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Back from Disney with unrelated article!

As mentioned in the last thread, I spent the past week in Disney World, and we had an excellent time. Sentimentality surely a power to be reckoned with, I’d probably give the Magic Kingdom the nod for bestest out of … Continue reading

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Been a busy month and going to be a busy week, but things’ll pick back up soon enough. Meantime, SNT. General theme: Talk about your upcoming vacations or plans for summer. Because that’s a lot of fun. To talk about, … Continue reading

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Someone from work brought me back a gift from E3 – a blinking Pac-Man superball. It’s like I died and went to heaven and God told me I could make any wish I wanted so long as it was small … Continue reading

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X-Entertainment loves Amazing Stories.

Was going to wait till late Sunday to put this up, but it’s already done, so yeah. I’ve had this review sitting on the bench waiting to be written for months, and it was starting to get mad at me. … Continue reading

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Regular Saturday Night Thread.

I’m very excited to be writing the article I’m currently writing, even if 3% of you will remember what I’m writing about. Meanwhile, SNT!

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New X-Men 7-Eleven Slurpees!

Yes yes YES! I don’t know why I assumed this considering the fact that they’re two distinct pushes from two distinct studios, but I figured that the X3 hype would’ve been subdued in the wake of all the Superman hype. … Continue reading

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Cereal prizes, and ow, my neck.

I threw Group 017 up on the Cereal Prize Project, and I mean that more figuratively than I’d prefer, but it’s been a dizzy week and I know you’ll forgive me. I’ve got a special blog entry coming tomorrow, but … Continue reading

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This SNT brought to you buy the “Fright Pack!”

This edition of the X-Entertainment Saturday Night Thread is brought to you by… Anchor Bay’s “Fright Pack,” a collection of six “campy classics” dressed in an awesomely shitty beer six-pack-esque box that was too cool to pass up on even … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii / Disney Blah.

Anticipation rules and anticipation has ruled my life. Anticipation of fun, of holidays, of things supposedly arriving in the mail any day now. Of movies, of upcoming limited edition 7-11 Slurpees. Half the fun’s in getting there, even if it … Continue reading

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Ecto Cooler Returns…AGAIN!

Recapping: X-Entertainment loves Ecto-Cooler. A lot of people loved Ecto-Cooler. A lot of people cried green when they took Ecto-Cooler away; a terrible moment made all the more heart wrenching because even though Slimer and pals were cold as fuck … Continue reading

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