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Don’t know if many are around tonight, but if you’re here, here’s your thread.

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Spicy Hawaiian Sauce.

I’m not terribly fond of eating shit food during the week, because I don’t want to feel shitty eating shit food during the shitty weekend when I shittin’ need it. That said, when I get off the bus after the … Continue reading

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Rock-A-Dile Red!

Congratulations to Rock-A-Dile Red, the latest Kool-Aid flavor to be reviewed, for being so insanely good that I finished an entire pitcher of it mere hours after snapping the pics. A combination of real life and technical difficulties precluded me … Continue reading

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Christmas mornings were usually the pits at our house. It’s an Italian tradition for families to blow their holiday wad on Christmas Eve, having the big get-together then, opening the presents then, and eating all the really good food then. … Continue reading

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The tradition continues.

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New Beast Wars + The Giant LEGO Box!

There’s no shame in saying that “Transformers: Beast Wars” was, pound for pound, my favorite chapter in TF lore. Revitalizing the thought-dead franchise in the 1990s, the series was just terrific: Great characters, awesome writing, a groundbreaking look and enough … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Night.

The woman spent Valentine’s Day kicking ass.

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Black Cherry Vanilla Coke.

For a few week stretch a few weeks back, every bus ride into work brought me the sight of a gigantic billboard promoting Coke’s new “Black Cherry Vanilla” flavor, and of course, I knew that the time would come. That … Continue reading

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TMNT: Snacks From The Sewer! (And snow.)

New Article Alert! I’ve been on a Ninja Turtles kick ever since finding that weird “Movie Action” figure/DVD set as seen in a previous entry, so it was time to go find my empty bag of TMNT Crunchabungas and a … Continue reading

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SNT, yeah yeah yeah.

It’s Saturday night, and I wish it would stay Saturday night for at least five days.

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