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August Megaparty #31: The Grand Finale!

And here we are, the end of the 2006 potentially first annual X-Entertainment August Megaparty. I guess my little scheme worked: Nobody complained that there weren’t any “real” articles this month. Actually, those facts are mutually exclusive — it’s been … Continue reading

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August Megaparty #30: Swedish Fish AquaLife!

This one’s going to be short, because my computer decided to be cute and not work for the last hour. I will forgive my computer in time, but right now, I want my fingers off of its keyboard so I … Continue reading

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August Megaparty #29: Buffalo Ranch Doritos!

A few of you have posted premature fond farewells to the August Megaparty. Some good news for ya — I’m hoping to continue the bloggy updating on a very regular basis. I won’t say daily, but it’s probably safe to … Continue reading

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August Megaparty #28: New Halloween DVD!

Wow. Just like that, the Halloween season has begun. It wasn’t more than a week ago that I was out gallivanting, sadly gallivanting crying because stores hadn’t put out more than a few pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters. Tonight, it was everywhere. … Continue reading

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August Megaparty #27: Star Wars Tissues!

Born into a family with three much older moviegoing brothers, I was taught the ways of The Force from very early on. I used this so-called “Force” to make my parents buy me every Star Wars toy, game, doodad and … Continue reading

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August Megaparty #26: Vending Toys!

I’m seeing dead leaves. It’s windy, kind of cold and halfway to stormy. It smells like the inside of a freshly used washing machine outside. Autumnesque Saturday Night Threads were always my favorite. While cleaning out some boxes, I came … Continue reading

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August Megaparty #25: New Tic Tacs!

I had to go buy a birthday card this afternoon, and while the lady at my local pharmacy rung up a card and gift bag that cost three times more than any cards and gift bags should, I spotted the … Continue reading

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August Megaparty #24: Bleh.

I don’t feel good tonight. Can I owe you one?

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August Megaparty #23: Yellowjackets!

What do you do when your website is infested with yellowjackets? YOU KILL THEM. Yellowjackets are bastards. I know firsthand. When I was five or six, the neighbor kids and I were playing in my old backyard, and we stumbled … Continue reading

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August Megaparty #22: Trump’s Castle

Here’s another commercial that probably won’t mean jack to those of you outside the tri-state area. Let’s raise a glass to catering to the vast minority. Longtime readers know of my fascination with Atlantic City, and though Trump’s Castle (later … Continue reading

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