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Tribute to Stay Puft, and Roy Rogers’ Happy Meals.

I had a dream that I ate a giant marshmallow, and when I woke up, my pillow had transformed into an all-too-long tribute to The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. One love, Stay Puft. We tight. Fast food chains are more … Continue reading

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Hooray for rotten weeks ending with a please-God-let-it-be-good weekend. This here’s your all day, all night Saturday Thread. If anyone’s around, that is.

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The Tylenol Flavor Creator Kit!

There’s a not-so-new buzzword attacking the world of consumer products: “Customizability.” It’s the latest trend and the latest push, and outside of having Burger King’s meat YOUR WAY, there’s never been a more clear cut example of customizability infiltrating the … Continue reading

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New Article: More Sights From The Atlantic City Boardwalk!

Went to Atlantic City last weekend, and lost way too much money to leave without at least getting enough material for an article. Actually, I did leave without enough material for an article, but I’m not going to let that … Continue reading

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Krazy Kryptonite & Pirate M&M’s!

Superman and I have a strange relationship. I’ve never gotten much out of him, and he’s certainly not gotten anything out of me, but once in a while, our wires cross and I’m really happy to see his gay ass … Continue reading

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New Dr. Pepper, Old Battle Royale.

While traveling from one workplace to another this afternoon, I stumbled into a street vendor selling homemade jellies and Japanese DVDs. More out of appreciation for the fact that a person specialized in jellies and movies than anything else, I … Continue reading

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LEGO Eggos, Mickey Heads, Fun Times.

Having grown tired of trying to dislodge the few remnants of toothpaste left out of a Spider-Man themed container of Crest every morning, I stopped by a pharmacy after work to get new teeth sludge. While there, I became instantly … Continue reading

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A Very X-E Easter, 2006.

Happy Easter to all! Hope it’s a good one, if you celebrate it. If you don’t, you’re only really missing having to reach for the 2-liter Pepsi over a gigantic lamb body part. We’re spending this Easter with the woman’s … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Thread.

SNT, baby. If it’s not too late, I hope.

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Coke BlaK Attack!

Thursday started off typicially enough. I got to work, I checked to see how many more of my Sea-Monkeys died, I hit up every e-mail account I use except the one that actually relates to my job, and I pretended … Continue reading

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