.

When Charlie Brown’s friends finally came around, they dolled up his tree to a barely recognizable degree. It looked nice — great, actually — but I still preferred the original look, simply because it was easy to replicate just by snapping a few loose branches off the trees in my family’s backyard and stealing a red ball ornament from our “real” Christmas tree. While I don’t feel that a person has truly lived until they’ve recreated Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree using household and backyard items, a semi-new item from Urban Outfitters gives you the next best thing: Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree…artificial style.

Sorry for the grainy pic, but the not-grainy pics weren’t as sincere. The kit includes about what you’d expect — the main “tree” component with flexy branches, a couple of wood planks and a single red glass ball ornament. These paltry ingredients conspire to make your coffee table a remarkable point of conversational interest, but even if you don’t have any friends, it’s pretty goshshit awesome to have Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree in your living room.

I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t spend the extra three minutes necessary to pose the branches exactly how they should be posed; just know that if you buy this kit, you can. Further proof of my rushing-to-write-this is evidenced with the still-visible “MADE IN CHINA” sticker on the bottom plank. Considering why Charlie Brown bought the tree in the first place, there’s something terribly ironic about all this.

You can grab this baby for $24 at Urban Outfitters, which is kind of a lot of money considering the simplicity, but not so much when we remember that it’s all packaged in a very nice box with a picture of Charlie Brown frowning on it.

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  1. mjf7583 says:

    That tree looks more like a seasonal decoration that pays tribute to the special if anything else. It looks like something clever.

    And Mista Snowman rocks, thank you. 😉

  2. Rhino says:

    Did I miss it, or was today the first entry to not link Knacks’ Myspace page?

  3. Cameron T. says:

    Hell Yes. Mista Snowman Rules!

  4. K- says:

    I think the Year W/O A Santa Claus re-make looks cool as hell. There, I admitted it. There is some perverse joy garnered from Harvey, I have to say.

    Then again, I do like Keanu and Hayden afterall 😀

  5. amandaenchanted says:

    i like the tree, its cute. I’d probably buy it. altho my comments don’t really matter at this late hour when i come home from work. boo holiday mall hours. next thing you know they’ll be selling “christmas shoes” from that song that makes me cry for the low price of $65.99 complete with tear stains or some shit. rock on Matt.

  6. Special K says:

    Mystie *weeps with joy* Of course I’ll marry you! I’m sooooo haaaaaappppppyyyyyy!!

    Let’s have a theme wedding! Can I be She-Ra??

  7. Mars says:

    On a more positive note, I see that SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN is back on network T.V. this year. I know ABC FAMILY has done more than there share but does anyone know the last time it was on one of the networks?? Early 80’s I’d say.

    In scarier news: ABC also has the Grinch special now. It was previously shown by the WB, but I guess the CW doesn’t want it. WB showed it nearly uncut, and from the way ABC keeps butchering A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, I got a bad feeling about this.

    It makes me wish I could find my %^#^&$ taped WB version!

  8. CHETT80 says:


    Charles Shultz is probably rolling over in his grave. While he was alive he understood commercialism but didn’t revel in it like The Peanuts is today. (Hey, an artist doesn’t always have to starve.) Don’t get me wrong… just angry that someone else is capitalizing on a legacy they didn’t build and grossly distorting the original intent.

    The tree is “cute” but to even think about buying one strikes me as wrong, wrong, WRONG.

    Just like Sam Walton: I’m sure he is also rolling over in his grave to find out his stores originally built on the philosophy of providing commerce to small town Americans with products made in the USA now has nearly everything made in China.

  9. The Manimal says:

    Before anybody says anything, I just noticed my incorrect use of “their” in my last post. I was sleepy and it won’t happen again. 🙁

  10. Old E says:

    I just watched a Christmas movie with Kathy Ireland from like a decade or two ago. Man, she used to be SOOOOO hot. I had every swimsuit mag that she graced the pages of. Something about those green eyes. I have had a thing for green eyes ever since Big Trouble in Little China (one of my favs)

  11. Acerbus says:

    HA HA! A truly marvelous tree!

  12. Muppet Baby says:

    I KNEW Matt would get this tree! A few weeks ago, someone provided a link to the Urban Outfitters website about this tree, and the blanket and I KNEW it would be a future blog entry. Man, I am tempted to get one myself- I look at it as a ‘collector’s item’ from a classic Xmas special- although an overpriced one. Maybe it is a little bit overboard on the commercialism because its the actual TREE, but really if ornaments, plates, statuettes, etc already exist of this special, then the tree WAS the next logical step…

    Capitalism: It must forever expand or die

    Star Wars: Hated Episode I, WANTED to like ep II but couldn’t respect it due to the schmaltz, LOVED Ep III and felt ‘he finally got one right’. Well- almost. That “NOOOO” part made most people in the theater laugh, and made me hang my head and groan.

  13. Bill says:

    The girl with green eyes, Meow-ying! I love that freaking movie!

  14. kingklash and the Technicolor DreamHurl says:

    By the power vested in me by the Cult of X-E, the Power of GreySkull, the Children’s Television Workshop, that thing under the fridge that keeps telling me to do things, the Lair of the White Worm, the Chubb Group, Dolly Madison, and in the presence of Primus and Unicron, I now pronounce all of us married to each other. In the words of the great philosopher Al Czervik, “Let’s all go take a shower!”

  15. Izzy says:

    I have that tree! Its so awesome I got the linus blanket too.

  16. K- wants a green Christmas says:

    I can’t wait for Monday now!! I don’t think I ever saw the entirety of Year W/O A Santa Claus as a kid, but I will say this, I am so getting the DVD this weekend. Now I’m actually glad it’s on the same one as my fav, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.

    And before you ask, yes I have been watching Heatmiser’s and Snowmiser’s songs all night long on Youtube. There’s just such a Neo/Smith, Cloud/Sephiroth, Sora/Riku vibe to ’em. And you know I love that more than anything in this world.

  17. Kev says:

    I’d like to see a Buddy Cop spinoff starring Mista Snowman and Legotron.

  18. porchlight says:

    “go to the head of the class” is free on demand in nashville. just a HEADS up!

  19. Terror Claws Cole says:

    Yesss! Today’s advent calendar: Awesome! Love the sneak preview of the boss. 🙂 To quote Target’s Christmas commercial: The crazy little things that you do are magical. Man I love the Calendar.

  20. Muppet Baby says:

    Excellent calendar today, Matt! Such drama!

  21. Kev says:

    So The Boss is Black Mage from Final Fantasy?

  22. kingklash says:

    ah, crap.
    The Boss has a wand.
    I smell a Magic War around the corner.
    So scary, the V of Doom is trying to escape!

  23. Tbandmom says:

    So glad i’m not the only one who still digs Chuck & the gang!
    Just ordered 3 of these & thanks for the web address~i was just about to pay $30 a piece for them at another store ~ picked these up on sale @ Urban for $14.99 a piece. SWEET!

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