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I hate airplanes.

Monday Night: I’m in the airport as I write this — but not as I post this; then, I’ll be home. After a long flight on Sunday morning that indeed felt less death-threatening thanks to the new iPod mentioned in … Continue reading

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Sharks on iPod, Sharks in Kool-Aid.

Not going to finish Disney Part 3 this weekend, partly because I haven’t started it yet, but mostly because I’m going out of town tomorrow. And since that “going out of town” involves a long flight, I finally took the … Continue reading

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I like trophies.

Wooo hooo! Remember that Furby giveaway spot I did many months ago? Wellp, last night, it took home a silver trophy in the annual Promax awards — sort of like the Emmys for promos. I’d known it was nominated for … Continue reading

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X-E’s Disney World Adventure – Part 2!

Well, that took a century. Here’s Part 2 of my Walt Disney World Adventure, spanning three pages and covering fifteen more Hot Disney Things. Again, I remind you to fish around for expertly hidden video links in addition to the … Continue reading

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Like a good neighbor, SNT is there.

Am I too late?

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G Force Gushers!

Sheet, yo. It’s the G Force Gushers, funked out with a gangsta twist. Our vices grow lamer and less designer as we grow older; for me, it’s become Gushers. Fruit snacks with gooey fruit sap inside. Freshen-Up gum without the … Continue reading

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Everything to do with apples.

Got busy, so it’s going to be a few more days before Disney Part 2. In a disastrous move, I’ll try to tide you over with a new Kool-Aid review, knowing full well that this replacement is akin to that … Continue reading

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I love Friday nights. If only it was rainy and moody. Then I could write poetry about how much I love Friday nights.

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RIP, John Tenta.

Rest in peace, John Tenta. I remember the first time I saw Tenta as part of the (then) World Wrestling Federation. In the opening series of pre-match interviews during the 1989 Survivor Series, there he was — “The Canadian Earthquake” … Continue reading

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