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Of King Kong Toys and Cereal Prizes.

I’m digging this laptop. It’s increasing my productivity. And since I bought a swank laptop bag to carry it around in, it’s increasing my sex appeal. It’s also increasing the number of updates to X-E’s often forgotten super-sections, proven by … Continue reading

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Of Coffee and Kool-Aid.

Whoa ho hey, sorry for the lack of me lately.  I’ve either been busy or in prolonged “why are we here” moods, neither of which makes me particularly fun to hang out with.  Massive freelance week — did a movie … Continue reading

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No Frills SNT.

No Frills SNT.

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Help Me Go To Disney World K THX.

Yay, another week almost in the can! So, I think we’ve decided to go to Walt Disney World at some point this year. I haven’t been there in ages, and could spend the next decade recollecting my obsession with getting … Continue reading

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Darth Vader Was A Decepticon.

It’s a match made in geek heaven. A marriage between Star Wars and Transformers. Two of the biggest perpetuators in keeping people from growing up, together at last. As Hasbro owns the rights to make toys for both franchises, they … Continue reading

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New Article: More ’80s Commercials!

With just minutes to spare to ensure that I don’t miss tonight’s new Sopranos and thus rob myself of the opportunity to bicker about what a letdown it was around the water cooler tomorrow morning, I finish this weekend’s new … Continue reading

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Saturday Night’s Main Event Threading Thing.

It’s Saturday. Mail’s supposed to come on Saturday, right? Well, it didn’t. No mail today. I shouldn’t be as pissed off about this as I am, but I am, and I are, and we is. I keep picturing the mailman … Continue reading

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The Million Dollar Belt!

It’s been a long few weeks and I was in need of some Retail Therapy. Fortunately, I work across the street from Toys ‘R’ Us. Jakks Pacific is a dumb name for a toy company, but these guys know how … Continue reading

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Wonka’s Egg Hunt: Zero Gravity Easter Kit!

I’m not gigantically into Easter, but hey, this Wonka “Egg Hunt: Zero Gravity” kit seemed like a fine waste of four bucks. Including an assortment of Wonka-branded candy (mostly junk, but there were a few mini-boxes of Nerds), the real … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes, At Last!

Shamrock Shakes, they’re a beautiful green…the most beautiful green that you’ve ever seen! In somewhat of a Part 2 to my old St. Patrick’s Day guide, today I proudly yell from the rooftops that I finally, finally, finally found a … Continue reading

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