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The Freddy Krueger Board Game!

I’d normally wait until Sunday night to put this up, but Sunday’s shaping up to be incredibly busy and annoying, so let’s do it early and call it a reason to celebrate. I’ve had this really odd A Nightmare on … Continue reading

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SNT & A Very Dirty Martini.

SNT. EDIT: This past week, a company we work with took us out to dinner at some schmancy, above-us kind of place, so we all took the opportunity to order things we would never normally order. For me, it started … Continue reading

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Snakes on a Billboard.

This new billboard reminded me to tell you that none of you should be here on 8/18. Be a part of history. Snakes: Poconos Snake & Animal Farm — Drug Dealer Snake Dude PSA. PS, I finally got better encodes … Continue reading

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Save Danny Phantom!

This was pretty cool. Apparently, Nick is canceling Danny Phantom, and apparently, some people are upset about it. Some people were upset enough about it to stage a protest right outside the building today, complete with picket signs that were … Continue reading

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Sectaurs: The HYVE Playset!

A new article has been Chestnuts Roasted. I’ve talked about Sectaurs before, but not lately, and I never got to talk about one of my absolute favorite toys ever at length, because up until a few months ago, I never … Continue reading

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Clamato Tortilla Chips!

I know I’ve written at length at how appalled I was at the idea of Clamato in the past, but I think I’ve softened. When I visited Toronto last year, a few friends introduced me to the “Bloody Caesar,” Canada’s … Continue reading

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Street Fighter 2: Plug & Play Edition.

I’d been eyeing it for months at the Toys ‘R’ Us across the street from work, and finally, consumer apathy had driven the price down to a level that made my private parts tickle. Mine, all mine. It was one … Continue reading

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Monster House Mystery Box?

Here’s my latest – the “You Gotta Believe Me Screamstakes,” a promotion for Monster House where interested parties can a win a trip to a theme park. Hrm. Digging this one. The visuals are partly inspired by pictures of the … Continue reading

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Ice Blue Kool-Aid & Nintendo Poster.

I didn’t get a chance to finish that new article yet (but I have started), so we head for our traditional fallback plan of a new Kool-Aid review. I thought the crew was getting a little red-heavy, so let’s shade … Continue reading

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I’m alive! I’m well again! And now I’m going to write an article! Enjoy your SNT!

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