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The History of X-E’s Advent Calendar.

Well, it’s almost time for the fifth annual X-Entertainment Advent Calendar. I’ve at times tried to write a summary of the entire story, but it never quite pans out — if it seems confusing to me, surely it’d be too … Continue reading

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The Darth Vader Snow Globe?

I’ve been trying to cut back on frivolous spending, which is a lie, but there really was no way to avoid buying this Star Wars “Musical Holiday Waterball,” a title that makes me wonder if the term “snow globe” is … Continue reading

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SNT, Starring Charmin Bears.

Wow, I totally forgot it was Saturday — and I guess, technically, the first Saturday of the holiday season. Thanksgiving was nice and normal; we went home with the pan full of leftovers seen above, which will undoubtedly sit in … Continue reading

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The 1993 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! This year has really flown by — tough to imagine that come tomorrow, we’re officially in the Christmas season and totally allowed to cover everything we own in blinking lights and baubles. I’m excited, but I’m also … Continue reading

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My Major Award, Part 2.

Before I begin, I’d like to point you to a blog entry I wrote in 2004, since it’s eerily similar to how this one will play out. As was the case when I wrote that entry, I was supposed to … Continue reading

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The Coffee Stain.

The day started off like it usually does — I got in a few minutes earlier than most of my coworkers, sat at my computer doing things completely unrelated to work, and sipped coffee. The morning coffee is just about … Continue reading

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Christmas Crunch, from the DVD set to me.

Though I own pretty much everything on it already, I couldn’t resist picking up this nifty “Christmas Classics” DVD set, including everything you can read on the box if you squint hard enough. Nah, I’ll name them: You get Rudolph … Continue reading

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Green & Silver Play-Doh Experiment.

In yesterday’s entry, I asked for your help in naming things that are generally associated with the color combination of silver and green, because that’s what Play-Doh gave me and lord knows I don’t have 55,000 tubs of Play-Doh just … Continue reading

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2006’s Best Stocking Stuffers, Part 1.

Throughout most of my childhood, there was never anything in my stocking come Christmas Day. My family hung stockings, but they were purely for decorative purposes, at least in part because everyone exchanged gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve, and … Continue reading

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Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash!

The other night, I saw a commercial starring Michael Ian Black and a singing hawk, introducing me to “Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash,” a special variation on the original formula (which I don’t believe I’ve ever drank) that’s only available from … Continue reading

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