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Halloween + Beer.

Better an hour or so past deadline than two hours or so past deadline. It’s Saturday, I know, but let’s consider this as Friday’s Halloween Countdown entry, for organization’s sake. It’s a short, meandering ditty about Halloween’s frequent team-ups with … Continue reading

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Halloween Honey Buns & Pepperoni Recipes!

I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten a proper “honey bun,” nor have I ever had any huge desire to start. But it’s tough to resist when they start dressing foxy. From Cloverhill, it’s the official “Halloween Honey Bun.” Sold … Continue reading

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The Ghost With The Most!


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Perfect Strangers Halloween Episode!

When I started the Countdown, obviously a bit on the early side, I had this nagging sense that it wasn’t really feeling like the Halloween season. Even today, I had a similar conversation with a friend, and we just chalked … Continue reading

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The Graveyard Gang is a THRILLA.

“Thriller” is one of the songs of the season, and to celebrate, here’s a look back at the Graveyard Gang, a line of cheap bendy zombies from 1984 that quite obviously intended to capitalize on Michael Jackson’s popularity without paying … Continue reading

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SNT With The Most!

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Flying Ghosts & Hostess Scary Cakes!

Bet you thought I was skipping today’s Halloween Countdown entry. Joke’s on you. I usually don’t start skipping entries until it’s close enough to Halloween for people to actually be into Halloween articles. Joke’s on me. Joining the club today … Continue reading

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New Halloween Candy For 2006 — Part 2!

Continuing on from yesterday’s article, here’s Part 2 of 2006’s Greatest Halloween Candy, which admittedly isn’t as “greatest” as the stuff in Part 1, but without tricolor Twistables, how could it be? I’m trying to think of a Halloween-themed survey … Continue reading

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New Halloween Candy For 2006!

Today on the Halloween Countdown, iiiiit’s candy! Six all new candies for the 2006 Halloween season, reviewed, right here. Article includes everything from Pop Rocks to Kellogg’s Twistables, to chocolate-stuffed cardboard coffins that yelp at you. I hope your life … Continue reading

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Frankenstein’s Monster Atari Game!

First, my apologies if the site has looked all screwy and misaligned today…it wasn’t coded correctly for certain browsers, like say, the browsers everyone uses. It may look like that for another day, but it’ll be fixed tomorrow. Second, my … Continue reading

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