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Nintendo Wii, Week 1, Part 1.

I got the Wii for Christmas. It was a torturous month, because I’d witnessed no less than 25,000,000 Wii systems on sale at the Toys ‘R’ Us across the street from where I work (this particular TRU had hosted one … Continue reading

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Why am I at Chuck E. Cheese’s?

Earlier tonight, I had to attend a birthday party for a five-year-old on the woman’s side of the family. Usually, I’d come up with some form of faux flu to get out of going to such a thing, but tonight … Continue reading

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The Christmas Fallout Thread: 2006!

Well, another Christmas season has come and gone, and what’s left now is that familiar combination of good memories, misplaced guilt and a couple of other indiscernible feelings that I’m not exactly sure what to do with. The only downside … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas.

The Advent Calendar has been updated for Christmas Eve. I’ll edit this post when it’s been updated for Christmas. In other words, no new posts until after Christmas, so…MERRY CHRISTMAS! ADVENTS & ADVERTS: The 2002 X-E Advent Calendar The 2003 … Continue reading

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Christmastime is here, with eggnog.

Well, here we are. Christmas weekend. Last SNT of the holiday season. First off, thanks to everyone who helped make this place a festive December stop. Doing the Advent Calendar’s been a real blast this year, thanks largely in part … Continue reading

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Five Very Christmassy Things.

To those who graciously fed my greed by buying me stuff from Amazon, please keep an eye out for thank you cards in the mail. (This assumes that what you sent me came with a return address, and most did.) … Continue reading

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Christmas Trees, More Mangers, Madness.

Christmas draws near, and yesterday, I took advantage of me-being-on-vacation-oh-hooray to go do some last minute shopping. The Internet took care of most of my gift-buying this year, and it’s certainly the easier option, but I kinda feel like I … Continue reading

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Sun Chips Go Christmas!

The Advent Calendar is now up to date — yes, it would be nice to have it ready at the start of each day rather than the end of each day, but this is what happens when Advent Calendar entries … Continue reading

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Manger Christmas.

To celebrate having an apartment that could once again seat more than two people, we had some friends over on Saturday night. Evidently forgetting that our bones are ten years older than they used to be, we threw caution to … Continue reading

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Robopet Stocking Stuffers!

The Advent Calendar has been updated for December 16th, and I’m going to have to make this quick, because people are coming over to drink my liquor and steal things from my dresser drawers when I’m not looking. I hope … Continue reading

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